The Virtual Game Show

Combines team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program!

Virtual/Online for Schools and Summer Camps!

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Virtual Game Show


The Virtual Game Show will educate and motivate students with lots of participation, exciting challenging trivia questions, and some friendly competition. This live and interactive online game show uses multi-media trivia to combine team spirit, character education and curriculum enforcement. It’s perfect for any subject, because you may customize the questions if you wish! Tailored for each age group, the most popular virtual game show focuses on the core subjects of history, science, English and Math. There are also several video and audio bonus questions with pop culture trivia (movies, music, TV) to keep the game light and fun. There are approximately 40 question rounds, and every student has an opportunity to participate. Teams generate points by answering correctly and by demonstrating good sportsmanship and team spirit. It’s a great way for students to work together and connect remotely and reinforce their studies. Customize the virtual game show for environment/ecology, specific history topics, or fun trivia about your school.

  • Zoom preferred
  • Up to 300 screens max recommended
  • Please divide students into 4 teams prior to the show start. Approximately equal amounts of each age group on each team.
  • Encourage students to wear their team colors: red, green, yellow, blue.
  • Want to Compete Against OTHER SCHOOLS? Check out the Virtual Game Showdown!

  • We had no idea of what to expect. We have never booked an assembly through Academic Entertainment. The assembly far exceeded what we thought it might be. Our kids were fully challenged and engaged in the Virtual Game Show. We could hear them cheering down the halls of our school and we have very long halls! The concept of organizing classes by teams, putting everyone on mute and disabling chat except to provide answers to the host made managing the event effortless. Thank you! We will surely arrange other bookings in the future. 
    Alrye Osborne - Assistant Principal 
    City College Academy of the Arts
    New York, NY

  • On behalf of our entire school community we wanted to shout out a gigantic "THANK YOU!" Students and staff, at home and in school, had an absolute blast! Jay, you were such a warm, welcoming and amazing host! Thank you for your positive energy and organization! The Unique Game Show brought SO much joy, as well as some healthy competition to PS 31 today!  From a logistical and technical standpoint, we were equally, thoroughly impressed. 
    PS 31 PTA
    Yonkers, NY

  • The Virtual Game Show presenter was great and easy going. The students enjoyed playing!
    Tosha Baker - Coordinator
    TRIO Upward Bound
    Mount Carmel, IL

  • My son loved it. I had a group of 6th graders at my home and they were really getting into it. They had a blast! I love that The Virtual Game Show was something that this grade level was so into, and educational at the same time. Its is very hard to find something for 6-8 grade that engages the kids.
    Susan Chara - PTA
    John Hill School
    Boonton, NJ

  • I have heard back from many students and parents since the Virtual Game Show assembly. They all loved it and had a great time!
    Mary Everitt - PTA
    Riley ES
    South Plainfield, NJ

  • All the students & staff LOVED IT! The energy of our Virtual Game Show host was fantastic. Perfect way to kick-off our Cultural Arts year! Thank you!
    Vicmarie Sookdeo - Cultural Arts Chair
    Plaza ES
    Baldwin, NY

  • Thank you so much! We all had a blast! It was so much fun!
    Danielle DiCicco - Teacher
    PS 160Q
    Jamaica, NY

  • It is LIVE virtual assembly! Everyone is engaged - even our teachers participated in the dance off brain breaks. Interactive, inquiry based, engagement & ties in CCSS- reinforces what students are currently learning.
    Mystee Schindler - AP
    Cruickshank MS
    Merced, CA

  • Our 5th graders had a blast with Ben, virtually! The show was fun, engaging and age and grade level appropriate. I was nervous about how the students would receive it, but it seems that they all had a really great time. My own 5th grader got really in to it and was competing pretty competitively to answer questions. Thank you, Ben and Academic Entertainment!
    Annie Jacquelin - PTA
    La Ballona ES
    Los Angeles, CA

  • I wanted to be sure to say "Thank You" for organizing today's show for our students. The show was AWESOME...the students loved it.  Ben was AMAZING and kept the kids entertained.... the students loved it! Thank you so much!
    Lori Gandiosi
    St. Patrick School
    Bay Shore, NY

  • Just getting feedback now, all good things. The kids really seemed to enjoy it across the board. So happy all the grades worked together!
    Heather Schroeder - PTA
    West Ridge ES
    Park Ridge, NJ

  • We enjoyed your show today!
    Valencia Slater 
    PS 262
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Jay was great!
    Kelsey LiPuma - Teacher
    Palmyra-Macedon MS
    Palmyra, NY

    I appreciate how flexible our game show host, Jay, was. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome, due to the fact that an in-person class was competing against a remote class. He worked with us to find solutions and make it work. Plus, he was encouraging and positive with the kids. Thank you!! 
    Michelle Coffey - Teacher
    Palmyra-Macedon MS
    Palmyra, NY

  • Jay did an excellent job yesterday with our two assemblies.  He was very engaging and had fun with the kids.  The questions were age-appropriate and he had a really good variety.  We will definitely consider having him again in the future. Thank you!
    Jessica Blair - Assistant Principal
    Case Middle School
    Watertown, NY


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