Dare To Draw

Students come equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board - Mark Kistler expertly guides them through an extraordinary imagination adventure! Dare To Draw! 

Virtual/Online Option Available!

Age Range

COVID-19 NOTICE: Mark Kistler's Dare To Draw has transitioned to a Virtual/Online format for 2020/21 school year.


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Through the wonders of technology your school can enjoy the experience of a live Dare to Draw! assembly. During Mark Kister’s Live Webcast Assembly, you’ll feel like he is right there with your students! Mark will teach your kids to Draw! Draw! Draw! just like always, except he’s in his studio, and you’re at your school, classroom or home computer.

The lesson is live and personalized, broadcast through your own technology through Zoom or Meet. He’ll answer your questions and talk to your students while he teaches kids LIVE how to draw with his award-winning zany technique. It’s SO cool! Your school has an opportunity to collaborate with the artist to choose the lessons for your live webcast assemblies from his list of absolutely awesome art inspirations---your students can choose where they want to travel with their imaginations!

Will you have Mr. Mark webcasting live from his Antarctic Penguin Research Station, "The Land of Dinosaurs", OR the surface of the moon?!

FREE LIVE Demonstration!  Learn more about the Dare to Draw w/ Mark Kistler LIVE VIRTUAL School Assembly. Contact us NOW to SCHEDULE your free LIVE  Zoom 15 minute Q&A session with Mark Kistler to see how virtual visual arts assemblies work, and why fine arts assemblies online are so effective and popular. 


You can choose to have the students receive the live webcast in individual classrooms or from home. Thirty minutes prior to your scheduled event, you’ll work with Mark to test logistics (internet connection, audio, sound, etc.). Just like with Mark’s in person "Dare to Draw!" school assemblies, at least two live webcast assemblies are scheduled; one for younger students and one for older students. This way, his lessons can be tailored for the skills and abilities of each age group.

And, just like with the in-person program, students and teachers only need pencils, paper and a clipboard, slate or book to use as a lap desk if there are not tables or desks to participate in the live webcast. Sitting on the floor also works great!

• Zoom preferred, Google Meet, YouTube Live or your school's preferred hosting platform.
• Up to 1000 audience members for Zoom.
• For an additional fee a recording can be made available.
• Discount available for schools joining your webcast(share the cost!).
• Please divide large schools of students into split grades, ex. K-2, 3-5, so the presenter may target content and delivery to the appropriate age group

Click Here for (In-Person) Assembly Info

Dare to Draw Live at your School

Emmy Award winning illustrator, author and television show creator and former host of PBS Imagination Station, now on Amazon Prime Video! - Mark Kistler, presents Dare To Draw, an outstanding school assembly for grades K-12.  Prepare your students to blast-off to the land of imagination with the power of a pencil!  This unforgettable, 100% hands-on assembly encourages students of all ages to participate by stretching their imaginations in adding depth and perspective to their drawings. Mark Kistler will inspire your students to "Dream It! Draw It! Do It!" in harnessing the power of their imagination to make their life dreams come true. Students arrive at Mark’s assembly equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board, slate or book to use as their lap desk. Mark has the entire group sit on the floor, bleachers, or auditorium theater seats to draw right along with him.  Using a document camera and computer-projected animation, Mark expertly guides students through an extraordinary imagination adventure!

Students Will Learn

Students will learn how to draw in 3-D while creating illustrated stories of adventures and antics like: the journey to the bottom of the sea, time travelling with dinosaurs, ancient Egyptian mummies, King Arthur’s Camelot, or even alien penguins and ninja squirrels!  While learning to draw, Mark discusses with students the importance of goal setting, dreaming what you want to do with your future, applying your imagination and creativity, and relentlessly pursuing your goals to make your dreams come true.

Mark Kistler deeply believes that learning how to draw, and learning how to draw in 3D, builds critical thinking skills and nourishes self-esteem. His positive messages on goal setting, dream conquering, and the power of reading have sparked millions of children around the world to discover their awesome, individual potentials.

Family Night

Dare To Draw! is great for Family Nights too! Add a Family Night presentation following your daytime assemblies. Family night features another 3D drawing experience for students and families PLUS Mark’s Art Wall and the opportunity to purchase his prints and books that are sold at Comic Cons around the world! Schools and Families LOVE it! Even adults who say "I can’t even draw a straight line" will be confidently sketching cool 3-D illustrations right alongside their children. It’s a delightful evening of creative magic and fun for the whole family.

