Importance of Getting Started Early with School Assembly Program Planning

We believe that It’s never too late to add one more school enrichment program for THIS school year, but if your budget is already spent, NOW is the best time to plan school assembly ideas for the upcoming school year. (Even if it’s more than a year away!) Here’s why…

You’ll have the best chance to pick the specific date that works for you. Pre-plan and book early. Especially if your date or your program choice is not flexible.

Popular time periods book up quickly. Red Ribbon Week, Back-to-School, End-Of-The School Year, Catholic/Lutheran Schools Week, reading month, cultural heritage months, and a number of other theme months and national observances are high in-demand time periods for school assemblies and motivational and inspirational guest speakers. If you want to ensure the programming you want is available during these popular time periods, schedule early!

Popular presenters do too! Programs that are specific-to-the-person, such as Corey The Dribbler and Music Technology with Brent Daniels, can only be in one place at one time!  If your school MUST HAVE Corey The Dribbler, please be prepared to plan well in advance—he sold out a few weeks already this school year!  As did Music Technology, and a number of our other presenters too.  Some programs are also only available in certain areas and/or at specific times of the year. Contact us and find out which programs are available in your area NOW.

…Lock-in THIS year’s prices for NEXT YEAR!  Lock-in your price before it increases!  Schedule for next year at this year’s rate!  Ask for a discount for scheduling early. It never hurts to try!

Leave plenty of time to locate additional funding sources. We don’t recommend signing up for something you don’t have in your budget. But, if you schedule early and plan far enough in advance, you may have time to secure additional funding for your assemblies, or for something else!  Are there grants available? Sponsorship opportunities? Give yourself more time to locate and apply for such opportunities.  

…Walk away from worry.  There’s nothing better than the peace of mind of getting your work done early. Wouldn’t you rather spend your spring and summer already knowing about and looking forward to what’s coming, rather than worrying about it?  Or picture yourself this time next year, still scrambling to plan something in just a few weeks when you would be already done if you didn’t wait! 

So, don’t delay! Contact us and get started on your school assembly ideas and cultural enrichment program planning NOW!  Or call 800-883-9883 for an instant quote on the phone. We look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year!