Virtual Music Technology

This is not your everyday distance learning or work-from-home meeting! Bring your entire school into Brent Daniels’ production studio for a truly interactive entertainment and premium educational experience your students won’t soon forget!

A Virtual/Online program with a unique blend of audience participation, high energy music, information and humor. Brent creates an exciting, one-of-a-kind performance that will capture the imaginations of your audience (and your faculty, too)!

Age Range

Virtual Music Technology with Brent Daniels

Virtual/Online Only:

Brent Daniels is an entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer using the latest technology to sculpt sound and create music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, Netflix, Activision, Epic Records and more. His online Virtual Music Technology assembly shows K-12 students how their everyday devices are used by professionals to create the music and sounds they love.

This is not your everyday Zoom meeting! Bring your school into Brent's studio for an interactive educational experience they will never forget! Virtual Music Technology is a one-of-a-kind online event in which students participate to create an original track that will raise the roof! Using master-level musicianship and a blend of high energy music production, audience interaction, information and humor, Brent delivers an exciting performance and a premium educational experience that will capture the imaginations of students and faculty alike.
A passionate advocate for education, Brent uses his program to deliver an important message: a student's education, great study habits and positive decision-making are essential for their success in life. After Brent's show, educators across all subjects will have a wealth of material for discussion in the classroom.
While a fantastic general assembly, this virtual program also makes an excellent STEM/STEAM program, or can be used as an engaging way to deliver various messages to students! 


Students in grades 4-12 will also enjoy Virtual Music for Movie Trailers Workshops, a deep-dive into the production process Brent Daniels uses to compose music for trailers including Black Panther, A Wrinkle In Time, Chaos Walking, Call Of Duty, Destiny 2 and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use other platforms for Brent’s show? 

Brent’s studio technology, performance and interaction with his student audiences has been streamlined and fully stress-tested with hundreds of schools using only Zoom and Meet, as that has comprised the vast majority of platform requests from schools. Unfortunately, with the number of variables implementing other platforms might introduce, the volume of programs Brent hosts weekly alongside his production schedule, he is unable to test and offer other platforms at this time.

Students ALWAYS Ask: Where can I get a keyboard like Brent's?

The digital sampler Brent uses in his Music Technology assembly is a customized device which is unavailable for purchase anywhere. However, everything Brent demonstrates in the assembly can be accomplished with Garageband for iOS, which Brent says is the best music-making application available for any mobile device. Brent recommends that students use an iPad to begin making music, because it has the largest screen, can be used for other creative tasks, and comes with Garageband for free. Garageband is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which is the type of software used by music professionals to create and record most music today and is capable of doing everything Brent does in his assembly. It has a Sampler (among its many instruments available to play), which will allow students to record and manipulate their own sounds, just like Brent did, in addition to multitrack recording, loop recording, mixing, arranging a song and much more. There are also countless free video tutorials available online for first-time users, in addition to affordable paid instruction and free support from Apple. (Brent says to Google Search "Garageband iOS Tutorials” for a good place to start!)

Virtual Music Technology Virtual/Online Set-up

Audience: PreK-12    Capacity: up to 300 (higher capacities available on request)
Presentation Time: 50 minutes 
Platform:  Zoom preferred, Google Meet available if school sets-up and hosts
Presenter will: set-up and email Zoom link as late as the week prior to your show date. Please anticipate meeting presenter in the Zoom meeting 15-minutes prior to your start time so they may enable you/school representative as a co-host, and accommodate any last minute details/instructions. 

Assembly Requirements:

  • For multiple workshops in larger schools, please group students according to grade so Brent may target content to the appropriate age group.
  • Although Brent can utilize most platforms a school may need to use, ZOOM IS PREFERRED for the best experience for the audience, including the highest quality audio and robust moderation features.
  • No video recording or screen capture of entire program or uploading of program content (small segments are acceptable with prior notification to Brent Daniels).

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Learn how music is composed in today’s entertainment industry.

