Virtual Music Technology

This is not your everyday distance learning or work-from-home meeting! Bring your entire school into Brent Daniels’ production studio for a truly interactive entertainment and premium educational experience your students won’t soon forget!

A Virtual/Online program with a unique blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your audience (and your faculty, too)!

Age Range

Virtual Music Technology with Brent Daniels

Brent Daniels is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer, composer and sound designer who uses the latest technology to sculpt sound and create music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, HBO, Netflix and more. Broadcasting from his production studio in the NY Metro and utilizing a cinema-quality multi-camera setup, high quality audio, and a truly unique approach to remote audience interactivity, Brent Daniels' Virtual Music Technology program is a one-of -a-kind music assembly. This is not your everyday distance learning or work-from-home meeting!

Virtual Music Technology shows students the important relationship between the technology they use everyday and the creation of the music and sounds they hear in movies, games and the music in their lives. Student volunteers will participate in this online program to help Brent create unique on-the-spot sounds and by the end of the virtual show, an original track that will raise the roof! You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the musician in each of them.

A passionate advocate for education, Brent uses Virtual Music Technology as a vehicle for delivering an important message: a student's education, great study habits and positive decision-making are essential for their success in all aspects of life. Educators across all subjects from music, to science, math, history and more will return to their virtual classroom after Brent's online show with a wealth of material for discussion with their students.

This virtual e-learning school assembly is a fantastic general assembly, but also makes for an excellent online STEM/STEAM program, or can be used an engaging way to deliver various messages to your students! Brent Daniels uses master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music production, audience interaction, information and humor to create an exciting, one-of-a-kind online performance that will capture the imaginations of your elementary, middle or high school audience (and your faculty, too)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Students ALWAYS Ask: Where can I get a keyboard like Brent's?

The digital sampler Brent uses in his Music Technology assembly is a customized device which is unavailable for purchase anywhere. However, everything Brent demonstrates in the assembly can be accomplished with Garageband for iOS, which Brent says is the best music-making application available for any mobile device. Brent recommends that students use an iPad to begin making music, because it has the largest screen, can be used for other creative tasks, and comes with Garageband for free. Garageband is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which is the type of software used by music professionals to create and record most music today and is capable of doing everything Brent does in his assembly. It has a Sampler (among its many instruments available to play), which will allow students to record and manipulate their own sounds, just like Brent did, in addition to multitrack recording, loop recording, mixing, arranging a song and much more. There are also countless free video tutorials available online for first-time users, in addition to affordable paid instruction and free support from Apple. (Brent says to Google Search "Garageband iOS Tutorials” for a good place to start!)

Virtual Music Technology

Audience: PreK-12    Capacity: up to 300 (higher capacities available on request)
Presentation Time: 50 minutes 

Assembly Requirements:

  • For multiple workshops in larger schools, please group students according to grade so Brent may target content to the appropriate age group.
  • Although Brent can utilize most platforms a school may need to use, ZOOM IS PREFERRED for the best experience for the audience, including the highest quality audio and robust moderation features.
  • No video recording or screen capture of entire program or uploading of program content (small segments are acceptable with prior notification to Brent Daniels).

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Learn how music is composed in today’s entertainment industry.

Utilizing digital tools available to students, a cinema-quality multi-camera setup, high quality studio audio, and a truly unique approach to remote audience interactivity, Brent will teach students how music is produced today for music, movie soundtracks, television shows and video games.

Create a unique song composition just like the professionals.

Students will participate in the program to help Brent create one-of-a-kind, on-the-spot sounds and a music composition that will raise the roof!

Education and positive decision-making are important to success in every profession.

You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the eager musician in each of them. Brent is an passionate advocate for education and will demonstrate to students how their education and positive decision-making are important contributors to success in every professional career.

About Brent

Brent Daniels is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer, composer and sound designer. He produces and composes music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Studios, Epic Records, HBO, Netflix and many more.

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  • The assembly was amazing, as usual. I truly appreciate how well you interacted with the kids. You always have a wonderful rapport with school and also via Zoom. You really inspire them and I always hear compliments for days afterward. Please know how much we appreciated this event and we will see you in school next June. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Val Wiebke - Teacher
    Bedford Road School
    Pleasantville, NY

  • Frank Hammond Elementary School had a virtually AMAZING evening! Thank you, Brent, for your enthusiasm, engagement, flexibility and overall ability to create virtual excitement! You truly are a STAR!
    Kelly Boersma - Principal
    Frank Hammond ES
    Munster, IN

