Democratic Values and Patriotism

Civics and history can be a boring discussion for many kids unless a student happens to be interested. When wondering what are the best topics to present in school assembly, why not go with something they’re already learning in class and making it fun. Before you start planning a speech on the importance of our democratic values, take a look at this school assembly program:

Through Uncle Sam, students learn about checks and balances in the federal government, the Bill of Rights, the Framers, Individual Freedoms, and more about our rights as citizens and American history. Teachers get to play along as well, who wouldn’t want to be paid to dress up as the Statue of Liberty for 45-minutes and get out of class? 

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

Not all lessons are learned at the desk, some are learned in the hallways or on the playground. Teachers and parents can’t be there all the time to ensure healthy socializing or teaching conflict resolution at the moment. Who said you have to learn these things the hard way anyway? What are the best topics to present in school assembly? One of them is certainly how to get along with people you don’t like or feuding with. Any adult can attest to dealing with unfriendly people as being a necessary skill so, let the kids learn in an assembly. 

In fact, we have a school assembly presentation that does teach conflict resolution. The Les Trouble Problem Investigator program doesn’t just teach how to handly scuffles, it teaches critical thinking in social situations and responsibility.

Nutritional Health

Health is always important, perhaps more so now with COVID-19, and most schools don’t offer nutritional or home-economics courses anymore. When wondering what are the best topics to present in school assembly, it can always be something that isn’t offered like nutritional education. 

The Magic of 5-A-Day school assembly program discusses the importance of balancing what you eat and why 5 servings of fruit and vegetables are a must-do. The program also goes into color-coded meals, how the colors of what we eat mean what for our body. It’s important information that most students don’t get access to, so it’s a great topic to present in school assembly.


If you’re fortunate enough to not have this problem at your school, it is still among the best topics to present in school assembly. You never know when bullying will rear its ugly head and, once it does, is very difficult to get out. Dealing with bullies and bullying can be prevented by learning social strategies, responsibility, and self-confidence, things we usually learn as we go rather than in a classroom.

If you’re pulling your hair out wondering what are the best topics to present in school assembly, don’t feel stuck to academics. The Bully Shmully program is a great way to start tackling bullying before or after it infiltrates the school.

Intrinsic Motivation

Whether it’s virtual learning or being in the classroom 5 days a week, it can be tough to keep that fire for learning. Intrinsic motivation isn’t something students learn about till college but, it’s so useful at any age. The inner motivation to learn or push through to achieve a goal is better to master when you’re younger than when habits are already established. If having a teacher’s meeting about what are the best topics to present in school assembly, make sure to bring up Zonda Kids Dance.

Through dancing, music, and comedy the students learn about creating a successful future. This is even more important now with virtual learning being the only option in many parts of the country. So, definitely, a best topic to have on the list.

The Best Topics are the Needed Ones

The title alone is the most important takeaway from this piece. What are the best topics to present in school assembly? The ones that your students need. Whether that is academic, social, health-related, or any other of the Academic Entertainment programs offered. You can make any topic engaging and fun, from how the American government works to putting more veggies in your meals. 

Explore the 5 best topics for school assembly listed above and see what makes sense for your students. At the very least, everyone will have fun.