Dumpster Doug

Dumpster Doug wants to save the earth, fight pollution, and teach kids that they can be Pollution Preventers in this elementary ecology assembly.

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Age Range: K-6

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Dumpster Doug travels the earth searching for the sources of air, land and water pollution and then shows K-6th graders that small changes make a huge difference when it comes to protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Students learn about the 4 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Read so they too can become Eco-Superstars in the funniest and most magical environmental assembly show your school will ever see!

Watch a dirty soda can become brand new and filled with soda as it is magically recycled in just 30 seconds. Witness trash being turned into useful products instantly as it enters a recycling bin and see a scrap of paper turned into something valuable (a one-hundred-dollar bill) instead of being tossed aside.

Tons of audience participation keeps kids on the edge of their seats while the teachers laugh along with all the great lessons. It’s the perfect assembly show for Earth Day celebrations or anytime of the year. Support your Green School goals and give your students a resource conservation show they will talk about for months on end with the Dumpster Doug Ecology Show.  

*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

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