Up and Away w/ Hot Air Balloons

A full size hot air balloon comes right to your school! Wow!

Note: requires an alternate indoor venue in case of inclement weather.

Age Range

Liberty Balloon Company offers a unique educational program for elementary and secondary schools. Our assembly Up and Away with Hot Air Balloons! combines the natural excitement of the balloon with a wealth of teaching experience. This science assembly will have kids in awe!

Our program Up and Away with Hot-Air Balloons consists of two segments, an illustrated presentation and a live demonstration.

Indoor Presentation

The heart of the program is a discussion and presentation illustrated with photographs. The pilot/presenter shares with the students how balloons work and what kinds of things can be done with balloons. Many subjects are covered during this time including the history of ballooning and aviation, the effect of weather, the mechanics of modern ballooning, licensing, and encouragement hard work and self-discipline, in order to achieve goals in school and beyond. This portion of the program is flexible, and can be tailored to any subject to emphasize science or to complement a reading program, for example.

Live Demonstration

The demonstration is where the students see the balloon in action...inflated, and up close & personal! Witnessing firsthand an inflation of a real balloon is a magnificent and inspiring sight, one that students and teachers alike will never forget.

Outdoor Demonstration: This is what most people think of when they imagine a balloon coming to school. If you wish, and if the weather permits, we might be able to inflate the balloon on a ball field or in the schoolyard. Once the balloon is inflated and upright, if the wind is calm enough, we might even be able to give one or a few rides up and down on a tether. (We will keep the balloon tied with ropes so the wind will not carry it away.) Students are really excited seeing their principal or teacher go up for a ride. This demonstration takes about 45 minutes.

Indoor Demonstration: If you prefer, we can do an equally exciting (and even more educational) demonstration indoors in a gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room...or whatever facility you have. This demonstration is also our backup when weather prohibits inflating outdoors.

Up and Away w/ Hot Air Balloons Set-up Datasheet

Note: requires an alternate indoor venue in case of inclement weather.

Audience: K-12   Capacity: 400
Presentation Time: Slide show: 30 minutes; Balloon demonstration: 45 minutes
Set-Up Time: Will arrive at least 1 hour prior to start time 
Take-Down Time: 30 minutes

Audience Size: Outdoor Demonstration: No limit. Indoor Demonstration: Depends on size of facility. The balloon has the capacity to fit between 400-500 students. Slide Talk: No specific limit, teaching is better with smaller groups and narrower age ranges. If your school has 500 students in grades K-5 we could do one talk for everyone, but quality of learning will probably be better with two groups.

Presentation Area: Outdoors: Approx. 150’ x 150’, prefers a grassy surface. Must be free of obstacles including power lines. Indoors: Height of ceiling is NOT an issue. Lighting IS – show requires at least a partially darkened area. Gymnasium, cafeteria, or multi-purpose room is fine.

Equipment Requirements: Access to electrical outlets. PA system if available. Media cart or small table for projector. Projection screen.

Assistance: Outdoor Inflation: Three to five able-bodied adults. Indoor Inflation: Two adults or reliable older students. Pack-Up: Two to three adults or equivalent student help.

Up and Away 2017.jpg

The excitement of a hot air balloon at your school launches a unique educational opportunity.

The natural wonder of the hot air balloon combines with a wealth of teaching knowledge to educate and inspire. An informative slide-show presentation and a thrilling live inflation, and one or two balloon rides, creates a one-of-a-kind experience for audiences of all ages.

An illustrative slide show presentation sets the stage for the adventure to come.

Because experience increases enjoyment, students learn about how balloons work, and practical applications before the live demonstration. Many subjects covered include: the history of ballooning and aviation; the effect of weather; and the mechanics of ballooning. This segment of the program can be tailored to emphasize various subjects including science or reading.

Experience the hot air balloon in action….inflated and up-close-and-personal!

The live inflation of a real hot air balloon is a magnificent and inspiring sight to always be remembered. After the balloon is upright, and weather permitting, a few volunteers may be able to go on a short ride. The indoor demonstration is just as exciting, more up-close-and-personal, and even more educational!

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  • Today may have been one of my most favorite days ever! Thank you for helping to put so many smiles on so many students and adults faces. You were simply amazing. It was an incredible day, one our entire school will remember for a very long time. We so appreciate how accommodating you were to the new COVID rules, you ran the whole program so smoothly. Thank you again!
    Amy Pernick - Assistant Principal
    Franklin Early Childhood Center
    Hewlett, NY

  • The program was amazing! We have a K-3 school. Lee provided an informative and entertaining lesson directed at the level of our students.  We were thankful that the weather cooperated and we were able to be outside. The students faces as the balloon went up were priceless! The presenter was organized and personable with students, staff and volunteers. The students went back to classrooms and immediately began writing and drawing what they had learned. I will highly recommend this assembly. We really enjoyed our morning! Thank you!
    Michelle Hoesman-Teacher
    White Hall ES
    White Hall, IL

  • Amazing!!  Our students and staff have talked about this assembly for months!  It was a fantastic opportunity to share with our students.  I would highly recommend this presentation to everyone! We even designed our yearbook  this year after the assembly!
    Patricia Sotero
    Center Street Elementary School
    Horseheads, NY

