Virtual Music Technology

Discover the captivating world of Virtual Music Technology, where K-12 students get an inside look at how professionals use their everyday devices to craft the music and sounds they adore. Unleash your own musical potential and join in on the excitement!

Age Range: K-12

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Virtual Music Technology with Brent Daniels

Virtual/Online Only

Brent Daniels is an entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer who uses the latest technology to sculpt sound and create music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, Netflix, Activision, Epic Records and many more. His Virtual Music Technology assembly shows K-12 students how their everyday devices are used by professionals to create the music and sounds they love, and how they can do it too!

Prepare to have your perception of  virtual assemblies changed!  Virtual Music Technology is a one-of-a-kind education and entertainment experience in which student volunteers contribute in real-time (rapping, shouting, singing) and helping Brent to create music on-the-spot. By the end of the show, your whole school will be up and dancing!

Using master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music production, audience interaction, information and humor, Brent delivers an exciting performance and a premium educational experience that will capture the imaginations of students and faculty alike.

A passionate advocate for education, Brent uses his program to deliver an important message: a student’s education, great study habits and positive decision-making are essential for their success in life. After Brent’s show, educators across all subjects will have a wealth of material for discussion in the classroom.

While a fantastic general assembly, this virtual program also makes an excellent STEM/STEAM program, or can be used as an engaging way to deliver various messages to students!

After experiencing Virtual Music Technology…

Students in grades 4-12 will also enjoy Virtual Trailer Music, a deep-dive into the production process Brent Daniels uses to compose music for the trailers your students see from Marvel Studios, Disney, Netflix and many more! Thanks to revolutions in technology and an ever-growing entertainment industry, there have never been more opportunities for creative students to find fulfilling careers. Brent’s workshops help illuminate the possibilities for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use platforms other than Zoom or Meet for Brent’s programs? 

Brent’s studio technology, performance and interaction with his student audiences has been streamlined and fully stress-tested with hundreds of schools using Zoom and Meet, as that has comprised the vast majority of platform requests from schools. Brent’s music shows can appear in:

  • Music Assemblies
  • K-6 Assemblies
  • K-8 Assemblies
  • K-12 Assemblies
  • Elementary Assembly
  • Middle School Assembly
  • High School Assembly
  • Arts Assembly

Brent’s Virtual Shows Book Quickly So Don’t Delay!

The Virtual Music Technology assembly is definitely a must-see for K-12 students. This interactive and informative show not only showcases how everyday devices are used by professionals to create music, but also encourages students to explore and create their own sounds at home. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about the technology behind their favorite songs and maybe even ignite a passion for music production within them. So don’t wait any longer, book this amazing assembly today! Your students will thank you for it as they embark on a journey of discovering their own creativity and potential. Plus, with virtual learning becoming more prevalent in today’s world, this assembly is a perfect fit for online education.

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