Utilizing digital tools available to students, a cinema-quality multi-camera setup, high quality studio audio, and a truly unique approach to remote audience interactivity, Brent will teach students how music is produced today for music, movie soundtracks, television shows and video games.

Create a unique song composition just like the professionals.

Students will participate in the program to help Brent create one-of-a-kind, on-the-spot sounds and a music composition that will raise the roof!

Education and positive decision-making are important to success in every profession.

You will be amazed at the way Brent relates to students by bringing out the eager musician in each of them. Brent is an passionate advocate for education and will demonstrate to students how their education and positive decision-making are important contributors to success in every professional career.

About Brent

Brent Daniels is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and award-winning music producer, composer and sound designer. He produces and composes music for Marvel Studios, Disney Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Studios, Epic Records, HBO, Netflix and many more.

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  • With a limited budget for Cultural Arts, I was holding out on booking a virtual program for this year in hopes to being able to bring something into the building. By late February, I realized virtual was the only way we were getting a cultural arts program into our building and I can't even begin to explain how happy I am that we went with Brent and his Virtual Music Technology show. It was amazing from start to finish, and both of Brent's shows shows were tailored to the different grade levels (primary, K-2 and intermediate, 3-5). His show changed my mindset about virtual programs in general. This is not only the technology of the future jobs that we need to plan and prepare students for but it also introduces children and adolescents to careers that exist that they may not be aware of. The show was engaging and fun for all, and exactly what we needed during this time! 
    Beth Swanson - Principal
    Woodland School
    Hicksville, NY

    Brent was extremely entertaining and engaging. As a music teacher, I really appreciated his ability to bring music technology to the students in a fun an accessible way. The band students particularly enjoyed it, and we will be using aspects of his show in our virtual performance. He used age-appropriate music terminology such as "tempo, bar and rhythm". He was able to draw in the students in such a way that helped them relate to an aspect of music they would otherwise not know about. Thank you to Brent for this amazing experience for our students.
    ​​​​​Sam Pollenz - Music Teacher
    Woodland ES
    Hicksville, NY

    This virtual cultural arts assembly was very appropriate and engaging for children of all ages. My students LOVED it!
    Karen Farrell - Teacher
    Woodland ES
    Hicksville, NY

  • Thank you for today- what an incredible show!!! I truly could not imagine a more interactive and fun virtual assembly for students, especially in these days where we're all "zoomed out". Your masterful, seamless use of camera setups added so much to the experience, as well as the way you tailored the content for each age group. Thank you for making our Head of School Surprise Day so special. We will definitely be in touch when we're ready to do it again! (P.S. My daughter was in the 2nd show, and she's been playing with Garage Band all afternoon and getting her 5-yr-old brother involved -she's hooked.)
    Kristen VonWachenfeldt - Events Coordinator
    Princeton Montessori School
    Princeton, NJ

    Thank you Brent for an amazing program! The virtual set-up allows the children to really see the different components he works with to create music and sound effects for movies, etc. It was a very good program!
    Meda Hannigan - Director of Community Spirit
    USLI Insurance
    Wayne, PA

    10 stars for Brent Daniels!!!  The school is buzzing and the students energy levels are through the roof!  Thank you Mr. Daniels for an fun and super informative assembly!  He is truly a musical genius!  It's a pleasure and a privilege to be able to learn from him!  Thank you for an amazing day!!!
    Chelsea Wright - Cultural Arts Assembly Coordinator
    Brookdale School
    Verona, NJ

  • Brent was excellent! Highly recommend, and great in the virtual format. Will book again in several years- and I think it's better virtual than in person because we can see your keyboard and tools. Awesome!
    Kristy Warren - Assistant Superintendent
    Plumas USD
    Quincy, CA

  • The assembly was amazing, as usual. I truly appreciate how well you interacted with the kids. You always have a wonderful rapport with school and also via Zoom. You really inspire them and I always hear compliments for days afterward. Please know how much we appreciated this event and we will see you in school next June. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    Val Wiebke - Teacher
    Bedford Road School
    Pleasantville, NY