Dare to Draw family nightdare to draw family night


Now on Amazon Prime!

Imagination Station on Prime Video
Mark Kistler's Imagination Station - Season 1 - Now on Amazon Prime Video!

Notable Work & Mentions

Mark Kistler is an Emmy Award winning television show creator and host, illustrator, app developer, and author who has taught in more than 7,000 schools over the last 30 years. Through his school assemblies, live appearances, television shows, internet programs, and books, Mark has inspired millions of students to harness the power of their imaginations to make their life dreams come true. Many of Mark’s former student alumni achieved their dreams while working on professional projects like Shrek, Madagascar, Toy Story, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Incredibles, The Simpsons, and many more.

Notable Work and Mentions:

  • 1985 – Commander Mark – starred in Public television’s hit children’s series, The Secret City
  • 1988 – Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad splashed into bookstores across the country
  • 1990 – The Imagination Station Public TV Series introduced millions to the FUN of learning How To Draw in 3D
  • 2010 – Mark Kistler awarded an Emmy for his Public Television Series, Imagination Station
  • 2017 - Imagination Station now on Amazon Prime Video!
  • More than 30 years of School Assembly performances
  • 7,000 school assembly performance
  • 42,000 downloads of his iPhone App "Learn To Draw With Mark Kistler"
  • Author/Illustrator of 10 best-selling "How-to-Draw" books
  • 600,000 Mark Kistler books in print

Outcomes That Count!

"Studies show that students of the arts in all disciplines outperformed their non-arts peers on the SAT by 102 points in 2010." – The College Board, 2010, Group Profile Report

"Being able to transfer thoughts into three dimensional drawings develops critical thinking and visual communication skills." – Tim Decker, Former "Simpsons" & Disney Animator

Click here for the printable PDF of this datasheet.

Dare to Draw IN-PERSON w/ Mark Kistler Set-up Datasheet

Audience: K-12 Capacity: Only limited by your space.
Presentation Time: 60 minutes
Set-Up Time: 45 minutes. Please ensure performance space is clear and empty of classes during set-up time.
Take-Down Time: 30 minutes
Presentation Area: Auditorium with comfortable seating is ideal (high school). Can also be presented in a gymnasium with bleachers (middle school) or multi-purpose room with seating on the floor (elementary).
Assembly Requirements: Mark Kistler will bring camera, projector, and power strip.

  *Pull down screen or blank wall in gymnasium, cafeteria, or theater.
  *Computer LCD projector for Marks laptop and camera. Please double check that the bulb is bright enough to be seen clearly with all the house lights on.
  *Working microphone (handheld preferred rather than headset or lapel).
  *6-foot sturdy table and chair with wheels for Mark to draw on with his Document Camera, and to spread out his work area.
  *Kids arrive with pencil and a book to use as a lap desk. Mark requests that students sit on the floor in a cafeteria setting, however if theater with stage is available that is even better!
  *Print copies of the “Lesson Sheet” on 8 ½ x 14 inch (legal size) paper. One for each student, teacher, and parent participating in the assemblies. Please be sure to use 8 ½” x 14” legal size paper.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT REQUESTED IF AT ALL POSSIBLE: (If you have the below listed equipment, great! This equipment will make the program EVEN MORE DYNAMIC AND FUN! If you do not have this equipment available, don’t worry, this equipment list is optional. Mark will arrive 45 minutes early to set up.)
  *2 low media carts
  *3 adjustable black music stands (if available)
  *1 bottle of cold water
  *Power strip with power extension cord
  *Parking spot clearly marked with an orange cone and labeled with “Reserved for Guest Artist”

Thank you so much for your help and for supporting our Visual Arts program. Mark is so excited to come and draw with your students!

Dare to Draw Datasheet 2019 image_0.jpg

Prepare your students to blast-off to the land of imagination with the power of a pencil! 

Students will learn how to draw in 3-D while creating illustrated stories of adventures and antics like: the journey to the bottom of the sea, time traveling with dinosaurs, ancient Egyptian mummies, King Arthur’s Camelot, or even alien penguins and ninja squirrels! 

EVERY student participates in this 100% hands-on assembly.

