Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam

Get Patriotic with Democratic Values – a crazy shindig celebrating America’s Freedom!

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Age Range: K-6

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Patriotic Assembly for Elementary Schools

Get Patriotic with Democratic Values. Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam is a crazy shindig celebrating American Freedom! The Bill of Rights and Constitution will be there, and so will many of our core democratic values. But be warned, this 40-minute show isn’t just a party. It’s a bash! Teachers and students won’t be able to stop laughing as Uncle Sam, with help from the Statue of Liberty and 16 volunteers, teaches the fundamental beliefs that unite all Americans. Kindergarteners through sixth graders learn how America became a free nation during the funniest history lesson ever.

Democratic values have never been this funny! Topics in this patriotic elementary assembly include: Constitutional Government | The Importance of Rules | Separation of Powers | Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness | Symbols of Freedom | Checks and Balances | The Bill of Rights | Individual Freedoms | Shay’s Rebellion | The 13 Colonies | Common Good | Federalism | Patriotism | Equality | Justice | Declaration of Independence | Amendments and Rules | Democratic Values | The Framers | Articles of Confederation | Three Branches of Government.

This unique and one-of-a-kind program shares with your students the connections between the chain of events that led up to writing the Constitution for the newly formed United States. But, instead of a dry history lesson, students will be laughing, clapping, and cheering the zany bits, comedic skits, and magic and presents!

Yes! Presents!  At the end of the patriotic school assembly, ten students are invited up on stage where they will open ten present gifts to reveal the ten gifts that the Constitution gives us as Americans every day. It’s fun, whimsical, and most of all, memorable!

Did we mention that the Statue of Liberty will also make an appearance? Not the REAL Lady Liberty, but a pre-selected student from your school will be dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume and will make a special appearance surprising the entire crowd jumping out of a giant gift box at the beginning of the assembly. Your students and teachers will never forget that magical moment!

There is a lot more included in Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam too!  A special stunt during the program demonstrates to students the concept of balance of power and separation of powers within the three branches of government. A popular sports beverage will make an appearance in a fun way to help students learn about popular sovereignty. You’ll watch students exclaim with excitement and teachers murmuring in praise of the way the comedic stunts and magic jokes illustrate the lessons taught in this United State Government School Assembly Show.

Note – Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam is available in-person throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. Each performer’s presentation may be customized for your group with personal and unique additions including bonus magical effects, grade level targeted challenges, interactive quizzes, songs and more.

*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

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