Math & Music Fusion

Concert pianist, composer, multi-media storyteller, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Math & Music Fusion, a fantastic way to bolster math concepts by relating them to musical concepts! Students even get to create their own music!

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: K-5

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Math & Music Fusion: In Tune With Mathematics

Your students get a backstage pass to the musical side of math in this upbeat, hands-on program led by musician, composer and edutainer extraordinaire George Maurer. George has shared the stage with Grammy winners like Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz, and he turns on that star power to show K-5 audiences that math really can rock. With a soundtrack that features smash hits like Bruno’s “You Can Count on Me” and Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”, George pulls back the curtain on the addition, subtraction, fractions and patterns behind rhythm, pitch and scales and then lets students create their own music using elementary equations and home-made instruments — including the mysterious, mesmerizing theremin. (Look it up!)

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