Art of Inspiration

There are events you attend…but this is one you Experience! The Art of Inspiration w/ Richard Hight!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-12

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The Art of Inspiration School Show with Richard Hight will mesmerize and capture your audience!

It all happens within minutes! At times with broad strokes, and at others with intense detail. Vibrant color is set on huge canvases as the artwork is choreographed to selected pieces of music playing in the background. This inspirational assembly will have the students wanting more!

Richard Hight is a nationally recognized artist/speaker who uses the fine arts to help his audiences create strategies for change by turning good ideas into great results. He is on a mission to help students see the possibility of their potential and create new opportunities.

Addressing thousands every year, Richard’s Art of Inspiration influences his audiences to use their imagination to discover their originality and celebrate their differences. As a masterful storyteller with a down to earth, Oklahoma warmth, and humorous style, he always connects with his audiences.

Richard’s presentation begins with the dramatic and exciting creation of a stunning illustration on a six-foot canvas (each school can suggest what image will best serve their students – historical figures, patriotic images, school mascots and others, etc.). Students and teachers are WOW’ed by the combination of powerful illustration, spoken word, and music that transpires in a matter of moments. The artwork Richard creates then provides the foundation for his keynote presentation and discussion.. He can customize a portion of your event to include Anti-Bullying, Character Building or reinforce the theme of your school.

Richard’s work is housed in museums and corporate and private collections all over the country, and he and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX television networks, and in professional and collegiate sporting events and fairs and festivals. His work is also published in books and magazines. With many accomplishments to his name, Richard is most proud of being the father of two, sometimes well behaved, kids. He is committed to delivering an age-appropriate, relevant message to each and every audience from K – 12.

One thing is certain, whether before a crowd of ten or tens of thousands, Richard holds the audience spellbound as he engages in the ART OF INSPIRATION. Art of Inspiration school assembly Richard is also recognized by the National Speaker’s Association for his amazing talents in presenting and inspiring audiences all over the country. He recently received the Certified Speaking Professionals Award. It is a huge honor!

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR Teacher in-service, family nights, and educational conferences, workshops, retreats.

PICTURE THIS! – Richard’s keynote presentation is life-changing and an excellent opportunity for continuing education for your teachers and staff. Read more about Art of Inspiration for Professional Development.

Richard and Averie

Inclusion and Diversity Presentation – Meet Averie Hight, Richard’s adult daughter with Down Syndrome. Averie often travels with Richard when he’s visiting schools and venues coast to coast. In addition to really enjoying her company, she often joins Richard on stage as a short part of his presentation. Richard’s message to students with this daughter as an example is the importance of inclusion and diversity. As a part of a special presentation about the importance of Inclusion and Diversity, Averie is able to visit your school with Richard and add on her perspectives as well.

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