The Signature Project

Explores human nature through the lenses of art, technology, and music. The Signature Project, by Irish artist Patrick Dunning, is a performance of incredible artistry.

Age Range

THE SIGNATURE PROJECT school assembly is multifaceted, exploring human nature through the lenses of art, technology, and music. The project itself is an enormous mural measuring 76 feet by 36 feet, more than three stories tall. But, it's also much more. Not painted, but rather every brushstroke is actually a signature. Names of more than three hundred thousand people, collected from all over the world since 1990, hand-signed in a spectrum of colors.   

Layered behind and within the mural are hidden treasures that are discovered as the project is brought to life through live performance. Irish Artist and presenter Patrick Dunning, engagingly weaves together the hidden treasures, stories and images of The Signature Project. 

The live performance of The Signature Project has been described as a one-of-a-kind, thrilling tapestry that blends together music, technology, and art. The Signature Project school assembly is constantly recognized as an outstanding example of how music, art, science, technology, nature, critical thinking and the global impact of diverse cultures touch each and every one of us.

Perfect for STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. From kindergarten through high school and beyond, The Signature Project is guaranteed to please everyone, especially your teachers!  

With a 45 minute projection show and stage performance, Patrick Dunning reveals a magical view of our world. Your students will see, hear, and experience the most delightful tapestry of the arts, intermingled with wonderful human stories. The Signature Project has been constantly and ecstatically praised for its brilliant integration of the arts in to education, as well as its powerful and moving celebration of world cultures and cultural diversity.

We are honored to offer you this unique school assembly show that will make you laugh, cry, wonder and be amazed! Give this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to your students and faculty today and become part of this international artwork in progress. They will thank you!

Note: Must be 18 years old to sign the project.

Alexandra Mattson, Arts Council of Fairfax County Representative, describes her recent experience while viewing the Signature Project. Please read on….

"Patrick Dunning from Academic Entertainment is one of the most innovative artists we could have for our Creative Arts Program.  He is a modest man, and a talented artist.  He begins his show by explaining that he comes from Ireland, and highlighting an installation project that he did of a canvas of half an eye hung directly under a bridge over the River Liffey in Dublin. At dawn, when the river is as still and clear as glass, the canvas appears as a whole eye looking out over the water.  He has only done this time of installation once, in Ireland.

He explained his "Signature Project," in which he has collected thousands of people's signatures on hundreds of square panels to form a mural of the sun, earth, stars, and sky.  The finished painting, or Project, is a metaphor for life.  At the end of the show, he asked all of the adults to sign it in acrylic paint pen.

He integrates science concepts such as footage of the U.S. space shuttle flying into the space, use of the Morse code to design a portrait of his father, and use of telecommunications to place a live telephone call via Skype or phone to his brother Bryan during the show.  He explains the cultural aspects of living in Ireland, such as the recipes and cooking, and includes a photo of his mother.   He uses  photography to show different parts of the U.S. as he is driving on the road.  He uses music to explain a historical music concept, Irish ballads and popular shows such as "Riverdance" by featuring two original compositions by his brother, and to explain the concept of the "blues" by playing several blues songs on his electric guitar.

I was seated directly in the middle, at the back of the audience of students and about 20 teachers and administrators.  Throughout the show, teachers commented, "he is a genius!" and other phrases to indicate how illuminating his concepts were.  He was engaging and held the students' attention easily throughout the show.  All of the teachers and the Principal spoke highly of the show.  Patrick Dunning made us learn, laugh, and feel connected to each other as part of the human race.  He is truly an original artist, musician, and actor!"

  • This assembly was one of the best assemblies we've had at our school. It's a presentation that kept our students, staff and parents focused and amazed throughout the entire show. The kids are still talking about it! Thank you, Patrick for sharing this amazing artistic project with us.
    Frosty Lay
    Grandhaven Elementary
    McMinnville, OR

  • One of the most mind-blowing experiences that I've ever had. The presentation is interesting and engaging. I'd recommend it to anyone.
    Matthew Strippoli - Teacher
    Red Bank Charter School
    Red Bank, NJ 

  • Patrick Dunning and The Signature Project was the BEST assembly that we have experienced.  His unique talent of weaving art, music, history, science and technology into a piece of artwork that expresses life and the human spirit is genius.  It is a multisensory, multilayered, living, breathing, project that inspired each teacher and student in the school.  It took our breath away...words cannot adequately describe this assembly!  Thank you!
    Lisa Loeb
    Absecon Public School
    Absecon, NJ

  • I have seen The Signature Project twice and Patrick Dunning never fails to disappoint. This is not an assembly, it is an experience. The Signature Project stands out as the best school assembly I have ever seen. Thank you!!
    Lisa Loeb - Counselor
    Reeds Road ES
    Galloway Twp., NJ