Every student comes prepared with paper, a pencil and a clip board, slate or book to use as a lap desk. This 100% hands-on assembly encourages students of all ages to participate by stretching their imaginations in adding depth and perspective o their drawings. 

Students will be inspired to “Dream It, Draw It, Do It,” to make their life dreams come true.

Mark believes that learning how to draw in 3D builds crucial thinking skills and nourishes self esteem. His positive messages on goal setting, dream questing, environmental awareness, and the power of reading have sparked millions of children around the world to discover their individual potentials. 

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Download a Printable PDF of this Datasheet

  • So many staff members and students complimented on Mark's presentation. Some even said that the virtual format for this was ideal and that he was PERFECT in the role of virtual teaching and interacting with the audience. Many kids are so proud of their work. One child comes to mind who praised himself for his work, which was so nice to hear since he tends to be shy and less confident. Mark is a talented artist who has the gift to share his talents with others.
    Candace Connell - Teacher/Enrichment Coordinator
    Dunbarton ES
    Dunbarton, NH

  • The Harbor School was fortunate to experience an artist visit by Mark Kistler.  Mr. Kistler provided a remote assembly for our children in grades Kindergarten through Fifth-grade.  Mr. Kistler not only shared his love of drawing and art with the children, but allowed them to all see that they can be artists too.  We highly recommend a visit by Mr. Kistler!
    Tom Burke - Principal
    Seaford Harbor School
    Seaford, NY

  • Mark was phenomenal.  His showmanship and enthusiasm is amazing.  He made it so easy for my students to feel successful.  They were fully engaged and eager to draw.  Mark made it very accessible to all of the students, including my Special Needs students. Wonderful assembly!  5 out of 5!  Looking forward to scheduling him again for next year.  Thank you!
    Ana Gutierrez - Principal
    Lakeside MS
    Norwalk, CA

  • Mark was INCREDIBLE! He made the experience so much fun for our kids! They loved the program. We will book him again soon!
    Jonathan Beckmann - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • Everyone loved the virtual assembly!
    Patricia Cooney - PTA
    Rhame Avenue ES
    East Rockaway, NY

  • The Virtual Dare to Draw Assembly was amazing. He was excellent. Highly recommend. What a treat for these children that are behind plastic wearing masks in their seats all day. He really connected to them virtually!
    Sharon George - PTA
    Mandalay ES
    Wantagh, NY

  • Thank you for all of your help! Mark was awesome! This was our first virtual assembly and I am happy to say it was a huge success! We couldn't be happier. Mark kept the students engaged and they enjoyed drawing along with him. The principal and PTA have received so much positive feedback. The students really loved drawing along with you. My two kids couldn't wait to show me their drawings (and I couldn't wait to show them mine!). 
    Maria Pulliza - PTA
    Saw Mill Road ES
    North Bellmore, NY

  • Perfect for 3-5 graders. So kind. Awesome! Very cool. Perfect. Wonderful life message. Great presentation and positive. Thank you for your great inspiration to our students to take time to draw!
    Debra DeForest - Cultural Arts
    Strawtown ES
    West Nyack, NY

  • It's Unanimous! Of all the assemblies over all the years, the teachers agree this is the BEST one ever! We are already scheduling Mark to come back next year!
    Becky Smith - PTA
    Davis ES
    Plano, TX

  • Mark Kistler's assemblies are the most anticipated of the year!
    Mary Westendorf - Superintendent 
    Bakersfield, CA

  • We were very fortunate to have Mark Kistler come to our school. It was amazing! The kids and teachers loved it! If you think you don't know how to draw, have him come and you WILL learn! 
    Kris Martinez - Teacher
    Mountain ES
    Los Alamos, NM

  • Great show! Kids were very engaged!
    Susan Daly - PTA
    St. Joseph School
    Bronxville, NY

  • Today's program was a huge success!!!! Tons of great response from kids. Thanks for helping set us up. We will be in touch again for another program in the future!
    Jessica Aframe - PTA
    Ridgefield Public Schools
    Ridgefield, CT

  • Thank you! Everyone loved the virtual shows this morning!
    Pamela Kromar - PTA
    Lakewood ES
    Congers, NY

