Virtual Wacky Science Show

Premier Virtual/Online Assembly helps elementary and middle school students learn the Scientific Method while having fun at the same time!


Age Range

Virtual/Online Wacky Science Show is Crazy! Zany!

More than just whiz, bang, poof and pop, the virtual version of The Wacky Science Show in combination with elements from Supermarket Science, focuses on science with everyday objects and makes the Scientific Method easy to understand! Hard-boiled eggs, applesauce, and a flying clipboard are all a part of the fun of the Virtual Science Show. Students learn that chemical reactions, air pressure, inertia, and potential and kinetic energy make up a big part of our everyday lives. Science is everywhere, even in a place as uninteresting, unexciting and routine as the supermarket!

Lessons include: Physical Sciences, Math, Air Pressure, Safety in the Lab, Bernoulli’s principle, Reactions between Chemicals, and Centripal/Centrifugal forces, kinetic energy, potential energy, inertia, connections in technology, and using chemicals in observations.

This 45-minute elementary and middle school online science show is rounded out with incredible stunts, goofy silliness, and even a few magic tricks that keep kids on the edge of their seats, plus a live Q&A with students. FUN! And it’s Packed with Learning too! Students will find out which everyday household things can be used in some cool science stunts while learning all about the Scientific Method at the same time.

• Zoom preferred, YouTube Live w/o Q&A or pre-recorded also available
• Up to 300 audience members


Doug Scheer is the creator and proprietor of The Wacky Science Show. Doug has performed educational programs throughout the state of Michigan and across the US since 1987,  touring as a featured act in trade shows for the automaker, Chevrolet. Doug has been praised and highly sought for his experience as a performing artist, teacher and coach with a unique expertise in combining educational experiences with educational content.  His school assembly programs and summer camp shows have graced the stages more than eight thousand elementary schools, as well as countless trade shows, corporate training seminars, and even state fairs! 

The Wacky Science Show throughout various locations in the US. Your school may have a different person as your presenter, or varied backdrops and props depending on your area. 

Doug Scheer is widely recognized as a national and international leader in youth entertainment.  He has lectured at Kidabra the International Conference; MagicLive in Las Vegas; The Society of Magicians in Tel Aviv, and the SAM/IBM national convention in St Louis. His work has been published in "MAGIC", a national trade magazine, is the author of "Scripts & Clips, Educational Routines for School Performers," and recently published the Diversity Circus magic and comic book DVD set.


*Presenter/Backdrop/Props may vary depending on your location.

  • Show was great - had good feedback from families. Doug was very responsive before the presentation as well.
    Jeannie MacDonough - Principal
    Saint Mary School
    Shrewsbury, MA

  • You were AMAZING!!!!!! A Great Show!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    Jonathan Beckman - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • The students really enjoyed the Virtual Wacky Science Show. They were wowed and amazed by the science behind the magic. I was even amazed at how Doug was able to hold the attention of the students during the virtual assembly. The Wacky Science Show was a great way to kick off our school's virtual assemblies. 
    Nekesa Matlock - Lead Teacher
    Templeton ES
    Riverdale, MD

  • Doug was animated and very entertaining! The Kids and Staff loved the Virtual Wacky Science Show!
    Valerie Perez - Principal
    Mountain Vista ES
    Indio, CA

  • Thank you for the amazing Virtual Science Assembly on Wednesday, November 4, 2020. The students were very engaged and enthusiastic about the experiments you did. The online assembly was a great way to end the virtual school day. Even though we were virtual, you included students in your experiments, kept their attention, and even asked questions, patiently listened also to students that only wanted to make a comment about what they saw. Your patience and upbeat demeanor, especially during distance learning, was well received by all.
    Nicole Black - Principal
    Luigi Aprea ES
    Gilroy, CA

  • Doug did a great job! He covered important scientific concepts in a memorable and entertaining way. Perfect show for K-5 students!
    Eric Kay - Music Coordinator
    Charles Campagne School
    Old Bethpage, NY

  • The virtual shows went great today. Doug did an unbelievable job at both virtual performances we had at our elementary school. It seemed like the teachers and the students really enjoyed Doug and the Virtual Wacky Science Show. The kids were all engaged and still talking about it hours later. Thank you for a great experience with our first virtual assembly! 
    Bridget Nerses - PTA
    Wantagh ES
    Wantagh, NY

  • Doug did an outstanding job! Our students and staff really enjoyed his excitement and presentation about science!!! He made it extremely fun for all of our students.
    Justin Fye - Principal
    Philipsburg ES
    Philipsburg, PA

  • That was truly fantastic! The kids were engaged throughout and a perfect blend of science and magic! I loved it, and they did too. I think virtually ALL of our K-2 kids came! We hit 209! 
    Kerstin Johnson - Principal
    Collins ES
    San Jose, CA

    That was an excellent virtual assembly. I definitely want to do the experiment with the ping pong balls! 
    Collins ES PTA
    San Jose, CA

  • Everyone loved the virtual assembly. We were happy to see the kids involved and even the parents joined in!
    Denise Dean - Site Coordinator
    Armona After School Program
    Armona, CA

  • What a wonderful assembly. Our students were so engaged at the assembly. I was amazed by our TK, K, & 1st graders. I had so much fun just watching them do the experiments along with you. I think my favorite was the math experiment. Just watching them twist their arms was comical and the expressions on their faces. A few families posted pictures of their kids on Facebook doing the experiments. One Kindergartener was doing the ping pong activity with a blow dryer.
    Doug, this assembly was fabulous!!

