Reading and language arts are a foundational element of your student’s education. To understand and excel in any subject, students must be proficient in reading and writing.  So, why not make these fields of study fun, and even cool?! 

Our Reading and Language Arts School Assemblies are packed with entertainment AND educational value. Students won’t be able to stop laughing as they learn important lessons that will last a lifetime. Plus, our programs will also give your teachers plenty of points to connect with students and re-engage them back in their classrooms, throughout the entire rest of the school year!

Your entire school will love our language arts and reading assembly programs, featuring TWO NEW ARTISTS we’ve recently to our line-up: 

Magic of Reading – Tickles the imagination, highlights the fun of reading, and encourages children to explore their local library.  This reading assembly inspires students to open a book and start reading!

Adventures in Reading – Explore books on a reading safari with our hero, Ed Venture.  Students discover that reading leads to many rewards during this zany, energetic, 40-minute motivational program.

The Sonnet Man – Shakespeare’s Sonnets are set to Hip Hop with brilliant rap artist, Devon Glover. Young people are introduced to classic literature through a genre of music they know and love.

Unique Game Show – multimedia trivia quiz game, perfect for any subject, because you help pick the questions! Great for reading, language arts, English, and literature.

Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam – a crazy shindig celebrating American Freedom! Students learn how American became a free nation during the funniest history lesson they will ever see.

Please contact us to request information about prices and date availability.  Fill out and submit our request information form, Email, or Call 800-883-9883.  We’re here NOW to answer your questions and we look forward to helping you in your commitment to youth literature education.