We’re almost out of dates for some of our most popular end-of-the-year in-person school assemblies!

Some of our most sought-after school assembly shows for the end of the school year include:

HOW can we be ALMOST SOLD OUT already?

There are several factors that have contributed to this situation in a highly unique school year. Although, it’s not unusual that these programs have always filled up their dates quickly, even before the pandemic!

  • Pent up demand: It’s been two years and most schools are seemingly chomping at the bit to get in-person assemblies back for their students.
  • Late in the year scheduling: with ever-changing restrictions and mandates, many schools have waited and held out on scheduling until the last minute. Driving demand to the few months in the school year that are left, where scheduling is already a challenge.
  • Travel schedules: we schedule on a first-come, first-served basis. If a presenter is travelling from out of area to a school in another state on a Monday, sometimes a travel day home is eaten-up on a Tuesday, for example. This prevents us from scheduling them at your school and limiting the dates that we can offer you even further.

What can you do?

  • Be flexible with dates: we understand that your field-days, family nights, and end of the year activities are set. BUT if you can be flexible with dates, you are more likely to be able to schedule the presenter that you want, rather than settling for just what’s open on your date. The most popular days are Fridays. If you can be open to Mondays through Thursdays, you are more likely to be able to secure a presentation for your special school-wide event.
  • Be open to afternoons (or evenings!): the mornings are always the most popular for scheduling school assemblies. Especially given that most schools need to have at least two presentations to accommodate spreading students out and social distancing. There is just more time in the morning before afternoon school dismissal. If you can be flexible with your date and be open to afternoons, you might just get lucky and snag a spot for your preferred assembly presenter.
  • Get creative! Be open to scheduling outside of school hours. A school we spoke with earlier this week really wanted The Freestyle Connection BMX during the school day in June, but there weren’t any mutually agreeable open dates. The volunteer got creative and decided to ask about scheduling the presentation for a family night in May, and it all worked out!
  • Pick other programs: be open to other presentations besides what you had set your heart on originally.  All our programs are outstanding because we only represent the best. Please take our recommendations for other assembly program topics/ideas if you first choice isn’t available. Anything you choose with Academic Entertainment WILL be top-notch!
  • Choose a Virtual Assembly instead: our virtual assemblies are live and interactive. They are the same level of quality and content as our in-person presentations. We have many more openings for live virtual school assemblies than we do for in-person presentations. Another benefit of virtual presentation is that you don’t pay the travel costs!  Some of the best virtual presentations include:

Schedule early for 22/23: to ensure your pick of date and presentation, it’s always advised to schedule early for the upcoming school year. We’re taking reservations NOW! In typical years prior to the pandemic, many of our Red Ribbon Assemblies for October sold out by AUGUST! These popular Character Education assemblies for Red Ribbon include:

Customer service is our first priority. We don’t like to say no!  Please follow these tips and be flexible and will do all we can to ensure you have an assembly show that after you see it, you will say, “It was the BEST assembly we’ve ever had!”

Reach out to us to inquire about pricing and date availability. We thank you for your time and consideration in advance, and we look forward to working with you!