    Dee Moreno - Instructional Resource Specialist
    La Rosa ES
    Temple City, CA

  • Doug was awesome! Thanks for a great time. Kids enjoyed your virtual show. Thanks so much!
    Laura Atallah - Librarian
    Stallings ES
    Corona, CA

    Our students loved the Virtual Wacky Science show and teachers were pleased with the content. It was great to see so many of the children's faces all together, smiling and laughing. 
    Kathy Wittkopf - Teacher
    Stallings ES
    Corona, CA

  • That was amazing!  Thank you so much!  I really enjoyed seeing how all of our students were engaged.  It was a great virtual show! 
    Darla Beeson - Principal
    Monte Vista School
    Reedley, CA

  • We hosted a virtual K-5 show on Zoom and it was great! Doug kept the children engaged using materials families would have at home. He tied in reading, math and a bit of humor! We would definitely book another show or recommend to others. 
    Kim Baskin - Teacher
    Greater Plains ES
    Oneonta, NY

  • Great Virtual Show!
    Sandra Reilly - PTA
    Lloyd Harbor School
    Huntington, NY

  • We thought it was a great show!!  I have only heard positive feedback.  Thank you for making the show engaging, exciting, and memorable for the students!
    Maureen Salazar - Teacher
    Morse School
    Sleepy Hollow, NY

  • We LOVED this assembly. We appreciate the creative way to provide an amazing assembly virtually. My students are Hybrid, they were watching from the classroom with the event projected on a smart board and some were logged in virtually from home. They are Deaf, we had an interpreter interpreting in the classroom and virtually. The students gasped and yelled and had a great time. They were excited to try some science at home. I have heard from other teachers at BBE that their students (multiple disabled and behavior disabled; in school and virtually) also enjoyed the assembly. It really kept their attention and kept them engaged. Thank you!
    Jennifer Hansbury - Teacher of the Deaf
    Bankbridge ES
    Sewell, NJ

  • Thank you for the outstanding Virtual assembly yesterday. I enjoyed it as much as the students!
    Carla Isaacs - Principal's Secretary
    Carrollton ES
    Carrolton, MD

  • Wacky Doug performed two virtual assemblies from age 4 to Grade 8. He kept all ages involved and engaged. His personality drives the show and his talent is evident from beginning to end. I highly recommend Doug Scheer. 
    John McGrath - Principal
    Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School
    Maple Glen, PA

  • The program was fun, engaging, and educational. The students learned about science concepts and were entertained. I only heard positive feedback. Great show! 
    Morse School
    Sleepy Hollow, NY

  • WOW!! Fantastic online show.  I have already heard from so many of our teachers who LOVED it and just needed that :)  Thank you so much!
    Katie Gresham -  Vice Principal
    Borchardt ES
    Lodi, CA

  • This was the best virtual assembly we have had all year. He was able to engage and interact with the in school and remote students. The principal, kids, and teachers were so excited.
    Jyoti Agrawal - Arts in Ed
    South Grove ES
    Syosset, NY

  • The Virtual Wacky Science Show was a huge hit for the kindergarten and first-grade classes. Both kindergarten and first grade loved the wacky science show with Doug. He captivated the little ones with science magic, was energetic, and had a great sense of humor. The teachers and students were all entertained during the hour virtual assembly! Doug had the little ones engaged with his magic science experiments, his energy, and his sense of humor. The teachers and students were captivated for the entire hour. Thank you for a great show!
    Tammy Santora - Teacher
    Blue Point ES
    Bayport, NY

  • The show was great! Doug is very engaging and funny! All the kids K-5th grade really enjoyed it! Thank you again!
    Jennifer Fowler - Lead Teacher
    Englesby ES
    Dracut, MA

  • The show was great! Doug is very engaging and funny! All the kids K-5th grade really enjoyed it! Thank you again!
    Norman Graham - Assistant Principal
    Seven Oaks ES
    Wesley Chapel, FL

  • Thank you all so much for a wonderful zoom assembly.  The students loved it! Thank you Doug for keeping them so engaged!! 
    Jessica Fatscher - Teacher
    Hewitt ES
    Rockville Centre, NY

  • The children enjoyed the show!
    Caroline Schozer - Assistant Principal
    Seaford School District
    Seaford, NY

  • This was a great program for our students! Thank you!
    Desiree Rios - Principal
    Park Hill School District
    Kansas City, MO

  • Great show! Thanks, Doug!
    Jim Kelly - Vice Principal
    Stoddard ES
    Anaheim, CA

  • The kids loved the show! The teachers loved how interactive Doug was with the kids. They were all so engaged and happy to see the next part of the show. Thank you for providing a great celebration!
    Peggy Perry - Teacher
    Betsy Ross ES
    Forest Park, IL

  • Great show!
    Mike Elliott - 21st CCLC Program Manager
    Woodsfield ES
    Woodsfield, OH

  • The students were engaged and the presenter did a great job!!! It was great! Thank you so much!
    Michelle Coon - Teacher
    Knickerbacker MS
    Troy, NY

  • Thanks for hosting our Virtual Wacky Science Show! It was a lot of fun and my students loved it!
    Candance Sabb - K-2 Academy Leader
    Global Leadership Academy SW
    Philadelphia, PA