  • Teachers said that the artist was great and engaging and that most students were able to follow along and seemed to enjoy the illustrations. It is definitely challenging to keep kids' attention online for a prolonged amount of time, and the teachers I spoke with felt that he did a good job doing so. The kids were engaged and excited to draw once they got into it. The host made it a point to include the kids. For the most part, I got great feedback from students, teachers, parents, and the principal. 
    Marta Lieberman - Cultural Arts 
    Fulton Avenue School #8
    Oceanside, NY

  • Students were entertained and engaged! They weren't just stuck watching a show but were able to participate and have amazing drawings at the end to show for it! Many students were quite inspired and will take what they learned and apply it to several aspects of life. I highly recommend Dare to Draw!
    Micha Proietto - Arts in Education
    Oceanside School 5
    Oceanside, NY

  • Our teachers and students had a great time and really loved being able to draw with a professional artist. He was funny and friendly. Just the spirit we needed to push through the end of the quarter. 
    Alina Burton - Project U.P. Coordinator
    Manassas Park ES
    Manassas Park, VA

  • It was amazing! Thank you!
    Lucille Polidoro – Parent 
    Walt Whitman ES
    Woodbury, NY

  • Mark was engaging, funny and definitely captured the students and the adults attention with his show! There was not a dull moment from start to finish as the children were engaged in drawing and creating pictures that were turned into masterpieces. I highly recommend Dare to Draw for anybody considering a virtual performance. It was outstanding. 
    Beth Swanson - Principal
    Woodland School
    Hicksville, NY

  • All the students loved the presentation! The younger kids (PS-2) were all able to follow along and their drawings were amazing! The older students (3-6) loved the whole assembly!
    Jenna Pal-Freeman - Vice Principal
    Lawrence ES
    Lodi, CA

  • It was absolutely fabulous and the kids loved it! I even got a jump on both timeslots and see what they were doing and we actually put up a gallery of artwork on our website from the assembly because parents were so amazed at what their kids did. 
    Heather Silver - Cultural Arts
    Tomaso ES
    Warren, NJ

  • Mark was fun and engaging. I loved how he used the kids names and included them in the drawings. The students enjoyed drawing with him and sharing what they had drawn with him. He was positive, humorous and praised the students. Spectacular virtual event!!
    Valerie Moyers - Teacher
    Northwestern ES
    Salisbury, MD

  • Here is the feedback I got from classroom teachers about the assembly. I think it's indicative of the overall perception of the assembly. Overall, the assembly was a huge success! I could see the classrooms during the meeting, and the kids looked so excited and were doing all the motions Mark told them to do, like holding up one finger and saying "Aha!" 
    “A 5 out of 5!”
    “My kids had a lot of fun and he went at the right pace. I have no complaints”
    “It was a great event. My kids really liked it. It was engaging and fun!”
    “Thank you again for inviting us to join in the drawing fun!!! The kids and I really enjoyed it!! :)”

    Katie Young - PTO
    Lincoln ES
    Gahanna, OH

  • Mark is a favorite performance at our of school. He is our most successful LIVE VIRTUAL school assembly, actually the hands down BEST assembly in all of our 7 years (90 assemblies)!  He is a "keeper"!  Mark has been a guest for the past 4 years for our 5th graders. This year was our first virtual visit, we added the 2nd graders and they were incredibly happy. It is impressive how Mark was able to get all the kids attention even though we were doing the assembly virtually. We will definitely have Mark again next year.
    Sandra Reilly - Cultural Arts
    Cold Spring Harbor School
    Lloyd Harbor, NY

  • Mark Kistler's show was fantastic.  He was so fun and friendly and really connected with our students. It was a pleasure working with you on our elementary assemblies this spring and we look forward to working with you in the future.
    Tara Klement - Educational Services Specialist
    Plumas USD
    Quincy, CA

  • Mark was an engaging and exciting host. Both my sixth and eighth graders really enjoyed spending the period with him. Students really enjoyed his comical sense and were eager to share their drawings with him via zoom after completing them. Thanks Mark!
    Chris Curti - Visual Arts Teacher
    City College Academy of the Arts
    New York, NY

  • The teachers and students loved the Dare to Draw show! They all told me how much fun they had. 
    Ashley Whitaker - Instructional Coach
    Kittrell ES
    Readyville, TN

