Tales From A Bicycle Seat

Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat, a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the US, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam. Touches on diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, and more. New theme this year is ecology/recycling/sustainability!

Virtual/Online or In-Person for Schools and Summer Camps!

Age Range

Tales From A Bicycle Seat

Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat, a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the US, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam. Touches on diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, and more.


  • Zoom preferred
  • Up to 300 screens max recommended

Virtual/Online and In-Person:

A bicycle seat is a pretty small comfort zone, and that’s exactly why musician, adventure cyclist and multimedia storyteller George Maurer travels on two wheels — and your students can share his adventures.

Nothing comes between George and the people and places he encounters in Tales from a Bicycle Seat, his high-touch, high-tech virtual presentation series that lets audiences ride along as he pedals across the U.S., Canada, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Tales from a Bicycle Seat blends live storytelling, demonstration and interaction with original music and stunning video from George’s international bike-packing expeditions to show students how pushing past his comfort zone broadened his understanding of the world and of himself, tested his limits and showed him that human connection can transcend culture, language and geography.

George draws from his 35 years as a world-class composer and performer to curate a uniquely creative up-close experience. Students almost feel like they’re on stage as he immerses them in live Go-Pro and drone footage from the road and invites dialogue so they can ask questions and explore with him what it means to build character, have empathy and grow personally.


  • glacial lagoons
  • powerful waterfalls
  • geothermal/volcanic activity
  • fishing culture
  • Icelandic interior


  • cultural diversity/hostels
  • overcoming language barriers
  • glacial lake ferry crossing
  • mountain descent
  • Chilean Antarctic Region
  • traditional homestay
  • understanding regional cultures
  • mountain interior
  • trains and transportation
  • Mine Action Visitors Center
  • small village vs. large city
Sri Lanka
  • elephant refuge
  • Buddhist temple
  • monkeys
  • remnants of civil war
  • sea turtle sanctuary
  • Rails to Trails
  • music and regional culture
  • fishing village/culture
  • wildlife
Across the USA
  • Nevada desert crossing
  • Pike's Peak ascent/descent
  • Erie Canal historic corridor
  • Rails to Trails
  • Glacier National Park

Tales from a Bicycle Seat is a 50-minute Virtual/Online or In-Person School Assembly Show that resonates globally and personally, traversing diversity, geography and ecology while examining the growth mindset, goal setting and life-changing encounters that accompany George’s multi-week, cross-country bicycle treks.

New for this year, and fresh back from a trip to Iceland, "ecology/recycling/sustainability" will be one of the main themes this season as a component of how TFAB incorporates ways we can make the world a better place by riding a bicycle, etc. (Based on Bloom's Taxonomy)

Tales from a Bicycle Seat can be tailored to focus on specific regions or touch on specific topics to complement school curriculum.


A bicycle might be an unusual muse, but seven cross-country odysseys on two tires and one extremely well-worn saddle inspired musician George Maurer’s newest artistic endeavor, multimedia storytelling. Although, nothing about pedaling a bike up Pikes Peak in a snowstorm, navigating Iceland’s glaciers and geysers, or sloshing through Sri Lanka’s monsoon season is “usual.” George’s bike adventures have expanded his creative boundaries as much as they have pushed his physical limits during his weeks-long rides across the United States, Iceland, Sri Lanka and Canada. He embarked on his first ride, “48 Across the 48,” in 2014 to test himself while contributing to the greater good by raising money for cancer research at the Mayo Clinic. He reached his $50,000 goal with 2018’s “52 Across Canada.” He also found that he soaked up stories from the people he encountered — often complete strangers who offered to help him or asked questions about his ride, even if they didn’t share a language — the terrain he traveled and sights, sounds and smells he ingested from the open-air vantage point of his bike. For this musician that was just looking for a way to spend his summer's off from the hectic day-to-day of the entertainment industry, his bicycle saddle was becoming a mobile version of his piano bench. The artistic compositions were now just taking a different form.

Tales From a Bicycle Seat Virtual/Online Set-up

Audience: K-12    Capacity: 300 screens
Presentation Time: 50 minutes
Platform:  Zoom preferred, others available if school sets-up and hosts
Presenter will: set-up and email Zoom link as late as the week prior to your show date. Please anticipate meeting presenter in the Zoom meeting 15-minutes prior to your start time so they may enable you/school representative as a co-host, and accommodate any last minute details/instructions. 

Tales From A Bicycle Seat Datasheet

Audience:  K-12    Capacity:  400
Presentation Time: 50 minutes           
Set-Up Time: 1 hour             
Take-Down Time: 45 minutes

Presentation Area:  Gym or auditorium. Please ensure there is easy access for students to get to the performance area for interactive segments.

Arrival: Please provide assistance with the microphone and sound equipment.