  • Frank Hammond Elementary School had a virtually AMAZING evening! Thank you, Brent, for your enthusiasm, engagement, flexibility and overall ability to create virtual excitement! You truly are a STAR!
    Kelly Boersma - Principal
    Frank Hammond ES
    Munster, IN

  • Thank you so much for your help in organizing and helping us plan today's music technology assembly. Brent was fantastic, and I have received wonderful feedback (not only from my kids) but from many other parents about how engaging his presentation was. Please relay our gratitude to Brent for being able to adjust his assembly to work on the Zoom platform so that we could bring an energizing and inspiring presentation to the students of Essex Fells School.
    Laura Zupa D'Avella - President
    Essex Falls Foundation for Educational Excellence
    Essex Falls, NJ 

  • Brent was amazing! He delivered a great, interactive show that inspired our kids.
    Jonathan Beckmann - Assistant Head of School
    Los Encinos School
    Encino, CA

  • This was our first virtual assembly and it was one of the best assemblies that we have had. We really enjoyed him. Everyone loved him! Brent is a music and technology expert and his talent and passion for what he does shines through. I received so much positive feedback throughout the show from kids and parents. We have had him at our school before and we will definitely invite him for a third time. Virtually or live, just amazing! Thank you Brent!
    Janja Bussanich - VP Cultural Arts
    East Brook ES
    Park Ridge, NJ

  • In this COVID-19 pandemic, having Brent with us virtually was phenomenal. Brent was able to give us a closer look at all of the tools that he uses to create and produce music and soundtracks. This is our fifth year using Brent as the keynote speaker for our career fair for 7th grade students and he did not disappoint! 
    Kris Weiss - Assistant Principal
    Kaneland Harter MS
    Sugar Grove, IL

  • Due to COVID-19, this was a virtual assembly and WE LOVED IT!!!! Brent is amazing and is so interactive with the children. 
    Giuseppe Gencarelli - Principal
    Hope Valley ES
    Hope Valley, RI

  • Thank you, Brent, for a fantastic virtual assembly! The show was well-designed, the pacing was great, and the interactivity was amazing. The kids really enjoyed learning the intricacies of creating music and LOVED collaborating on their own original songs! Wonderful job! 
    Steve Figurelli - Principal
    Lake Hiawatha ES
    Parsippany, NJ 

  • Our first ever LIVE Virtual Music Technology assembly with Brent Daniels was absolutely amazing. Brent was engaging, entertaining, and extraordinary!!! Our Virtual Assembly with Brent was incredible. The kids were engaged throughout the entire duration of the assembly. Thank you. 
    Diviya Patel - PTA
    Lake Hiawatha ES

    Parsippany, NJ 

  • Thank you so much for the Virtual Assembly. The kids really enjoyed it. AND you called on my son in the second assembly. We will have laughs for days on this. I received five emails from teachers already. Thank you for the help coordinating, Whitney! Brent was great!
    Lisa Azar - Assembly Coordinator
    Laurel ES
    San Mateo, CA

  • We really enjoyed the virtual assembly. Brent was amazing and great with the kids. Great job!
    Ana Gutierrez - Principal
    Lakeside MS
    Norwalk, CA

  • The students LOVED your virtual assembly and would like to have you return. Some said it was the best assembly they have ever attended. The middle schoolers requested to have their own time with you. We are interested in setting up Music For Movie Trailers workshops!
    Colleen Hutchinson - Principal
    Virtual Academy of FSUSD
    Fairfield, CA

  • Thank you for two great virtual assemblies. There was energy and engagement and that is so important, especially right now. We had so much fun. I heard from my son's teacher that evening and she said she loved the assembly. She was especially impressed since it was all done virtually. And our PTO president sent a note out with various thank yous from recent events; she included the following quotes she heard from teachers: 
    - Give the PTO some love for this assembly! This is awesome!! - Jody M. 
    - This was the perfect assembly for our half day today. It is pure joy in my classroom right now. Thank you! - Heidi F.