  • Mr. Mark is the BEST virtual thing I have done in this whole school year!
    Thabie - 4th grade
    Fulton Science Academy
    Alpharetta, GA

  • After speaking with several staff members we all agreed that Mark Kistler’s “Dare To Draw!” Virtual was a phenomenal assembly. Time and time again I heard that the students were very much engaged in your drawing, and their excitement was evident. As I walked past the classrooms after the assembly, I saw several teachers having their students put their pictures under the document camera to share with their classmates. Many students were very excited to share their artwork. You affectively shared your joy of drawing! By the way, many teachers, including myself, interacted with the drawing activity as well! We are looking forward to seeing you once again. Your virtual assembly far exceeded our expectations and was much better than other virtual programs we had this year. Definitely a 10! 
    Coleen Mason - PTA/4th grade teacher
    Holbrook Road ES
    Centereach, NY

    I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday! The kids had an absolute blast! 
    Marisa Caliguri - Music Teacher
    Holbrook Road ES
    Centereach, NY

  • The students were engaged and the teachers absolutely loved it! We will book again next year.
    Tiffany Hicks - Principal
    PS 160
    Jamaica, NY 

  • Absolutely amazing! All students were engaged the entire time! Loved it!!!!
    Laura McConnell - Principal
    Old Country Road ES
    Hicksville, NY

    Everyone did a WONDERFUL job with their drawings! Mr. Mark was so funny and kept the kids soooo ENGAGED!
    Tina - 1st Grade Teacher
    Old Country Road ES
    Hicksville, NY

    The 1st grade students are LOVING this Virtual Assembly!!! Sooo much FUN! Thank you Mr Mark!
    J. Bove - 1st Grade Teacher 
    Old Country Road ES
    Hicksville, NY

    Mr. Mark’s Virtual Assembly was EXCELLENT! He was wonderful with the kids and so very positive! The kids loved this!
    M. McEvoy - 2nd Grade Teacher
    Old Country Road ES
    Hicksville, NY

  • So engaging and FUN! Great integration of vocabulary and important drawing concepts! BEST virtual assembly in our solar system!
    Cindy Pasiakos - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Holmes ES
    Darien, CT

    Your Virtual presentation was so much FUN! Between minions and marshmallows, it totally rocked our world! Thank you for making art so much fun!
    K. Podlovits -5th Grade Teacher
    Holmes ES
    Darien, CT

    Mr. Mark does an AMAZING job sparking our love of drawing!
    Eileen Kinahan - 5th Grade Teacher
    Holmes ES
    Darien, CT

    My class REALLLLLLY enjoyed this virtual program!
    Carmela Di Stasio - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Holmes ES
    Darien, CT

    This was AWESOME!
    Scott Bulkley - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Holmes ES
    Darien, CT

  • We loved it! I have been told so many times from students and classroom teachers how much they have enjoyed it. I would love to do this again next year!
    Danielle Foster - Art Teacher
    Gouverneur ES
    Gouverneur, NY

  • Mr. Kistler knows how to make something most people think is difficult into something fun, safe and engaging! HIs message is consistent with our hope that our students will never stop exploring and learning.
    Thien Hua - Principal
    Southgate ES
    Hayward, CA

  • The assembly was terrific! Mark Kistler taught students and teachers how to draw great pictures while throwing in art terminology and techniques!
    Christine LaFleur - 1st Grade Teacher
    Norwood-Norfolk ES
    Norwood, NY

    Mr. Kistler makes learning how to draw fun and engaging for students!
    Sarah Bullard - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Norwood-Norfolk ES
    Norwood, NY

    Mr. Kistler provided age-appropriate and very engaging experiences for our elementary students to learn some tricks to drawing a variety of relatable objects. We highly recommend Mr. Kistler's Dare to Draw presentation!
    Carrie French - Counselor
    Norwood-Norfolk ES
    Norwood, NY

  • My students are so engaged! This program is beyond awesome! 
    M. Mezzanotte - 1st Grade Teacher
    East Street School
    Hicksville, NY

    Thank you so much for your virtual program. My students were 100% engaged, happy, and following along.  It was the best virtual program we have ever had. Even the teachers had fun! 
    Mrs. Farrell - 2nd Grade Teacher
    East Street School 
    Hicksville, NY

    This virtual field trip was amazing! My students had so much fun!
    T. Bonifa - 4th Grade Teacher
    East Street School 
    Hicksville, NY