  • Thank you so much for your help in organizing and helping us plan today's music technology assembly. Brent was fantastic, and I have received wonderful feedback (not only from my kids) but from many other parents about how engaging his presentation was. Please relay our gratitude to Brent for being able to adjust his assembly to work on the Zoom platform so that we could bring an energizing and inspiring presentation to the students of Essex Fells School.
    Laura Zupa D'Avella - President
    Essex Falls Foundation for Educational Excellence
    Essex Falls, NJ 

  • Brent was amazing! He delivered a great, interactive show that inspired our kids.
    Jonathan Beckmann - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • This was our first virtual assembly and it was one of the best assemblies that we have had. We really enjoyed him. Everyone loved him! Brent is a music and technology expert and his talent and passion for what he does shines through. I received so much positive feedback throughout the show from kids and parents. We have had him at our school before and we will definitely invite him for a third time. Virtually or live, just amazing! Thank you Brent!
    Janja Bussanich - VP Cultural Arts
    East Brook ES
    Park Ridge, NJ

  • In this COVID-19 pandemic, having Brent with us virtually was phenomenal. Brent was able to give us a closer look at all of the tools that he uses to create and produce music and soundtracks. This is our fifth year using Brent as the keynote speaker for our career fair for 7th grade students and he did not disappoint! 
    Kris Weiss - Assistant Principal
    Kaneland Harter MS
    Sugar Grove, IL

  • Due to COVID-19, this was a virtual assembly and WE LOVED IT!!!! Brent is amazing and is so interactive with the children. 
    Giuseppe Gencarelli - Principal
    Hope Valley ES
    Hope Valley, RI

  • Thank you, Brent, for a fantastic virtual assembly! The show was well-designed, the pacing was great, and the interactivity was amazing. The kids really enjoyed learning the intricacies of creating music and LOVED collaborating on their own original songs! Wonderful job! 
    Steve Figurelli - Principal
    Lake Hiawatha ES
    Parsippany, NJ 

  • Our first ever LIVE Virtual Music Technology assembly with Brent Daniels was absolutely amazing. Brent was engaging, entertaining, and extraordinary!!! Our Virtual Assembly with Brent was incredible. The kids were engaged throughout the entire duration of the assembly. Thank you. 
    Diviya Patel - PTA
    Lake Hiawatha ES

    Parsippany, NJ 

  • Thank you so much for the Virtual Assembly. The kids really enjoyed it. AND you called on my son in the second assembly. We will have laughs for days on this. I received five emails from teachers already. Thank you for the help coordinating, Whitney! Brent was great!
    Lisa Azar - Assembly Coordinator
    Laurel ES
    San Mateo, CA

  • We really enjoyed the virtual assembly. Brent was amazing and great with the kids. Great job!
    Ana Gutierrez - Principal
    Lakeside MS
    Norwalk, CA

  • The students LOVED your virtual assembly and would like to have you return. Some said it was the best assembly they have ever attended. The middle schoolers requested to have their own time with you. We are interested in setting up Music For Movie Trailers workshops!
    Colleen Hutchinson - Principal
    Virtual Academy of FSUSD
    Fairfield, CA

  • Thank you for two great virtual assemblies. There was energy and engagement and that is so important, especially right now. We had so much fun. I heard from my son's teacher that evening and she said she loved the assembly. She was especially impressed since it was all done virtually. And our PTO president sent a note out with various thank yous from recent events; she included the following quotes she heard from teachers: 
    - Give the PTO some love for this assembly! This is awesome!! - Jody M. 
    - This was the perfect assembly for our half day today. It is pure joy in my classroom right now. Thank you! - Heidi F.

    So, thank you again!
    Jillian Wiederer - PTO
    Willowbrook ES
    Glenview, IL

  • Thank you so much for the Virtual Family Night presentation! You're a natural with the kids! We can't wait to bring you back to bless the kids in a school-wide virtual assembly!
    Dr. Sandra Valles-Metzger - Principal
    Machado ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • That was absolutely phenomenal! Everyone is sending me compliments on booking your event and I'm basking in the glow of your job well done!
    Nancy Balter - PTA
    La Ballona ES
    Culver City, CA

  • My 5th grader loved it! She can't wait to attend another show. Brent was engaging and relevant and added in the most important element, FUN! 
    Tiffany Rogers - PTA
    Westpark ES
    Benbrook, TX

  • Great job today! I heard a lot of positive feedback as the students were filing out. We would like to take it to the next level and plan for another workshop day (or two!). Thanks again for doing a great job and INSPIRING our young musicians, me, and Mr. Stehlik!
    Eric Kay - Music Coordinator
    Bethpage HS
    Bethpage, NY

  • We loved the virtual music technology show. I got really good feedback on it and the kids were engaged, love the interactive session, and Brent did a fantastic job getting them up and moving at the beginning. Once again, great virtual event!
    Nadine Pizarro - Programs Chair
    Field ES
    Elmhurst, IL


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