    So, thank you again!
    Jillian Wiederer - PTO
    Willowbrook ES
    Glenview, IL

  • Thank you so much for the Virtual Family Night presentation! You're a natural with the kids! We can't wait to bring you back to bless the kids in a school-wide virtual assembly!
    Dr. Sandra Valles-Metzger - Principal
    Machado ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

    We love this show! Our kids, staff, and parents were thrilled by the technology, music, creativity, and Brent's naturally great rapport with the students. Great sense of humor! I've already recommended him to a few principals in our district and a parent who asked for her own school. I hope they book!
    Dr. Sandra Valles-Metzger - Principal
    Machado ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • That was absolutely phenomenal! Everyone is sending me compliments on booking your event and I'm basking in the glow of your job well done!
    Nancy Balter - PTA
    La Ballona ES
    Culver City, CA

  • My 5th grader loved it! She can't wait to attend another show. Brent was engaging and relevant and added in the most important element, FUN! 
    Tiffany Rogers - PTA
    Westpark ES
    Benbrook, TX

  • Great job today! I heard a lot of positive feedback as the students were filing out. We would like to take it to the next level and plan for another workshop day (or two!). Thanks again for doing a great job and INSPIRING our young musicians, me, and Mr. Stehlik!
    Eric Kay - Music Coordinator
    Bethpage HS
    Bethpage, NY

  • We loved the virtual music technology show. I got really good feedback on it and the kids were engaged, love the interactive session, and Brent did a fantastic job getting them up and moving at the beginning. Once again, great virtual event!
    Nadine Pizarro - Programs Chair
    Field ES
    Elmhurst, IL

  • The virtual show was fantastic! My daughter loved it! Brent, your enthusiasm is contagious! ALL the kids loved the shows. My daughter played around with Garage Band for the first time last night. And feedback from parents on Facebook was also really positive. You are super talented!  Whitney, it was a pleasure working with you this past year. Thank you for being responsive with your emails as well as flexible and helpful throughout this whole process. I wish you both continued success! 
    Heidi Cianfrocca - PTA
    Flocktown-Kossman ES
    Long Valley, NJ

  • Our students had a great time. As their principal, I appreciate the connection you made, Brent, to your own education and all you had to learn and continue to learn to be successful in your profession. Thank you for all your work to bring this experience to our students. 
    Michael Craver - Principal
    Flocktown-Kossman ES
    Long Valley, NJ

  • Thank you for such an entertaining, interactive and educational virtual assembly this morning. My fourth graders agreed it was the best assembly in Scott Avenue's history!  That is a big compliment coming from 33 ten-year-olds!
    Scott Ave ES PTA
    Whittier, CA

  • Thank you so much! The virtual show was amazing. Such a great way for kids to start their day!
    Pam Bahiri - Parent
    Whitman ES
    Woodbury, NY

  • The virtual assembly was awesome, hearing lots of positive feedback from the teachers already!
    Chris Perruso - Assistant Principal
    Cucinella School
    Long Valley, NJ

    So much fun for our students! It was wonderful to see our youngest students groovin' this morning! Brent Daniels gave our students (Kindergarten through Grade 5) a behind-the-scenes look at the sounds that are all around us (video games, movies, ads) in his Technical Music Assembly. Our students were completely engaged as Brent helped our students to see that everyday tools make this art possible--but to be able to use the tools as a career, you need your education--especially, problem-solving & critical thinking skills. Mostly it was special to see our kids be a part of the music-making & to see them enjoy the music they created together with Brent. I would highly recommend this assembly for any age! 
    Kyra McCool - School Counselor
    Cucinella School
    Long Valley, NJ 

  • The kids were engaged the whole time. AMAZING!!! Thank you, Brent, for offering such a fun program!! The energy you bring captivated the kids for the entire time! They were laughing, smiling, dancing, participating…everything you would ever hope for during a virtual middle school program. I can’t wait to post your info on our PTA Programs Facebook pages to let other schools know what you offer. You and your team were a pleasure and so easy to work with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

