Violinist Geoffrey Castle puts the violin back on center stage with virtuoso showmanship and a 21st century style.   Violin Rocks! Rockstars Do Homework! is a musical assembly that will forever change students’ misconceptions of what is possible with a violin, and within themselves, while giving them a new perspective on the dynamic history of the ORIGINAL lead instrument.


Latest Reviews

Hi!  You performed for my kindergarten class today.  You were AWESOME, and my kids loved the performance!  Thank you also for continuing to play until we could leave the building- you helped make a stressful situation bearable!  My kids talked about you and the violin all afternoon.  My daughter has played the violin since she was 7 and my son started cello at age 4- both Suzuki students and I love string instruments but I have never experienced music like yours.  I am looking forwrard to getting your CDs!  Thanks again.
Margie Owen
Loganville-Springfield ES
Dallastown, PA

Geoffrey Castle did an A+ performance. He arrived early and had plenty of time to set up and start before his scheduled performance. He was very approachable to everyone. His performance was flawless. His selection of musical pieces was varied. Everyone in the audience was enchanted. The audience was tapping their feet and clapping their hands to the rhythm of the beat. We will definitely book another Violin Rock performance with Geoffrey Castle with your agency in the future!
Lisa Anderson - Children's Librarian
Burlington Public Library
Burlington, WA

This was an AMAZING SHOW! Geoffrey kept the students spellbound with his Violin and the information he gave about countries around the world. The students and staff want him back! A music teacher from another school has her students here and came to watch the show. She could not believe what she experienced during the concert! Way to go Academic Entertainment.
Debbie Wells
Butte Elementary School
Palmer, AK

I just wanted to thank you for your very heartfelt, skilled, and down-to-earth presentation last week.  You really connected with the students and they were very moved by your presentation.  They already petitioned me to bring you back next year… I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing you perform.  Thank you once again for your attentiveness to your audience and your tremendous professionalism.
Eric Kay - Orchestra Director
Bethpage High School
Bethpage, NY

Thank you for the wonderful assembly you put on at my sons' elementary school in Etna, CA on Wednesday! And thank you for driving all the way down for our schools here. The kids loved it - my boys are still talking about it. I am glad I was helping out that day and got to enjoy it as well. Wow! My 6 1/2 year old has now decided he wants to play the violin instead of the trumpet like his dad and older brother :)
Etna ES
Etna, CA

WOW! What an awesome show with an incredibly high caliber of talent.  I feel we witnessed something extraordinary with Geoffrey Castle's performance.  Mr. Castle's interaction with the students was very professional and entertaining and just the right amount of time.  Our kindergarteners through 5th graders were mesmerized with his abilities.  Our BEST assembly ever!
Lori Copper
West End ES
West End, NC

Mr. Castle was incredible!!!  He worked well with our students and parents.  They are still talking about his performance a week later.
John Partin - Principal
RJ Neutra ES
Lemoore, CA

Let me tell you that I would HIGHLY recommend Geoffrey Castle as a school assembly to anyone. While he still has the time to do these, take advantage! His lessons for the kids whether it's type of music (classical, modern, fiddle, etc.), geographical (S. African music, Celtic, Turkish, etc.), or life lessons - the kids listened, the kids learned, the kids (as well as teachers) had a great time. The music teachers LOVED it since it opened up so many teaching avenues for them.
Crystal Springs Elementary School
Bothell, WA

Geoffrey's presentation was exceptional, another fine performance from Academic Entertainment that gives me reason to continue booking their programs.  His demeanor with the students from the moment he took the stage until the rocking conclusion was incredible.   Many asked why I booked a 'violin program' - now they want him back!  Clearly, I would not only welcome Geoffrey back to our school, but I would suggest to principals in neighboring schools that they book him as well, and perhaps together book an evening performance for the community at large.   Rural areas such as ours need programs like this to bring culture to our school communities and our children. Two thumbs up for this one!
Robert Grumley
South St. Marys Street Elementary School
St. Marys, PA 

