Our domain name remains the same, but we have recently updated our website to improve your user experience when browsing our programs. We’ve made it faster and more responsive. And have added more filters to allow you to easily find the in-person and virtual assemblies you’re looking for.

Our outstanding assembly programs are for schools, summer camps, AND other organizations.  Whether you’re a camp, a school, or another type of youth-serving organization, all you must do now is browse our shows through the filters. There aren’t anymore separate pages for camps.

We have both in-person assembly and virtual assembly options.  So, we’ve also done-away with separate pages for in-person or virtual for the same presenter.  Now, by visiting just one page, you can read all about that presenter and their in-person and/or their virtual/online show for schools and camps.

We know you’re busy. So, there are no more long upload times, or clunky slideshows to slow you down.  Instead, you may view additional pictures of each of our assembly shows under the gallery tab on each performer’s individual webpage on our site.

We also know that you’re constantly on the go. Which is why we have co-developed our website to be both desktop and mobile friendly and compatible.  No matter what device you’re browsing on, or which browser you’re using, you’ll find our new website experience to meet or exceed your expectations.

As with the photo gallery, each presenter has a gallery of their videos under the video tab on their individual show page. In this format, you may see all available videos for the presenter without scrolling up and down on their page or having to go back and forth between tabs.

We’ve updated the datasheet tab for each artist as well. Now in a single section of that presenter’s webpage, you may view both their in-person and virtual show set-up requirements. Other helpful information and frequently asked questions are also included in this section, including age-range, capacity, show length, and set-up and tear-down time. The datasheet section is also formatted so that you may print it out or save it as a PDF to share with your school prior to the program. Or you may even use it as a part of your presentation to get the buy-in you need to book one of our amazing acts for your school or camp.

You’ll also notice that we kept our reviews listed for every program, which you may find under the testimonials tab on every presentation’s webpage. We’ve received thousands of testimonials and feedback from our satisfied customers since we’ve been in business the last 25+ years. We do our best to curate this section by including ONLY THE BEST reviews about our assemblies.

Something completely new and different that we have added to each of our program webpages is a feature to build your own flyer!  Now, you don’t have to take the time to email or request a flyer after you’ve scheduled your assembly or wait and go back and forth on numerous edits.  You’re able and empowered to build a flyer and edit it in real time. And you may also print it out or save it to disseminate electronically in real time!

You’ll find a final feature on each individual presenter webpage at the bottom of that page. We’ve added a “You Might Also Like” section.  This automatically populates with similar presentations to the category, topic, or age range you’re already browsing in.  Yes, just like some fancy e-commerce website!  Our whole intention is to make your time on our site more enjoyable, easier to navigate and an efficient and effective use of your valuable time.

We hope you will also find our request information form less cumbersome, faster, and simpler to fill out and submit your information so that we will be able to send you a fast quote after you request pricing and dates.

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Get to know us!  We’re real people, just like you. And we’re also a woman-owned and small family business. You may check out our contact-us page to SEE who we really are.  We care about education and our mission has always been to promote education through quality entertainment. You’ll find that we’re parents. We volunteer for our children’s schools. Some of us are grandparents, and some of us also have experience teaching.

With our goal of continually improving and constant innovation, we welcome any feedback you have about our new website, our shows, and our company in general.  Your business means the world to us and we wouldn’t exist without our customers.

Thank you, we look forward to working with you. And we’ll always be here when you’re ready!