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Get your elementary students to eat healthy and take the 5-a-Day Challenge!

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Age Range: PrK-6

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Elementary Nutrition Assembly

Magic of 5-A-Day is an interactive, 45-minute elementary school assembly, designed to promote good nutrition and exercise. Brian Richards brings the importance of nutrition together with a little magic that will captivate your students and leave them laughing and smiling throughout his whole performance. This nutrition and health assembly is unlike any you have seen before!

With the aid of magic, comedy, audience participation, and powerful visual aids, your students and staff will learn…

  • Why we need to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day
  • How the colors of fruits and veggies are good for different parts of our bodies
  • Why balance and moderation is so important
  • How to know the difference between a “sometimes food” and an “all-the-time food.”
  • And much more…

Plus, your students will take the 5-A-Day Challenge and pledge to eat their 5-A-Day every day.

Magic of 5-A-Day is presented by comic-magician Brian Richards, one of the most humorous assembly performers in the country. Using the perfect blend of entertainment and educational content, Brian’s assemblies are loved by students and staff alike. Though they will laugh and be fooled by his tricks, your school will also get excited about good nutrition.

Engages the Audience through Magic and Comedy 

Brian uses magic and comedy to connect with students and teachers alike. Brian begins the Magic of 5-A-Day assembly with the help of a student volunteer on-stage to help with a cut and restored rope trick.  Various magic props are used to perform the trick to restore the broken rope. Brian then introduces himself as The Nutrition Magician, because he believes it is important to take care of our bodies. Brian explains to students there are two ways that are especially helpful in doing that. One is by exercising and the other is by putting the right kinds of foods into our bodies.

Various points about health and nutrition are articulated through the use of props and magic tricks.  In another part of the assembly, Brian uses a magic wand that keeps breaking to illustrate the point that nobody wants to have a broken body, like the magic wand, and laughter ensues.  Brian further explains that one way we can make sure we don’t have broken bodies is by exercising and putting the right kinds of foods into our bodies.

Healthy Food Groups are a General Focus

The Magic of 5-A-Day begins by focusing on food and notes the five Healthy Food Groups: Dairy, Vegetables, Fruit, Whole Grains, and Protein. A fun magic trick engages students and helps demonstrate the Food Groups.

The Main Focus is 5-A-Day, The Color Way

Brian explains that his Magic of 5-A-Day imaging is very colorful, just like fruits and vegetables are colorful.  The colors aren’t just there for beauty, they are there for a reason!  The five colors of fruits and vegetables tell us how they are good for different parts of our bodies.  Brian will ask five student volunteers to participate in an explanation of how fruits and vegetables are broken up into five color categories:  Green, Yellow/Orange, White, Purple, and Red.

With the aid of colorful handkerchiefs, funny props, and a memorable magical delivery, students will learn the following about each of the color categories of fruits and vegetables:

  • Green:  Good for bones and teeth
  • Yellow/Orange: Good for the immune system and eyes
  • White:  Good for our heart
  • Purple: High in fiber, good for digestion
  • Red: Good for brain, memory, helps us do well in school

Brian will produce example props of his favorites in each food category and encourage students to cheer and shout out for each prop.  The cheering for fruit and vegetable game is repeated several times to reinforce for students how each color of fruit and vegetable is good for different parts of our bodies.

What it all means, and why moderation is so important

Brian asks students, “What is the point of taking care of your brain if you don’t take care of your heart and immune system, or your bones?”  And then he explains to the audience, the reason why we need 5-A-Day and each of the five color categories is that we are taking care of our entire body, not just one part.

All The Time Foods vs. Sometimes Foods

Brian also encourages students with a goal. First, get in your “All The Time Foods.” These are fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods that are good for our bodies. Once we do that, it’s okay to reward ourselves every once in a while with a sometimes food. It’s all about moderation!

And, it’s Easy!

Students will feel encouraged to practice healthy eating habits when Brian explains that good nutrition is simple. It’s not necessary to get 5-A-Day all at once. Healthy foods can be spread out throughout the day and broken up into different meals.  For example, have one with breakfast, one with lunch, and one with dinner. Then, have the other two at snack times.  Before you realize it, you will get your 5-A-Day every day, and after a couple of weeks, Brian promises students will really start to feel great!

What you eat now affects your whole life

Students will also understand the big picture of health and nutrition. With a disappearing magic trick, Brian further explains to students, “If all you do is eat ‘Sometimes Foods’, then I have bad news!  Just as you cannot see my hand behind this banner, you also cannot see what’s going on beneath your skin.

If all you are doing is eating the sweet, fatty, and greasy foods, your body will slowly release that yucky stuff into other parts where it isn’t supposed to be. It’s not like a cold or a virus. It’s a disease, and when it gets inside where it shouldn’t be, it will attempt to stay there and hurt much of what you dream about doing as you become an adult.”

Brian continues, “I’ve known many people whose dreams were affected negatively because of what they were always eating when they were younger. You don’t want to go down the same road as them!”

Put Up A Road Block, and go down a Healthy Road instead

Brian encourages students to put up a road-block at the moment, and pledge not to go down the bad food road.  Brian asks students to take the road to be healthy that includes exercising, putting the right kinds of foods into their bodies, and especially by getting their 5-A-Day when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Because Fruits and Vegetables are like Magic to the body!

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