We bring you the very best in outstanding elementary school assemblies and camp shows. Our K-6 school assembly programs are fantastic. Academic Entertainment promotes education through quality entertainment.

ALL of our school assembly shows are age-appropriate for grades K-6 and include positive messages and engaging and interactive educational content. Your students will love our elementary school assembly shows.

Interesting Ideas for School Assembly

Looking for elementary assembly shows that are extra engaging and enjoyable for younger students and preschoolers? Here’s a list of a few of our favorite K-6 School Assemblies:

Elementary schools, primary schools, and preschools nationwide give outstanding reviews for our K-6 School Assemblies. For fresh, unique, new and different elementary school assembly ideas, contact us for a list of programs and prices.  Call 800-883-9883, email info@academicentertainment.com, or fill out and submit our request information form.