One year ago, our in-person school assembly business began to feel the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. As school closures rapidly progressed throughout the nation, so did widespread and cancellations among all of our assembly shows. 

Academic Entertainment was a pioneer in converting many of our in-person programs into virtual assemblies, within weeks of when schools began to cancel in-person shows, and the first and only assembly company known to have made the transition successfully.  Virtual Music Technology was the first on our roster to go Virtual, and many others followed suit. We’ve also taken on new talent, as we’re always adding to our lineup, that specialized in Online and Virtual educational entertainment, such as The Paper Airplane Guy and 123 Andrés: Bilingual.  

Now that it’s been a full year of doing virtual school shows, we have facilitated more than a thousand virtual assemblies nationwide since March of 2020.  As a result, online assemblies will be a part of our business indefinitely. We, and our online assembly speakers, are so thankful and grateful for this opportunity to transform and rise above. 

We also have the most expertise and experience to guide your school in best practices for how to schedule the BEST Virtual School Assemblies available nationwide. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your first online assembly event is successful and it will be an experience your students will positively praise and continue to talk about. 

Start by browsing our full lineup of virtual assemblies. 

We’ve always stood by our commitment to promoting education through quality, entertaining, and engaging assemblies, and in the online space, that commitment has not changed. Our virtual motivational speakers and online assembly presenters are one-of-a-kind and unique, and our online programs are LIVE and Interactive. These are not your every day Zoom meetings!  

Go with Experience!

For almost 25 years, we’ve specialized in representing only the highest quality talent and entertainers for every category of school assembly, and it’s our expectation, that even with an online show, every program you schedule from Academic Entertainment will result in your feedback of “That’s the BEST Virtual School Assembly I’ve ever seen!”  While you may want to stay loyal to in-person presenters you have had in the past, some in-person programs haven’t made a seamless transition from in-person to virtual.  Choose presenters that have done a number of virtual shows before. Experience pays off! 

Choose Your Topic/Age range

Narrow down your virtual school assembly options by selecting a specific category or topic, and age group.  Your school may be looking for a specific theme or subject such as Arts/Music/Dance, Character, or Science/Math. You may also find specific online assembly programs are only appropriate for elementary age audiences (PreK, K-6). If you’re looking for Virtual Middle School assemblies, and Online High School assembly programs, or entertaining programming for all ages in your school, browse our programs listed as K-12.

Refine by Price/Date availability

Request our price list. Program availability and pricing varies by program and time zone!  Keep your program choices and your date(s) flexible if possible. Date and even time flexibility increases likelihood of availability for most programs. You may also have your heart set on a specific program, only to find it’s out of your budget, or simply not available on the date you want.  Be open to considering comparable alternatives. Remember, ALL of our programs are fantastic! 

Remember…Ask for Help if needed!

Get an outside opinion if need-be.  Ask a friend or another family member for their thoughts on a particular school assembly program you’re interested in. Show them a demo video and find out if it’s something they’d like to see and experience.

We’re also here to help and answer any questions you may have. We can help you narrow down your virtual school assembly options and help you determine availability. Also remember, that you, along with almost every other person in your position, are brand new to this!  A year ago, virtual school assemblies didn’t really exist!   We always say, “no question is a silly question”, so don’t hesitate to ask!  Call 800-883-9883, email, or request more information.

Now that you’ve picked your show and date, what’s next? 

Promote the Program to Your School Community 
Our presenters prefer to host their online assemblies via Zoom meeting.  Google Meet is also an option with the school setting up and hosting the Meet.  You will receive a Zoom link for each of your virtual shows one to two weeks prior to your scheduled date. It’s important to ensure that all parties involved receive the link early and often!  School administrators, individual classroom teachers, as well as individual remote learners all need the link to access the program. 

Appoint a Co-Host for Zoom 
Having a co-host assigned gives your school extra security.  Co-hosts will admit students to the Zoom before the show starts. They also have the authority to admit late arriving students. And moderate student behavior if need be. Co-hosts can also dismiss disruptive or unauthorized users from the meeting. Co-hosts should also provide the presenter with a direct contact phone number prior to the show date.  

Special notes for Google Meet
As with in-person programs, a school representative must be presenting during your virtual assembly. Google Meet only allows one moderator, and because of the requirements of Meet, the school must set up and host the Google Meet. Double check your capacity limit!  Some meets are limited to 100, some 250, some can hold over 1,000 participants.  Make sure the host of your Google Meet is comfortable performing these important functions:  
•    Admit attendees at the start of the event
•    Continue to admit late-arriving attendees throughout the program 
•    For elementary schools, reinforce virtual assembly etiquette at the start of the program and muting microphones during the presentation if necessary. 

Of course, any other representative of your school community may join the program and address the students at the program start, but only your chosen moderator has technical control of the attendees. For multiple programs, you may have a different moderator for each.

Meet the Presenter Early 
Plan to meet your virtual assembly presenter in the Zoom or Google Meet 15-minutes prior to when the show starts. This is your opportunity for a tech check and to test and make sure all of the audio and video equipment on your end is running smoothly.  You can also discuss with your presenter any last-minute details, a brief introduction, etc.  Don’t worry, students won’t be admitted in this pre-show period.  They will be waiting patiently in the waiting room until you admit them to the meeting.  

There is no Waiting Room in Google Meet
If students are already in the meeting with the moderator prior to the start time, the direct phone number provided for your moderator will allow the presenter to call you to have a brief conversation and pre-show tech check outside of the performance space with students present. 

An Important Note for Elementary Schools using Google Meet 
Unlike Zoom, at this time Google Meet provides very limited meeting controls. Critically, it does not provide robust controls of attendees’ microphones, other than the moderator’s ability to mute individuals. It can be very challenging to perform via Meet for a large audience of younger learners who are using one-to-one devices, as they each have the ability to unmute themselves and may choose to interrupt the presentation. 

In advance of your event, please ask teachers to remind elementary-age students that virtual assembly behavior is similar to in-person assemblies. For the benefit of everyone joining the performance, students should:
•    Enter the virtual assembly quietly with microphones muted
•    Use good listening skills and keep microphones muted throughout the assembly
•    Unmute their microphone only when the moderator or assembly host requests they do so
•    Use ASL for nonverbal communication when applauding for the performer or student participants (more information)

These virtual assembly etiquette tips are also helpful for students using Zoom or any other platform.  We always encourage: 
–    Students to mute their microphones 
–    Only unmute if asked by the presenter
–    Refrain from using the chat function unless prompted by the presenter 

Every virtual assembly is unique and different, and will have specific nuances and instructions that your assembly host may discuss with you prior to your event. 

Especially valuable in the virtual assembly space, is your feedback and reviews!

After every presentation, Academic Entertainment will email you our Feedback/Talent report to give your comments about your experience. While many things have changed when it comes to online school assemblies, one thing hasn’t, Word of Mouth is still our best form of marketing. Please, tell all your colleagues in education, any where in the nation, how much you enjoyed your first virtual school show from Academic Entertainment. 

Academic Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for all the best virtual assemblies. We are thrilled to be working with you. And after having facilitated more than a thousand online shows for schools nationwide, we are confident it will be a positive and memorable experience that your students (and staff!) will love! 

Again, please CONTACT US: 800-883-9883,, or request more information to inquire about pricing and dates. 

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