First, virtual assembly shows are far more convenient than traditional assembly shows. Students and other attendees don’t have to stress out about getting ready and then heading out to the location where the show is being held. Instead, they simply get on their computer and attend the show. This convenience is one of the leading reasons why virtual assemblies are going to stick around.

Secondly, organizing a virtual assembly show is much easier on organizers than organizing a traditional assembly show. The old way of doing things typically involves choosing a location for the assembly, determining security protocols, and things of that nature. Sure, virtual assemblies require organizing, but not nearly as much as traditional ones.

The third reason why they’re here to stay is the cost. Assemblies hosted virtually are far more affordable to organize and host than traditional assemblies. Educators have quickly learned that it is typically less expensive and doesn’t strain their financial resources as much as conventional assembly shows.

Finally, virtual assembly shows can be put together quickly and delivered virtually right away. This means you can put together an assembly show within a brief period and then notify students that they can attend the assembly on the date you chose, even if that date is within a few days of the notification. Traditional assemblies can take a while to plan and put together.

The Benefits Of Running Assembly Shows Virtually

What are the benefits of running assembly shows virtually? There are many. However, the top ones include:

1. Accessibility.

The main benefit of virtual assembly shows is accessibility.

Anyone with a PC or mobile device can access a virtual show. Even if a student is on the go, they can access an assembly via their smartphone or laptop if the show is being held outside of school hours.

Let’s not forget to mention that students can access assembly performers that they usually wouldn’t have access to. So, if there’s a specific artist you want to perform at an assembly and they are located in another country, this won’t pose any issues. Students can interact and engage with a performer, regardless of where the artist is located.

2. Can Be Done Live Or Pre-Recorded.

Another benefit of virtual assembly shows is they can be done live.

Students can ask the performer questions throughout the assembly, just as if they were there in real life. Live virtual assembly shows have become extremely popular, and they will continue to grow in popularity.

Not only can virtual assemblies be done live, but you can pre-record assemblies and then allow access to them at a later date. So, for example, if you’re a dance teacher, you could create a pre-recorded dance class or event. Students can then access the pre-recorded content at a later date. However, live virtual assemblies tend to be far more interactive than pre-recorded ones.

3. Professional Content.

Students who attend virtual assemblies will be viewing artists or other types of professionals.

In turn, students learn and interact with experts in their respective fields. For example, you can host a virtual assembly with a professional dancer. Attendees will learn about dance or a topic related to dance.

Virtual assemblies are no different from traditional assemblies when it comes to the quality of performers and guests. However, there is one significant advantage that virtual ones have over conventional assemblies. That advantage is that it is easier to get guests to perform at a virtual assembly than for a traditional assembly.

4. Tailored To Specific Age Groups.

Virtual assemblies can be tailored to age groups and grade levels.

You can easily host several virtual assemblies, with each one catering to specific grades and/or ages. With traditional assemblies, organizing several to cater to different groups can be done, but it is often time-consuming and challenging, especially if the facility has lots of students.

Splitting up virtual assemblies does not take long to do. In turn, all students will benefit from attending them. Plus, many kids tend to find virtual assemblies more entertaining than traditional ones, which means they’ll be more focused during your virtual assembly.

5. They Are Eco-Friendly.

More and more people are becoming eco-friendly, and if you are eco-friendly or try to be, you’ll be pleased to know that assembly shows hosted virtually are very eco-friendly. There are several reasons why virtual shows are eco-friendly; for example, performers don’t have to use their vehicles or use public transportation to get to a physical destination. Not only that, but they don’t have to stay in a hotel or incur other expenses that might not be eco-friendly.

6. Learn In Small Groups.

Assembly shows hosted virtually are beneficial for those who find it easier to learn in small groups. For example, you can host a regular virtual assembly and then host the same assembly, but limit the attendance to a small number of people. This is only one of many examples of how your virtual assembly shows can be tweaked to cater to small groups.

7. Cost-Effective.

As previously mentioned, virtual assemblies are cost-effective and usually less expensive than traditional assemblies. When you have a performer come to an assembly, then the school usually has to cover expenses such as transportation, hotel stay, and sometimes meals, to name a few. Therefore, the more performers an assembly has, the more costs the school will incur.

When assembly shows are hosted virtually, the school saves a lot of money. The only expense they’ll likely have to cover is whatever amount of money the performer charges to show up to the assembly. Other than that, there typically aren’t other expenses.

8. Less Stressful On Teachers.

Virtual assembly shows are less stressful for teachers. They don’t have to constantly keep an eye out on the crowd to ensure everyone is paying attention, nor do they have to ensure everyone gets seated in time and then escort students out of the assembly or anything of that nature. More and more teachers are turning to virtual assembly shows because of how easy they are to put together and the convenience that virtual shows offer.

9. The Options Are Endless.

Since virtual assembly shows are done over the internet, the options for what kind of shows you should host are endless. You can easily have assemblies such as a gym class, dance classes, after-school specials, virtual field trips, and so much more. The ideas are endless and easier to implement virtually than if you were trying to do a traditional assembly.

There are many other benefits of running assembly shows virtually. The above are only a handful. As soon as you host your very first virtual assembly show, you’ll quickly realize what the benefits are.

If you’re an educator and want to run assembly shows, consider running a virtual one. As you can see, there are lots of benefits of running assembly shows virtually. But, more importantly, they will likely continue to increase in popularity because they are here to stay.