Back To School Assemblies by Academic Entertainment 

We have the BEST Back to School Assemblies available nationwide!  Here’s a list of our favorite back to school programs and where/when they are available at the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year:

The Art of Inspiration:  an inspirational K-12 assembly where your school keeps the custom artwork created after the program!  Available nationwide Aug/Sept; discount date Sept 7 in NJ.

Music Technology: learn how music is produced with today’s modern technology and hear an important educational and motivational message for K-12.  Available East Coast Aug, and End Sept. Midwest (IA/IL) Sept 4-22.

Corey The Dribbler: be awed by Former Harlem Globetrotter Corey The Dribbler and his inspirational story!  For K-12. Available nationwide Aug/Sept; discount dates Sept 11-15 in IL/WI.  

NEW! Physics Experience: EXPERIENCE Physics like never before! The Physics Experience shows how things move, how they push and pull on each other, and how they exchange energy. Available Midwest (WI) Aug/Sept. Discount Oct 20-Nov 3 East Coast (MD, NJ, NY, PA).

Math Magical: Get your K-6 students excited about math!  Available Nationwide Aug/Sep. Discount dates Mid-Atlantic (WV) Aug 31.  

Crystal Clear Science: No gimmicks, just science! Make Real Science REALLY fun!  For K-8. Available nationwide.

The Wacky Science Show: more than just a whiz, bang, poof, and pop, this program puts science in the hands of more than a dozen onstage volunteers and gets the whole K-8 audience involved.  Available various locations nationwide.   

NEW!  Zonda Kids Dance: This program will have your audience up and moving, laughing and dancing all the while learning moves for their success! Nationwide Aug/Sept. Discount TN through Nov, and East Coast Dec 20.

Unique Game Show:  trivia-based game show where everyone participates. Combines team spirit, character education and curriculum review/reinforcement into one program.  For K-12. Available East Coast Aug/Sept.

Ultimate Human Board Game: based on sportsmanship and team work, ensures lots of participation with exciting activities and friendly competition. For K-12.  Available East Coast Aug/Sept.

Dare To Draw!: an unforgettable, 100% hands-on assembly that encourages K-12 students to harness the power of their imaginations to make their life dreams come true.   Available nationwide Aug/Sept. Discount Sept 14 in MI.

3Screens: three large screens create a 43-foot-wide video wall that uses state-of-the-art sound and video projection to captivate the attention and imagination of K-12 students.  Available various locations nationwide.  

Got Character?:  a musical and motivational K-6 assembly bursting with comedy, creativity, interactive songs and non-stop participation. Available in WA/OR Aug/Sept, special availability mid-west Sept 22-28, and east coast Sept 29-Oct 6.   

Violin Rocks!:  Rockstars Do Homework is the motivational message incorporated into this musical K-12 assembly that also gives a new perspective on the dynamic history of the violin.  Available Nationwide Aug/Sept, Discount date in OR Sept 6.  

Up & Away w/ Hot Air Balloons: a unique and educational science assembly for that will have kids K-12 in awe!  Available East Coast Aug/Sept.

The Freestyle Connection BMX Stunt Show: catch the attention of your K-12 students with a mind-blowing BMX Stunt Show!  Available various locations nationwide. Special availability East Coast Sept 20.

The Sonnet Man: makes language arts and classical literature entertaining, exciting and fun!  Available Nationwide Aug/Sept. Discount dates in FL.

For a list of prices and more specific availability in your area, please call 800-883-9883, email or fill out and submit our request information form