Virtual Music Technology

This is not your everyday distance learning or work-from-home meeting! Bring your entire school into Brent Daniels’ production studio for a truly interactive entertainment and premium educational experience your students won’t soon forget!

A Virtual/Online program with a unique blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your audience (and your faculty, too)!

Age Range: K-12

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Virtual Music Technology with Brent Daniels

Virtual/Online Only:

Brent Daniels is an entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer using the latest technology to sculpt sound and create music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, Netflix, Activision, Epic Records and more.His online Virtual Music Technology assembly shows K-12 students how their everyday devices are used by professionals to create the music and sounds they love.

This is not your everyday Zoom meeting! Bring your school into Brent’s studio for an interactive educational experience they will never forget! Virtual Music Technology is a one-of-a-kind online event in which students participate to create an original track that will raise the roof! Using master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music production, audience interaction, information and humor, Brent delivers an exciting performance and a premium educational experience that will capture the imaginations of students and faculty alike.

A passionate advocate for education, Brent uses his program to deliver an important message: a student’s education, great study habits and positive decision-making are essential for their success in life. After Brent’s show, educators across all subjects will have a wealth of material for discussion in the classroom.

While a fantastic general assembly, this virtual program also makes an excellent STEM/STEAM program, or can be used as an engaging way to deliver various messages to students!

Students in grades 4-12 will also enjoy Virtual Trailer Music, a deep-dive into the production process Brent Daniels uses to compose music for trailers including Black Panther, A Wrinkle In Time, Chaos Walking, Call Of Duty, Destiny 2 and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use other platforms for Brent’s show? 

Brent’s studio technology, performance and interaction with his student audiences has been streamlined and fully stress-tested with hundreds of schools using only Zoom and Meet, as that has comprised the vast majority of platform requests from schools. Unfortunately, with the number of variables implementing other platforms might introduce, the volume of programs Brent hosts weekly alongside his production schedule, he is unable to test and offer other platforms at this time.

Students ALWAYS Ask: Where can I get a keyboard like Brent’s?

The digital sampler Brent uses in his Music Technology assembly is a customized device which is unavailable for purchase anywhere. However, everything Brent demonstrates in the assembly can be accomplished with Garageband for iOS, which Brent says is the best music-making application available for any mobile device. Brent recommends that students use an iPad to begin making music, because it has the largest screen, can be used for other creative tasks, and comes with Garageband for free. Garageband is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which is the type of software used by music professionals to create and record most music today and is capable of doing everything Brent does in his assembly. It has a Sampler (among its many instruments available to play), which will allow students to record and manipulate their own sounds, just like Brent did, in addition to multitrack recording, loop recording, mixing, arranging a song and much more. There are also countless free video tutorials available online for first-time users, in addition to affordable paid instruction and free support from Apple. (Brent says to Google Search “Garageband iOS Tutorials” for a good place to start!)

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