Mystery of the Character Surprise

Anti-Bullying and Character Education School Assembly shows students how making good choices will help keep their school bully-free!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-6

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Create a safe learning environment with Character Skills – Sometimes, we just want to have friends or to be happy. Other times, we want to help others and make our schools safe and bully-free.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an essential part of The Mystery of the Character Surprise show. In this 50 minute interactive assembly show students learn the communication skills and attitudes they need to help create a bully-free learning environment. Fifteen students participate on stage, putting these lessons into action – cooperating to stop a bully from ruining the assembly show.

Students will also learn how to stop social aggression in its tracks. And they’ll have a blast while doing it!

Topics covered throughout this bully-proofing magic assembly show include  Being responsible in achieving goals, helping others, and empathy. Plus: Forms of bullying, solutions for victims, responsibilities of witnesses, tattling vs. telling. Includes: Courage | Flexibility | Perseverance | Effort | Making Good Choices | Bullies, Targets & Bystanders | Sense of Humor | Responsibility | Empathy | Honesty | Teamwork | Tattling vs. Telling


Not quite ready for an anti-bullying assembly at your school?  Check out Les Trouble PI–Our conflict resolution and leadership school assembly program! 

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