Scrambling to figure out what to do with your students and children in an online or virtual learning environment? Academic Entertainment has a number of opportunities!  We’ve compiled a list of artists, entertainers, scientists and youth motivational speakers available for online, virtual, and e-learning applications. Contact Academic Entertainment 800-883-9883 or to schedule dates/times for your students.  And please, check back frequently, more opportunities will be added! 

Music Technology Virtual School Assembly Program
A unique blend of interactive, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind online, e-learning performance that will capture the imaginations of your students (and your faculty, too)!

Music Technology Virtual Movie Trailer Workshop
Using your schools existing e-learning applications, Brent Daniels brings the techniques and technology he uses to produce and compose music for some of Hollywood’s biggest movie trailers (such as Marvel’s Black Panther & Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time) to the virtual classroom.  Program content is variable depending on grade and experience level, making this online workshop suitable for grades 4 – 12, accommodating students with no musical background all the way up to experienced musicians, budding music producers or composers interested in a career in music.  In a typical virtual workshop for students with little or no musical training, Brent will:

  1. Show students one or more of the trailers in which his music is used and play the original music composed and produced for the trailers.
  2. Break down sonic and musical components from his music which are synced by trailer editors with the film’s visuals.
  3. Introduce students to the concepts in sound design, composition, and music production necessary for trailer music production
  4. Combine those elements to create a short example of a trailer-style music cue.

Middle and High School music students with some experience in music technology and production may benefit from a more customized or in-depth form of the online workshop, which Brent can provide. They also may have advanced questions about the process of music production or careers in the music industry. Brent’s online workshops are an excellent place to find answers and insight.

Corey The Dribbler – Virtual Character Education Assembly
Your students will be inspired and awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter, Youth Motivational Speaker, and 4-Time Guinness World Record Holder, Corey The Dribbler, in his virtual/online assembly!  Corey inspires students with his 4R’s 4 Success! Respect – Responsibility – Ready to Learn – Reading is Power.

Diversity of Dance Virtual Online Dance Performances and Classes
Diversity of Dance is now offering a performances LIVE online! Performed by two professional dancers, your students will experience the magic of  a live show from their homes.  Through this interactive assembly students will be exposed to the impact of globalization and the power of embracing cultural diversity through dance. Tracing our way through Jamaica, South Korea, Latin America, and India, Diversity of Dance Online Dance Performances show students the creation and transformation of hip-hop throughout the world. Students will watch and participate in thrilling dance performances created to inspire students to push boundaries and embrace diversity.

Diversity of Dance is also offering virtual dance classes! Choose from the five dance styles performed in their traditional school assemblies: Hip Hop, Bollywood Hip Hop, Latin Hip hop, Hip Hop to Kpop and or Dancehall. Each class includes a warm up, key movements to learn, a dance, and cool down section taught by head instructor, Juliette. These classes are a great way for students to keep physically active while learning about both cross-cultural understanding and dance vocabulary. They can also be used as an intro or follow up to the LIVE in-school Assembly Program: Diversity of Dance.
Recommended for grades 2nd and above.
Choose from pre-recorded or live virtual dance classes.

Pre-recorded Virtual Dance Classes:
Choose from any of the 5 styles. Your school will get a link to the virtual dance classes you choose with a password. All grade levels in a school may access the same class. Or, choose to purchase all 5 styles of virtual online lessons for a discounted price.

Live Virtual Dance Classes:
Schedule 45-minute blocks for 10 students per block. Each group of 10 students will receive their own meeting link. It’s recommended to use a lap top or desktop computer to better view the teacher. Also choose from any of the 5 styles of dance.  Purchase all five styles of live virtual dance classes for a discounted price.

The Wacky Science Show Webcast
More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, the virtual show focuses on science with everyday objects and makes the Scientific Method easy to understand! This interactive and engaging 45-minute online show features all the great science experiments included in The Wacky Science Show, plus a Q&A with students. FUN!