Geoffrey is very talented and had a nice message for the students.  He showed up early and was very accommodating with our students and staff.  The assembly was excellent!!
Joel Garrison - Assistant Principal
Park Place MS
Monroe, WA

It was a magnificent session; I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  To begin with, he is a wonderful musician. The music he played was appealing, his performance level impressed my students, and of course they were fascinated by the foot pedals and all the sounds he was creating. He taught them the basics of improvisation on the spot, and they enjoyed trying some improvisation on their own instruments. (The instructional part of me was also pleased to hear him reinforce the importance of solidifying basic technique—like scales and metronome practice—and listening skills, too!)
Most important, though, was the way he interacted with the students on a deep and genuine level. They all felt personally touched by his presence, and their enthusiasm was contagious! When reflecting on his visit afterwards, the word “inspiration” came up over and over. Here are just two of the many comments I received:
“He opened the door for us to be creative and to try something new”; “He made us realize if we apply creativity and imagination, we can produce very unique and beautiful things”. What greater gift can there be than to give young people the desire and confidence to express themselves in music? Geoffrey’s visit was a gift to all of us!

Nancie Linn Shaw
Newport High School
Bellevue, WA

Geoffrey Castle is a charismatic performer who puts on an outstanding show. Our 5th-8th graders absolutely loved him and were enthralled at what he could do with his violin. Great assembly!
Connie Potter
Forest Grove School District
Forest Grove, OR

Geoffrey was so engaging for the students. He knew exactly how to get them excited, but also how to help them maintain self control while being excited. He educated them on the history of the violin, and on how he plays/records and about the songs he played. We couldn't have been happier!
Jaime Estrada - Music Teacher
Westlake Academy
Westlake, TX

Geoffrey did a super job of connecting his performance to the summer reading theme.  He told about the technology involved in his violin and equipment.  We had a small crowd, so he was able to personalize his program and connect with each of the children.
KJ Cooper - Youth Services
La Conner Regional Library
La Conner, WA

Geoffrey Castle is an amazing musician and does an incredible of conveying this love to the students.  Everyone enjoyed this performance and the kids were engaged throughout the entire performance.
Karen Bliven - PTA Cultural Arts Chair
Glade ES
Walkersville, MD

Absolutely incredible!  Everyone loved it.  In addition, besides Geoffrey's amazing musical talent, we found him to be very personable.  I highly recommend this assembly.
Susan Klein- Principal
The Lowell School
Flushing, NY

This was an amazing concert that was adjusted for an elementary assembly.  The artist even played along with our first year strings program students to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".  The staff and students had a wonderful time!
Ryan Painter - TOSA
Seattle Hill ES
Snohomish, WA

Geoffrey Castle responded to the needs of the crowd by varying his music to match their interests.  The audience loved his performance and I received many compliments after the program.  One mother said, "Your programs have always been good in the past, but with this one you really topped yourself!"
Doug Woods - Children's Libriarian
Anacortes Public Library
Anacortes, WA

Geoffrey Castle was amazing!  We thoroughly enjoyed having him perform at Cranbury School.  The students and teachers were amazed by his musical talent.  His electric violin show was truly exhilarating.  What a wonderful experience and we are so glad we had him as part of our enrichment program.
Laura Dufort - Enrichment Coor.
Cranbury School
Norwalk, CT

This was an absolutely fantastic assembly! Kids and teachers are still talking about it as one of the best assemblies we've ever had at our school. Would be great to have Geoff work in our district some more.
Steve Pointer - Principal
Continuous Curriculum School
Spokane, WA

Geoffrey's shows were amazing! We had students from Kindergarten through 6th grade, and they all enjoyed it. Many staff members told us afterwards it was one of their favorite assemblies!
Nadja Schnaekel - PTO/Performing Arts Chair
York Township ES
York, PA

Geoffrey did an amazing job of making the violin accessible to our 8-12 year olds. They had a great time, and we're excited to have him back!
Adam Van der Sluis - Director of Programming
Exploration Summer Programs
Norwood, MA

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