  • Pilot Lee was cooperative, flexible and a pleasure to work with. He engaged the students during the presentation and behaved like a true professional. He will be highly recommended.
    Kim Smith - Assemblies Coordinator/Tech Coach
    Delta-Peach Bottom ES
    Delta, PA

  • The assembly was a bit out of the ordinary (in a good way!) and held the kids interest. The presenter, Lee, kept the content moving and was able to hold the kids interest without difficultly. We appreciated that there was a back up plan for any issues...weather, size of room. While they weren't able to see the balloon inflated outdoors due to weather, the kids enjoyed going inside the balloon and seeing the burners in action.
    Nicole Stifnagle - PTO
    YALE School
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  • Awesome program - would love to schedule again in the future.
    Walt Smith - Director of Education
    Hoffman Academy
    Littlestown, PA

  • It was a fantastic show. The pilot was a great speaker and got the kids involved and interested.
    Janja Bussanich - PTO
    East Brook ES
    Park Ridge, NJ

  • Thank you for coming to The Prn Ryn School! The students and teachers were amazed. Lee was awesome! 
    Nikki Fedak - PTO
    Pen Ryn School
    Fairless Hills, PA

  • Excellent day with Captain Lee! Cognizant of the special requirements with Hot Air Balloons, we inflated the balloon outside and then since there was too much wind for an air lift for the principal and AP, Captain Lee offered information about the basket. We then went inside for more learning. Captivating presenter with much knowledge and experience to share. I just wanted to also share how wonderful this assembly program is...love that the entire school could be together and experience the amazing connection between nature and flight! Liberty Balloon Company with Captain Lee - Phenomenal interaction with children, knowledgeable about all aspects of the Hot Air Balloon, and able to adapt as needed with the weather and school environment.
    Dr. Karen Campbell Kuebler - Dance Integration Secretary - Maryland Dance Education Association (MDEA)
    West Towson ES
    Towson, MD

  • Wow! What a truly amazing and memorable event! The students were truly astonished at just how big a full-size balloon really is up close! The slide show presentation was informative and interesting! The kids enjoyed seeing the different shapes of hot air balloons there are. Pilot Lee Teitsworth was wonderful! Student volunteers loved being part of the show and helping out. A big thank you to RE/MAX for sponsoring this program to make it affordable to school districts in New York state. We ended up booking 3 events back to back for the primary, intermediate, and middle schools in our district. The best part of the show, hands down, would be when some of our teachers and principals took a ride up and away in the balloon! Overall, the day was fantastic! This event will be something that the kids will be talking about for a long time and never forget!! Thank you!
    Jennifer Reed - Teacher
    Perry Browne Intermediate
    Norwich, NY

  • It was great! Captain Lee was entertaining and the kids absolutely loved it. 
    Matthew Younghans - Principal
    Little Tor ES
    New City, NY

  • Amazing.... our kids LOVED it and do did our staff. Lee is a wonderful presenter!!!!
    Patricia Sotero - Principal
    Center Street ES
    Horseheads, NY

  • The balloon program as a wonderful assembly. Thank you for telling me about it and for booking it for us. Everyone was easy and pleasant to work with!
    Allison Manfred - PTO
    Center Grove ES
    Randolph, NJ

  • We had a blast! Such a great assembly. Students and teachers really enjoyed every aspect of it. Lee was amazing, so good with the kids. We even had kids see him at the Adirondack Balloon Festival and he insisted they get into his basket. Such a great experience. I would highly recommend everyone have him visit their school.
    Heather Gordon - Art Teacher/Assembly Club Advisor
    Whitehall ES
    Whitehall, NY 

  • We cannot say enough about presenter Lee and the balloon inflation at Watson School Today. Even though the wind prevented a full inflation and ride, Lee did a great job and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the presentation!
    Trish Montemarano 
    Watson School
    Rockville Centre, NY

  • On behalf of Countryside Elementary, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful Hot Air Balloon Assembly! The students absolutely loved it and said it was the best assembly they ever had! The program was just wonderful. Thank you Pilot Bob for the informative and super fun assembly!
    Melissa Caldera - PTO
    Countryside ES
    Mt. Laurel Township, NJ

  • The students loved being able to go inside the envelope of the balloon and experience how the basket worked. A truly engaging assembly. The presenters were great!
    Leanne Mercadante - Teacher
    CR Applegate School
    Freehold, NJ

  • We very much enjoyed the Up & Away program. Thank you!
    Joanna Stamper - Teacher/Assembly Coordinator
    Moorestown Friends School
    Moorestown, NJ

    Mrs. Krauss - Secretary
    Yeshive Toras Emes
    Lakewood Township, NJ

  • Lee from Liberty Balloon Company was amazing! So friendly, kind, and engaging-our students and faculty were thrilled with the show!  He captivated the audience, answered questions, and really wowed the students.  We were so happy to have found this program and would so recommend Lee and Liberty Balloon Company!
    Kate Hulme - Treasurer
    Showell ES
    Berlin, MD

Please have an alternate indoor venue available in the event of inclement weather.