Miss Coco Flamenco – SEL through Creative Movement

Miss Coco Flamenco weaves SEL into her high-energy journey through Flamenco dance and history – freeing students with fun, new moves to create triumph over any troubles.

In-Person or Virtual/Online for Schools and Camps!

Age Range: PreK-12

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Like Spanish traditional Flamenco dancers and Flamenco guitarists did in the Middle Ages,, students move their bodies in fun, new ways to create triumph over any troubles. Miss Coco Flamenco’s fabulously funny flair for character education will have your students stomping out bullying “ultimate fast,” soaring with power and peace, making hilarious music together, grabbing their goals, and sharing each other’s creative awesomeness. All audience members are encouraged to get up and get moving to infectious dancing, hand claps, and Spanish guitar. All with a professor’s approach that’s so high-energy, even teachers and staff love to join in!

Sharing SEL Strategies through Simple Body Movement, Fun Rhythm, and Triumphant Dance

Social Awareness >> Stomping out bullying – Flamenco Feet (Taconeo)
Responsible Decision-Making >> Choose both power and peace – Flamenco Falcon and Dove Arms (Brazeo)
Relationship Skills >> Make music together – Flamenco-style Clapping (Palmas)
Self-Awareness >> Be self-confident and grab your goals – Flamenco Bullfighter Moves (Postura)
Self-Management >> Create beauty and share it with a neighbor – Flamenco Hands (Floreo)

Additional Benefits
  • Physical health: Cardio, muscle strength and coordination, bone health, joint flexibility, improved posture and breathing
  • Mental/ emotional health from physical movement: Well-documented direct benefits – uplift in mood and improved intellectual performance – from the neurophysiological (brain-body) communications
  • Math skills: We build mini-choreographies to music, and we count out and coordinate our footwork and clapping – that’s real math underneath the art!
  • Human geography: The origins of Flamenco are a great way to find Spain, learn some Spanish words, and discover how an oppressed people embraced their hardships while hiding from their bullies – in caves – by creating a new artform to rise triumphant!
  • Body image: We learn how to accept what your body is like right now, and we combine that with motivation to achieve body goals according to yourself – not society!
  • ***This is a great focus for middle school and high school assemblies and health classes.
Professional Development

“PD You Want to Go To – For Educators, From an Educator… Because I’ve Been There”
As a 30-year educator and 5-year administrator who’s sat through more of The Pain than I’d like to admit, I want to deliver the most unique and effective PD program you’ve ever experienced. I’ll tailor a blend of Flamenco dance, music, fitness, and culture with my signature light-hearted and heart-tugging storytelling – to fit your needs, goals, and objectives. Whether you want a 30-minute after-school pick-me-up, a half-day training in “Surprisingly Awesome SEL” for your classrooms, or a full-day or multi-day workshop with breakouts that benefit your souls as much as your students… I’ve got your back. With great Flamenco posture, to boot!


Coco Cabrel, MD, brings 30 years of Flamenco performance, anatomy, neurophysiology, and leadership experience to your students where she’s taught at every level – from pre-school through grad school and beyond – as a professional Flamenco dancer/choreographer AND a teaching medical doctor and academic department chair. A lifelong professional performer, she is an award-winning expert in blending student – and teacher – engagement with evidence-based pedagogy… with such grace and humor, no one realizes they just learned a ton of life lessons.

Your students will hold their heads up higher, stand quite a bit taller, and stomp, clap, and laugh a whole lot louder – and with more finesse – during their 45 minutes of flamenco for kids with Miss Coco.. She bursts onto your stage/MPR/classroom in full, authentic flamenco attire, to a curated blend of recorded fusion and traditional forms of Flamenco music. Miss Coco gets everyone to join in and move, as she safely teaches exactly how the original, ancient Flamencos created this unique dance form specifically to overcome their hardships and triumph – so you and your students can, too!

Coco, a graduate of Northwestern University’s prestigious Honors Program in Medical Education, has appeared as “The Flamenco-Fit MD” on nationally syndicated “The List TV” six times, ABC10’s “Your California Life” twice, KTLA’s “LA Unscripted” twice, and Spectrum News1 LA. She’s been a speaker and wellness panelist for conferences including Digital Hollywood and Go All In Fest, and she’s been interviewed on many podcasts as well as in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global Magazine. Her podcast interview for Northwestern Intersections was voted one of the Top 3 Podcasts of 2020 by Northwestern University alumni around the world.

Interesting Facts About Flamenco:

When the Roma people, who were originally from India, assimilated into the existing complex cultural fabric of Andalusian civilization in Southern Spain and were persecuted as intruders, Flamenco began to emerge during the fourteenth century. The raw vocals and inventive fusion of Indian, Hebraic, Middle Eastern, and North African rhythms made the singer the center of attention and the rock of Flamenco music. One could consider flamenco to be the original “protest music”! Guitarists, percussionists, cellists, pianists, and, of course, dancers still give way to the occasionally eerie, always upbeat vocals that distinguish this music and define this culture’s history. Nuevo Flamenco, or “New Flamenco,” continually breaks new ground in the contemporary music scene by incorporating contemporary influences like jazz and rock.

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