Mystery of the Character Surprise

Anti-Bullying and Character Education School Assembly shows students how making good choices will help keep their school bully-free!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-6

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Bully-Proof with Character Skills – Sometimes, we just want to have friends or to be happy. Other times, we want to help others and make our schools safe and bully-free. In this engaging 45-minute anti-bullying assembly for elementary schoolsMystery of the Character Surprise shows students how making good choices will help keep their school bully-free. They’ll learn about character-building Lifeskills that will bring them lots of benefits – both inside and outside of school.

Students will also learn how to stop bullies in their tracks. And they’ll have a blast while doing it!  Topics covered throughout this bully-proofing magic assembly show include  Being responsible in achieving goals, helping others, and facing bullies. Plus: Forms of bullying, solutions for victims, responsibilities of witnesses, tattling vs. telling. Includes: Courage | Flexibility | Perseverance | Effort | Making Good Choices | Bullies, Targets & Bystanders | Sense of Humor | Responsibility | Caring For Others | Honesty | Teamwork | Tattling vs. Telling

Not quite ready for an anti-bullying assembly at your school?  Check out Les Trouble PI–Our conflict resolution and leadership school assembly program! 

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