    The kids really LOVED this virtual presentation.  They were engaged the whole time.  Mr. Mark has a wonderful personality, he makes the students feel SO included, involved, and successful!  I DEFINITELY recommend this virtual assembly!
    S. Polidora - Kindergarten Teacher
    East Street Elementary School 
    Hicksville, NY

    This virtual assembly was great! My students did a wonderful job following along with Mr. Mark! I highly recommend this!
    Laura Zarcore - 3rd Grade Teacher
    East Street Elementary School 
    Hicksville, NY

    My students LOVED this program! They want to draw all Day! 
    A. Keane - 5th Grade Teacher
    East Street Elementary School 
    Hicksville, NY

    You are so inspiring! I love how you teach us to draw in 3-D! 
    5th Grade Student
    East Street Elementary School 
    Hicksville, NY 

  • Thank you for this incredible experience! You made Bob Ross proud today! We LOVED this!
    Ms. Ceder - 4th Grade Teacher 
    Davidsonville Elementary School 
    Davidsonville, MD 

    Excellent interactive lesson! Terrific virtual assembly.  A great chance for our students to hone their artistic skills!
    Mrs. Kahl - 5th Grade Teacher
    Davidsonville Elementary School 
    Davidsonville, MD 

    This was AWESOME! I LOVED IT! Thank you SO MUCH!
    Courtney G. - 5th Grade Student
    Davidsonville Elementary School 
    Davidsonville, MD

    This has been a wonderful virtual assembly.  My 3rd Graders have been totally engaged the entire time!
    Mrs. Lefaille - 3rd Grade Teacher
    Davidsonville Elementary School 
    Davidsonville, MD

  • The kids loved it! You were very entertaining and kept the students wanting more. 
    Michelle Snyder - 2nd Grade Teacher
    AA Cole ES
    Constania, NY

    Absolutely outstanding! My 3rd grade students loved it!
    Angela Carroccio - Teacher
    AA Cole ES
    Constania, NY

    5th graders loved this! Thank you so much!
    Kate Puccia - Teacher
    AA Cole ES
    Constania, NY

  • Thank you Mark! Our kindergarten class had so much fun and was able to follow along with you during this interactive assembly!
    Cara Trotta - Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    The first grade virtual class were very engaged and loved learning how to draw. Thank you!
    Tracey Frank - Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    This was great! The kids said you are funny! Thank you!
    Joanne Banz - 2nd Grade Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    Thank you!! AMAZING! Kids LOVED it!
    Linda Pizzarelli - 2nd Grade Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    This is so much fun! They seem so much more confident in their drawing of 3D rather than flat images. Really super cool assembly!!! Thank you!
    Danielle Villalba - 5th Grade Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    One student said, "I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH FUN IN MY LIFE"!
    Samantha Jacobson - Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    Mark Kistler was amazing! My 5th grade class had so much fun and were so engaged as they learned howt o draw different characters. Thank you!
    Nicole Allevato - Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    Thank you! You kept the children engaged and they loved the lessons!
    Jennifer Nouri - 5th Grade Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    Thank you. The children drew wonderful illustrations under your guidance!
    Jeanette Biancamano - Teacher
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

    Thank you so much! This was the students' favorite assembly so far!
    Valerie Grosso 
    Baylis ES
    Plainview, NY

  • Our 3rd graders were very engaged and very productive in learning how to draw while also building their vocabulary. It was great and so wonderful! Thank you! 
    Just Inspire
    Mount Vernon CSD
    Mount Vernon, NY

    Thank you so much for this fun engaging virtual LIVE assembly!  My Fourth graders are super excited to draw with you again on your YouTube channel!  Our drawings are amazing!
    Stephanie Flete
    East Side House School
    Bronx, NY

    The Scholars were engaged the entire time and are so excited to draw with you on YouTube!
    Ms. Andrews/Ms. Diaze
    East Side House School
    Bronx, NY

  • Mark is AMAZING! You could hear a pin drop in the entire school!
    Melissa O’Brien - Teacher
    Eagle ES
    Medford NY

    My students were SO ENGAGED! They are so proud of their drawings!  Thank you so much for this wonderful LIVE virtual assembly experience!
    Mrs. Lisette
    East Side House School
    Bronx, NY



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