Tales from a Bicycle Seat
Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat, a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the US, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam. Touches on diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, and more. 

Diversity Circus
Circus-themed character ed assembly teaching we’re all different and all the same! Available as a pre-recorded virtual program. 

The Virtual Game Show
The Virtual Game Show will educate and motivate students with lots of participation, exciting challenging trivia questions, and some friendly competition.

Dumpster Doug Online
More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, the virtual show focuses on science with everyday objects and makes the Scientific Method easy to understand! This interactive and engaging 45-minute online show features all the great science experiments included in The Wacky Science Show, plus a Q&A with students. FUN!

Math Magical Live Stream
Math Magical is also available online with a Live-stream via YouTube and a Zoom Meet and Greet following. This virtual math school assembly program will get your elementary students pumped up about mathematics. Math Magical Live Stream is a high-energy, elementary virtual math show, that touches upon addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, probability, and more. Plus it’s customized according to grade levels and student development!

Magic of Reading Online Assembly
The Magic of Reading is also available online with a Live-stream via YouTube and a Zoom Meet and Greet following. It is designed to tickle the imagination, highlight the fun of reading, and encourage children to explore reading and books. This virtual elementary reading school assembly will inspire your students to open a book and start reading!

Virtual Beginner Magic Workshop
Your students can learn tricks with common household objects from the comfort of your home or virtual classroom. Kids learn not just the trick, but about magic skills presentation. Workshop is best for grades 1 and up. Live-stream via YouTube with a Zoom Meet and Greet following.

Paper Airplane Guy
STEAM at a distance. The Paper Airplane Guy, John Collins, presents a virtual show demonstrating a variety of aerodynamic principles and the secret of the world record paper airplane. Twenty-four original designs provide proof for the theories, plus a whole lot of fun! It’s real aerodynamics instruction demonstrated and explained using paper airplanes. Includes 30 minutes of live and engaging instructional demonstrations, followed by 15 minutes of hands-on paper airplane making. 

Dare to Draw – personalized LIVE Webcast with Mark Kistler
Through the wonders of technology your school can enjoy the experience of a live Dare to Draw! assembly for a deeply discounted price. During Mark Kister’s Live Webcast Assembly, you’ll feel like he is right there with your students! Mark will teach your kids to Draw! Draw! Draw! just like always, except he’s in his studio, and you’re at your school, classroom or home computer. The lesson is live and personalized, broadcast through your own technology through Facebook or YouTube. He’ll answer your questions and talk to your students while he teaches. It’s SO cool!  Your school has an opportunity to collaborate with the artist to choose the lessons for your live webcast assemblies from his list of absolutely awesome art inspirations—your students can choose where they want to travel with their imaginations! Will you have Mr. Mark webcasting live from: his Antarctic Penguin Research Station, “The Land of Dinosaurs”, OR the surface of the moon?!  You can choose to have the students receive the live webcast in your cafeteria, gym, in individual classrooms, or from home. A week prior to your event, you’ll work with Mark to test logistics (internet connection, audio, sound, etc.).  Just like with Mark’s in person “Dare to Draw!” school assemblies, at least two FULL HOUR live webcast assemblies are scheduled; one for younger students and one for older students. This way, his lessons can be tailored for the skills and abilities of each age group. And, just like with the in-person program, students and teachers only need pencils, paper and a clipboard, slate or book to use as a lap desk if there are not tables or desks to participate in the live webcast. Sitting on the floor also works great!

Physics Experience Interactive Online Demos
Utilizing YouTube Live or your schools’ channel for video conferencing, your students can experience physics like never before!  Students will have a chance to interact with a real scientist and choose the demonstrations they would like to see. Every interactive hour features engaging, entertaining, and educational demonstrations of light, motion, heat, sound, electricity, modern physics, plasma, magnetism, and more.

Contact us for prices and date and time availability. Email or call 800-883-9883.