Assembly Requirements: One (1) microphone, speakers, and an auxiliary cable. Please break up two or more assemblies by grade level: K-2, 3-5, etc.

Take Students on a Spin Around the World

Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat, a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the USA, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam. 

Inspires Students to Embrace Diversity

This Virtual and in-person School Assembly and Summer Camp Show touches on diversity, cultural exchange, character education, growth mindset, geography, world cultures, ecology, global environment, climate change, health and wellness, bicycle safety and much, much more.

Part educational, part environmental, part inspirational, and all around engaging.

This program is a blended visual arts experience that includes storytelling along with video experiences from the viewpoint of a bicycle seat. Via drone, GoPro, and modern film technology, students can spin along with George as he shows, up close Icelandic glaciers, Patagonian mountains, a Vietnamese train ride, the sri Lankan elephant refuge, a fishing village in Newfoundland, or his first-hand experience descending Pike’s Peak!

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  • The videos were created well and captivated my students’ attention. I received very positive feedback from teachers, parents and students. Students were very interested in the science, cultures and safety. It sparked many questions from my students to want to learn more. I like how the presenter discussed having a growth mindset, celebrated and embraced different cultures and ended with “Learning more about others helps you learn more about yourself.” Thank you so much!!
    Kristy Chan - Principal
    PS 98
    Douglaston, NY

  • We had amazing feedback from our school community. The teachers, the parents, and the kids loved it! We all left the show inspired! Some of my teachers comments: 
    1-Where can we learn and see more of George Maurer and his adventures?
    2-By far the best show we've had for STEAM Friday this year!
    3-What an amazing show! Thank you for bringing him to Machado!
    4-The kids are excited to research these places now!
    5-How did you find him? Such an incredible show!
    and more!
    It was a honor for us to meet George. Thank you!

    We liked George so much we brought him back for a second virtual visit this school year. Always fascinating and inspirational! We want George to come back next year! He is engaging, patient, thorough, and makes his journey/story very accessible to students of all ages. We love his interaction with the kids. Safe travels, George! We look forward to seeing you next school year! Thank you!
    Dr. Valles-Metzger - Principal
    Machado ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • George was absolutely fantastic! Our students enjoyed the topics he shared about and everything ran so smoothly. Thank you for a terrific experience! The students couldn't stop talking about it!
    Kelly Whitman - Dean of Upper ES
    Calvert School
    Baltimore, MD

  • Wow! What a presentation! I truly loved your adventures. Appreciate you inspiring the children and me!! Fabulous virtual assembly. Breathtaking videos and pictures. Excellent inspiring lesson. George was wonderful for this age group. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Sharon George - Cultural Arts
    Mandalay ES
    Wantagh, NY

  • Thank you for two amazing virtual shows! I have gotten great feedback already from both students and teachers. 
    Nicole Buckley - Assistant Director of Elementary
    TEC Connections Academy
    Walpole, MA

    We just watched your presentation for TEC Academy in Massachusetts. We wanted to say thank you. That was such a treat. My daughter is 9 and loves biking and hopes to travel someday. Your presentation meant a lot to her and brightened her week. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
    Alison Sleeper Ames - Parent
    TEC Academy
    Walpole, MA

  • Thank you, George! The virtual presentation was awesome. The kids were very engaged. We will definitely plan on having you again next year when we study landforms again!
    Stephanie DeGaetano - Teacher
    Colchester ES
    Colchester, CT

  • Thank you for a great virtual presentation, George! We are hearing great feedback! 
    Elysa Lepselter - Parent
    Plainview MS/Mattlin MS
    Plainview, NY

  • George Maurer was such an engaging presenter! His storytelling was so interesting, graphics were beautiful, and his message of appreciating diversity and expanding our world was absolutely inspiring. And he's a musician as well! What a talented guy! My students and teachers loved the virtual show. The mines in Vietnam especially captured my students' attention, according to several of their emails. They were very compassionate towards the children and were curious about their drawings. Seriously, I could go on. George also has such a nice, approachable demeanor that made him all the more likeable to the audience. Great job! I would recommend this to all my colleagues.
    Ana Guiterrez - Principal
    Lakeside MS
    Norwalk, CA

  • George did an amazing job. The kids were really engaged and liked learning about his different adventures. Sharing of the maps made it more relevant and he did a great job managing the technology. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a great virtual assembly. 
    Tara Garcia - Library Media Specialist 
    Graden ES
    Parkville, MO

  • George!!! I can only say AMAZING and that doesn't even truly describe your assembly - there are no words. I can not wait to share on social media so other schools have the opportunity to experience as well! My son was very excited to talk about it when he got home.
    Melissa Ferraro - PTA
    HD Fayette School
    Merrick, NY

