The Arts makes Education interesting and engaging. Art makes learning fun!  ALL of our outstanding school assembly programs have some arts component. But, these 12 amazing assembly shows especially emphasize the Arts:

Music Technology: A unique blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your audience (and your faculty, too)! PreK-12

Art of Inspiration: There are events you attend…but this is one you Experience! The artwork Richard Hight creates right in front of your eyes is the foundation for his keynote presentation and discussion. At the end of the assembly, your school keeps the impressive creation! K-12

Unique Game Show: Combines team spirit, character education, and curriculum enforcement into one program! Uses visual arts, multi-media trivia and fun activities to engage students (and staff!) in an all-out competition! K-12

Zonda Kids Dance: This program will have your audience up and moving, laughing and dancing all the while learning moves for their success! PreK-12

Ultimate Human Board Game: Features a LIFE-SIZE human board game! Based on character building, teamwork, sportsmanship and total participation. K-12  

Violin Rocks!: Violinist Geoffrey Castle puts the violin back on center stage with virtuoso showmanship and a 21st century style. This dynamic performance will forever change students’ misconceptions of what is possible on a violin, while giving them a new perspective on the dynamic history of the ORIGINAL lead instrument. K-12

Dare To Draw!: Students come equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board – Mark Kistler expertly guides them through an extraordinary imagination adventure! Dare To Draw! K-12

The Sonnet Man: Devon Glover sets Shakespeare’s sonnets to Hip Hop, a genre of music students know and love. K-12

To learn more about these inspiring and engaging school assembly programs, including date availability and pricing, call 800-883-9883, email, or fill-out and submit our request information form. Include “Arts” in the comments!