    We are still receiving so much positive feedback! I was at my younger son's school on Friday and one of the teachers asked if I was on the Roach PTA Board as well and excitedly told me all about her daughter loving it and how she won't stop talking about the program. I have received so many texts and comments from friends with the same sentiments. Even younger siblings that watched with the older ones were wishing you would present for their school too! It's just all so amazing. Thank you for bringing joy to so many kids and families! It's off the rails how excited the kids (and administration!) are! 
    Amber Mendoza - PTA
    Roach MS
    Frisco, TX

  • Thank you so much! Our 225 students loved it! Great Virtual Assembly!
    Kim Richards - Principal
    Deerfield School
    Mountainside, NJ

  • The show was great! Thank you for the recommendation!
    Alexis Whelan
    Cold Spring Harbor SD
    Cold Spring Harbor, NY

  • Brent was so easy to work with. He treated all of our students well and created a very safe environment for them to participate. The cameras he had allowed students to really see the music technology he was using. His message about the importance of learning was great! Since he has worked on so many timely movie trailers, that made him very relevant to students! 
    Allyson Fallman - Assistant Principal
    Mahopac MS
    Mahopac, NY

  • Thank you for bringing this joyful assembly to Odyssey today! The principal, Dr. Berg, emailed me in the middle of the assembly to tell me it was "freakin' awesome."  And my two kiddos were giggling and dancing the whole way through. I wanted to share what a parent emailed us after the assembly today. I think she captured the experience beautifully:  

    "I know the work in finding and the risk of a virtual assembly being a flop is high, but today's assembly was fantastic!! Ronan and Natalie are now spending recess playing on garage band and I'm guessing that Brent Daniels was a success in many households. Besides being a pro at zoom meeting production/camera angles, etc..., he did such an awesome job of inspiring the kids to do more creative things with technology! As much as I'd love for the kids to be back in the classroom, this was a great example of what virtual learning can be! Hopefully, someday, it will be supplemental, not the only way the kids are learning!"
    Marisa Borrevik - PTA
    Odyssey School
    Portland, OR

  • Bravo! The kids loved your assembly and my son and his friend were singing to each other on their way to their bike ride!
    Danielle Cantrell - PTA
    Austin Creek ES
    Santa Rosa, CA

  • Brent made the virtual assembly relatable to the students! He was patient and kind. He kept them interested and excited and wrapped up with a great message about the importance of school and an education. He taught our students a new way of creating music. Thank you so much, we would definitely have Brent back again! 
    Jenna Pal-Freeman - Vice Principal
    Lawrence ES
    Lodi, CA

  • My three kids got in the car after school and told me they LOVED your virtual show! They thought it was awesome, and were so excited to tell me all about it. Thank you for presenting to our school! ALL the kids absolutely LOVED Brent's show! It is very impressive to be able to keep kids grades K-5 all engaged for the entire presentation. Our principal said that in his 24 years of education, this was one of the best assemblies he has ever had!! It was awesome!
    Trisha Otto - PTO
    Anchor Pointe ES
    Bennington, NE

  • Brent did a phenomenal job - feedback from the kids was it was cool, fun, interactive! Seeing this was our first virtual assembly and we had over 750 kids participating, it exceeded our expectations. Brent’s passion, not only for music but education came through in his presentation. He’s a pro when it comes to adapting his show to virtual and making kids feel a part of the show. It was a pleasure working with you, Whitney. Brent was phenomenal and I would highly recommend him to other schools. I look forward to working with you in the new year on some other programs for Howitt.
    Deb Scanlan - PTA
    Howitt MS
    Farmingdale, NY

  • Thank you so much for such a great VIRTUAL program! I’m already getting messages about students loving it and wanting to make music! 
    LaToya Shelton - PTA
    Phillips ES
    Frisco, TX

  • The virtual show was FANTASTIC! I loved watching the kids dancing in their living rooms. Thanks so much!!
    Krista Reid - Teacher
    Medford ES
    Patchogue, NY