    George was amazing! What a great life he is leading. His message of growth is an important. We would love to have him back to hear about his other adventures. 
    Howard Merims - Principal 
    HD Fayette School
    Merrick, NY

  • Great pictures and videos! Very open to questions. Thanks a lot!
    Shane Thelen - Educator
    Crown Point Central School
    Crown Point, NY

  • We absolutely LOVED the virtual assembly and George as a presenter. 
    Jennifer Sheehy - PTA
    Martin Ave ES
    Bellmore, NY

  • The presentation was very interesting. The kids seemed to like seeing the different places that he had been to and he was very informative. 
    Matthew Gernold - Coordinator
    Warren County SADD
    Warren, PA

  • I just want to say what an amazing show George did for Lindell. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and it was wonderful to incorporate the remote students as well. Long Beach is such a biking community that this definitely resonated with the students. I heard some students say that the boardwalk seems boring now that there can be so many more adventures with a bike. And I know of friends whose kids came home and asked for a bike if they didn’t  have one and asked for their bike tires to be pumped up and wanted to go for a bike ride that afternoon. So it was so perfect for Long Beach!! Please thank George so much for us.
    Lauren Voege - PTA 
    Lindell ES
    Long Beach, NY

  • The students shared reflections from your presentation this morning. They really enjoyed it! Thanks again!
    Jackie Chiumiento - PTO
    Fuller Meadow School
    Middleton, MA

  • Teachers, students from all grades, administrators all had such positive feedback. They were engaged, enthusiastic, and excited about the program. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with our school!
    Jennifer Melnick - Arts-in-Ed
    Barnum Woods ES
    East Meadow, NY

  • We had a great experience with George. He was very professional and prepared to engage with our students and staff in this experience. I immediately shared it out with my fellow principals in Roseville as must see.  Here is a special moment we experienced:

    Student Noah sent in chat to George - "I'm Hmong. I think it is really neat to see my culture in your trips"

    Here are some of the comments from staff:

    It was great! Virtual assemblies may be the way to go from now on!

    Thought it was great. For many reasons, but especially from a phy ed teachers perspective. It shows the students how riding a bike can provide exciting adventures and serve as a tool to learn about the world around them. (all while they are improving their fitness)

    Wow. I was very impressed. So well-formatted, immersive, and engaging.

    Loved it! That was my favorite assembly ever.
    Beth Behnke - Principal
    Falcon Heights Elementary
    Falcon Heights, MN

  • Wonderful and educational presentation. George Maurer was very informative and an outstanding presenter. His presentation was captivating and the students were very engaged. He took the time to answer all of the questions that the students had. The other staff members also had similar feelings that the presentation was outstanding.
    Maryann Braen - Teacher
    The Calais School
    Whippany, NJ

  • George – thank you so much for the awesome, engaging, educational assembly today!!!  We appreciate you sharing your experiences, and the teachers and students loved it.  Thanks again!
    Michael Schanze - Principal
    Withrow ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • He was a big hit! The students and teachers loved him! Thank you very much!
    Allyson Meyers - Admin Asst.
    Harbor Hill School
    Greenvale, NY

  • Places visited were interesting and liked the phrase go-know-grow!
    Helen Persing - Administrator
    John Paul II Regional School
    Stratford, NJ

  • Great presentation! The students were amazed with the different countries you traveled and they were amazed with the different types of bicycles.
    Diane Smith - Teacher
    Miami Heights ES
    Miami, FL

  • I just wanted to send a very big thank you to you for the assembly yesterday. I walked into school this morning with many compliments from students and teachers!! You were masterful at incorporating your adventures with a multicultural aspect! Hit the nail on the head for us here!!!  Thanks again George!! Look forward to seeing you presenting for Franklin again in the near future!!!!
    Stephen Untisz - School Counselor
    Franklin Elementary School
    Bloomfield, NJ


  • Awesome connection and presentation with the kids. Quite possibly the best show we booked yet this year. The kids and staff loved it.
    William DuBois - Teacher Liaison
    Canaan ES
    Patchogue, NY


  • It's excellent! Everyone loves it! Thank you! It really was a fabulous and inspiring show. We have done several this year and this was by far the best. I truly appreciate it!!
    Rachel Goodman - School Counselor
    Truman ES
    Parlin, NJ 

  • It exceeded my expectations. Very well done and I heard great feedback from both teachers and students. 
    Rachel Harris - PTO Board
    Wilson ES
    Coppell, TX

  • Thank you so much for your presentations today!  All of the grades were very engaged and curious about your adventures!  It was exciting to hear you say that one of the students asked you the best question you've ever been asked!  We'll be sure to recommend your program to our neighboring schools.  Thank you so much again!
    Erica Schulman - PTA
    Walt Whitman ES
    Woodbury, NY