The Wacky Science Show

Helps elementary and middle school students learn the Scientific Method while having fun at the same time!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-8

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The Wacky Science Show is Crazy! Zany!

The Wacky Science Show takes the magic of theatre, attention-grabbing comedy, and scientific truths to your students in a fun-filled way!

More than twelve students will participate throughout the show, putting science in their hands! In this school assembly with a focus on science, the wacky and zany presenter, Dr. Science, helps students learn about the Scientific Method in a fun and straightforward way with lots of magic tricks and some comedy too!

Your students will crack-up at the craziness, but your staff and teachers will really enjoy the lessons. Our science show includes learning the Scientific Method, Physical Sciences, Math, Life Sciences, Earth Science, the Human Body, Air Pressure, Acids/Bases, Levers/Machines, Dinosaurs, the Natural World, Outer Space, States of Matter, Safety in the Lab, Bernoulli, Reactions between Chemicals, and more. Additionally, older students in middle school will learn Centripal/Centrifugal forces, kinetic energy, potential energy, inertia, connections in technology, and using chemicals in observations. The Wacky Science Show has exercises and science concepts for students at different levels of scientific discovery!

And it’s Packed with Learning too! Not only has The Wacky Science Show been ranked nationally for science education, but it’s also one of the best ways to help your students learn the scientific method. Students will enjoy kooky hands-on fun science experiments and nutty tricks while learning lessons and becoming a science kid. They will find out which everyday household things can be used in some cool science stunts and lab experiments while learning all about the Scientific Method and other scientific concepts. An hour or two of entertaining engagement can be fun and educational when kids watch science shows at school instead of just playing video games or watching poor-quality videos.

Science shows for kids are a great way to take a break without abandoning learning. Fusing comedy with knowledge and science with theatre, your young scientists will look at their science lessons in a whole new light. Even the teachers and administrators will laugh, seeing the host, Dr. Science, spell-bind students with ridiculous magic tricks.

A good science show engages students so that they can absorb the lessons without feeling like listlessly memorizing facts. Dr. Science, our resident science guy, will demonstrate and teach young viewers why these science lessons are useful, important, and super cool. Getting kids engaged makes it easier for them to learn about the different topics in the science show and easier for teachers to keep the students wanting to learn.

Another part of why our science show is ranked nationally is due to getting the students involved in the presentation. No one wants to sit down and listen to someone talk when they’ve been doing that most of their day. It gets boring. Dr. Science gets the kids involved, letting them figure out why science is so cool, and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Everything is better when you can experience why science works and it’s cooler when you do it yourself.

Take a minute and explore the details of our science show in the Datasheet tab. Watch some of the videos of Dr. Science working his lab magic on the students and read the feedback from teachers. The Wacky Science Show is also available for virtual presentations for schools that can’t have an in-person science show or for online schools.

Learn why The Wacky Science Show is award-winning and consistently ranked well nationally. It’s one of the best science school shows your elementary and middle school students will ever experience!

Note – The Wacky Science Show is available in-person throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. Each performer’s presentation may be customized for your group with personal and unique additions including bonus magical science effects, grade level targeted science challenges, interactive quizzes, science songs and more.


Doug Scheer is the creator and proprietor of The Wacky Science Show. Doug has performed educational programs throughout the state of Michigan and across the US since 1987, touring as a featured act in trade shows for the automaker, Chevrolet. Doug has been praised and highly sought for his experience as a performing artist, teacher and coach with a unique expertise in combining educational experiences with educational content.  His school assembly programs, and summer camp shows have graced the stages and Zoom rooms of more than eight thousand elementary schools and young viewers, as well as countless trade shows, corporate training seminars, and even state fairs!

Doug Scheer is widely recognized as a national and international leader in youth entertainment.  He has lectured at Kidabra the International Conference; MagicLive in Las Vegas; The Society of Magicians in Tel Aviv, and the SAM/IBM national convention in St Louis. His work has been published in “MAGIC”, a national trade magazine, is the author of “Scripts & Clips, Educational Routines for School Performers,” and recently published the Diversity Circus magic and comic book DVD set.

*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

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