  • Today's virtual presentations were just fantastic. Truly a bright spot in an otherwise really difficult year for our kids. Thank you! We'd love to have you back to perform for Chesterbrook in the future!
    Anne Rucker - PTA
    Chesterbrook ES
    McLean, VA

  • Brent Daniels was the perfect presenter! His presentation was extremely age appropriate, and we heard several teachers and students say it was the best virtual assembly they have had. The subject matter was exactly in line with our school's current initiatives and vision. I can't think of a presentation that could have been more effective and in sync with our students and school. Thanks Brent!!! Would love to work with you more.
    Christopher Low - STEAM/Technology Coordinator 
    Weisser Park Fine Arts Magnet School
    Fort Wayne, IN

  • My students thoroughly enjoyed the program and loved being able to participate in creating music!
    Dena Wade - Music Teacher
    Oakdale ES STEAM School
    Rock Hill, SC

  • Brent was absolutely amazing. He was so great with middle school students and they loved the program! Thank you again for such a great afternoon. I have had so many students telling me how much fun they had during Virtual Music Technology.
    Alicia Bono - Principal
    Cache La Poudre MS
    La Porte, CO

  • Yesterday's virtual assembly was great! I heard tons of positive feedback from teachers and kids. Thanks again!!!
    Terry Barnes - Principal
    Fairmead ES
    Chowchilla, CA

  • THANK YOU so much for an amazing day. The students were engaged and you definitely sparked some future music careers. It was truly a wonderful experience. Thanks again!!! 
    Lindsay Hobart - PTA
    St. Mary's Catholic School
    Mansfield, MA

    Awesome job! We are getting a bunch of messages from parents telling us how much the kids enjoyed your presentation. Thank you!
    Karen Johnson - PTA
    St. Mary's Catholic School
    Mansfield, MA

    What a great program yesterday! Thank you for a fun, informative, and engaging program for our students (and teachers, and principal!).
    Matthew Bourque - Principal
    St. Mary's Catholic School
    Mansfield, MA

  • Thank you so much for the amazing performance. It was a lot of fun to watch, even for me as an adult! You did a really great job! Thanks again!
    Melissa Alexander - PTA
    St. Elizabeth School
    Rockville, MD

  • Brent was truly engaging with the students. His energy was infectious. Even though we were virtual, he never skipped a beat! Kids LOVED him!
    Melissa O'Brien - Teacher
    Eagle ES
    Medford, NY

  • I loved your music show, all the kids and teachers can't stop talking about it. I have received requests from people to share your information for assemblies. I think your virtual format works amazing!
    Sandra Reilly - PTA
    Lloyd Harbor School
    Huntington, NY

  • Oh my goodness that was amazing, Brent!!! Thank you so much! Both virtual assemblies were super fun and engaging and we all had a blast!! I will recommend your assembly to everyone I know!
    Melissa Ferraro - PTA
    Fayette School
    Merrick, NY

    Fantastic virtual assemblies!
    Howard Merims - Principal
    Fayette School
    Merrick, NY

  • The students (and teachers!)  loved your performance. This was a great culminating activity for an interesting science unit.  As the 5th graders have choice in their middle school music program, I think you will have a large number of students who now select music technology.   Thank you!
    Lynn Garofolo - Teacher
    Katonah ES
    Katonah, NY

  • Brent Daniels Virtual Music Technology was excellent! The kids were interested and engaged the whole time. We would love to have him back next year!
    Karen Kozan - Teacher
    Milton School
    Rye, NY

  • Brent! You were absolutely wonderful! We had almost 500 kids between the 2 shows and it was SOOO well received! Almost everyone stayed for the whole presentation which was a great example of its engaging nature! Lots of fun and so educational about how music can be a highly lucrative CULTURAL and STEM career! THANK YOU!
    Julia Cherner - PTO
    Country Meadows ES
    Long Grove, IL

    I watched my son light up when you said that you worked on the Transformers and Black Panther movies.  You had the kids smiling and bopping their heads.  Thank you for bringing such high caliber production for our students.  As Julia wrote, you opened their eyes to opportunities in the music industry and I appreciated you sharing your journey, such as working hard in school, studying music theory, taking computer science to name a few.
    There are a lot of kids who are in band or take music lessons and I’m sure they took mental notes.  I wish you continued success!

