This is not the return to the school building that many planned for, hoped for or wanted. Many schools across the United States have chosen to return to learning this fall with full-time remote schooling.

Even for those schools that are going back to school fully in-person or partially, this is not the traditional back-to-school season that many are used to. There are also many other schools across the country that are still trying to figure out their plans for going back to school this fall.

But we can choose to make the best of it. No matter how the school year might go. You can set the tone for a positive return to learning, even if it’s all or partially online.

Whether students are full-time in school wearing masks and social distancing, or if it’s half time with some online learning mixed it, or a combination of all or some of those possibilities, your school can be optimistic about it, and set the mood to create a positive school climate, even if it looks and operates differently than ever before.

Your response, your participation, your support for your teachers and your staff, and the attitude that you begin the new school year with will determine the success for your students and your back-to-school kick-off. A Virtual Back to School Assembly may be just the thing your school needs to engage your entire student body, no matter where they are learning from when you return to learning this fall.

Virtual Assemblies are seamless and safe learning.

Even those schools that will be fully in-person when they return to school this fall, many will not allow large-scale assemblies as they have in the past. To keep students safe and our programming seamless, Academic Entertainment continues to promote education through quality virtual and online educational entertainment.

Our virtual learning opportunities are versatile.

We have virtual and in-person options that are a viable solution if in-person instruction is partially remote or schedules are staggered.  Virtual School assemblies can be done if all the kids are at school in small groups, could be piped into individual classrooms, or simultaneously for those students at home may tune in with any internet connected device. The virtual assemblies are personalized, live, and interactive. 

We have live or on-demand pre-recorded entertaining and educational programs for your students, whether engaging and participating at school with their peers or while remote or distance learning from where they live. Online back-to-school assemblies eliminate exposure of your school population to outside visitors, removing the need for extra safety precautions. We provide risk-free and fun arts-in-education opportunities that align with learning standards in fine-arts, physical education, health, social emotional learning, history, science, math, language arts, and many other curricular aspects.

Our virtual and online educational assemblies are developmentally appropriate and simple and seamless to implement in your remote or blended learning landscape. There are a number of benefits to virtual arts-in-education assemblies.

  • Virtual Assemblies are a great alternative to in-person experiences.
  • Virtual Educational Entertainment affords experiences that may not otherwise be available in-person.
  • Virtual School Shows are also less expensive than in-person if the artist has to travel.
  • Virtual Assemblies create a connection and shared experience your students that they will remember for years.

Let us help you navigate the uncertainties of incorporating arts-in-education and cultural arts assemblies into your school’s new normal.

Gives Teachers a Break.

Bringing in a virtual school assembly is more of a complement to your schools’ e-learning schedule. You’re not stepping on teacher’s toes. Students appreciate hearing different perspectives. Sometimes things just don’t resonate unless you hear it from another credible adult besides a parent or a teacher. 

Incentivizes students to engage in their virtual classroom. Or, in-person classroom, virtually!

If you’re looking for something really flashy, fun, and cool for a welcome back to school zoom meeting, Check out our list of virtual assemblies and online workshops. We’ve compiled a list of artists, entertainers, scientists and youth motivational speakers available for online, virtual, and e-learning applications. Check back frequently, more opportunities will be added!

Virtual Back to School Assemblies give students an incentive or a reason to engage in a virtual learning environment. Or, if they are connected in-person in small groups, they have something fun to look forward to in an environment that may seem scary with many new and what seems like super strict rules and ways of operating that they are still getting used to.  A virtual motivational speaker or a virtual science or game show gives students a chance to have fun while they are learning at the same time.

We’ve got you covered!

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we embraced the challenge and worked with our artists to develop virtual assemblies and online workshops that work in a variety of settings to ensure the health and safety of all students. Whether your school will return virtually, in-person, or in a hybrid or blended format, we’ve got you covered!

To inquire about our programs and receive a list with prices and date availability, please fill out and submit our request information form, call 800-883-9883 or email