Supermarket Science

This STEM assembly gets students excited about the wonders of science, even in a place as boring as the grocery store!

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Age Range: K-8

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Chocolate syrup, baby diapers, and spaghetti probably aren’t the first things you think of when you think about science. But if you’re a student of Supermarket Science, you’ll immediately laugh, recalling the fun science lessons and crazy antics those simple store-bought items can create.

You’ll also recall that hard-boiled eggs, applesauce, and a flying clipboard are all a part of the fun of Supermarket Science, a STEM assembly show that will make elementary and middle school students excited about the wonders of science. Nearly a dozen students participate on stage in this interactive and hysterical science school show, all while learning that chemical reactions, air pressure, inertia, and potential and kinetic energy make up a big part of our everyday lives. Supermarket Science is everywhere, even in a place as uninteresting, unexciting and routine as the supermarket!

This 45-minute elementary and middle school science show is rounded out with incredible stunts, goofy silliness, and even a few magic tricks that keep kids on the edge of their seats. But Supermarket Science is not just a series of super cool science effects with pantry items, it’s also an important introduction to using the tools of observation and testing to find answers. The best part? It’s a perfect complement to your school’s science standards curriculum, so your teachers will LOVE it too! You’ll never see a trip to the grocery store the same way ever again. Laughs, learning, and fun are guaranteed during the Supermarket Science STEM school assembly!

(Program Content and topics covered can be customized to better meet the levels of grades in attendance).

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