    Debbie Sainte-Rose - PTO
    Country Meadows ES
    Long Grove, IL

  • Thank you Brent! By far the best virtual show we have had this year!
    Joanne Pumo - Cultural Arts
    Fulton Avenue School #8
    Oceanside, NY

  • I received amazing feedback from the teachers. What a wonderful virtual assembly! Thank you!
    John Frias - Principal
    Wheeler Ave ES
    Valley Stream, NY

  • I just had the pleasure of watching Brent's second program today with the Niskayuna 4th and 5th graders. Brent your enthusiasm and energy got the kids engaged and the final song is a hoot! It was so wonderful to see the students smiling and chair dancing and being inquisitive to the very last (last) minute. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with our students!
    Bridget Stein - PTO
    Glenville ES
    Rexford, NY

    We've gotten great feedback about the Virtual Assembly! Our kids really seemed to enjoy it. Thanks to all for your help with making it a positive experience for all! This was our first virtual k-5 district assembly and we were hopeful that it would be a positive experience as well as a way to build community. Our expectations were met and exceeded! Brent was masterful with all of the technology and shared his knowledge in a way that was fun yet informative. He laughed with our students, while engaging them in creating music and moving to the music created. Loved that he also showed students how they could using applications like Garage Band at home from devices to keep doing just what he had shown them! Later that day I saw my grade 5 students working on a keyboard on their chrome books during their free time. This was a fun, inspiring and uplifting experience that I would recommend to all! Thanks Brent!
    Shelley Baldwin-Nye - Principal
    Glencliff ES
    Rexford, NY

    Outstanding show; relevant topic that was interesting to kids. I appreciated your reinforcement of the importance of education.
    Shireen Fasciglione - Principal
    Hillside ES
    Niskayuna, NY

  • Wow Brent!!!  The response I have received from the teachers and students has been amazing!  They LOVED it!  All of our students have ipads so they are all trying things in Garage Band.  I had just wrapped up my tech projects for 4th and 5th grades about a week ago so they knew some of the lingo but you took them to a whole other level!  They are very excited to try new things!  This assembly is just what we needed right about now so it was a wonderful pick-me-up.  Thanks so much!!
    Linda Marigold - Music Teacher
    Penn Wood ES
    West Chester, PA

  • Brent was amazing. He was incredibly engaging and was able to captivate the students through the computer screen. The way he used the input from various students throughout his show made it feel incredibly personal. It was very difficult so sit still and so many students were dancing in their seats (or getting up to move)!
    Blair Lambert - Principal
    Fuller ES
    Chowchilla, CA

  • It was a GREAT show! I received lots of positive reviews from teachers and students about this show! Loved it!
    Lorraine Pelaez - Principal
    Elsinore ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • Both shows were FANTASTIC!! Brent, you had everyone engaged and excited!!  Excellent show!!!!! Thank you!
    Angela Bennett - Building Assistant
    Forts Ferry ES
    Latham, NY

  • My daughters both came home BEAMING about the awesome assembly today. I have talked to 6 of their friends who also raved about the whole experience.  They loved how it was interactive and their peers had roles. It made their day! We hope to get to work with Brent again! Such a fun positive experience. He is so talented. I heard he played music from Wrinkle in Time, which they say he wrote. Black panther also. Both my girls downloaded the garage band app this evening and we’re having fun playing. It’s been amazing. 
    Cassandra Vince - Cultural Arts
    Bragg ES
    Chester, NJ 

    In this Covid-19 restrictive environment, Brent Daniels presented exceptional programs to 3 different grade levels, grades 3, 4, and 5. The Virtual Music Technology assemblies were fantastic - engaging, entertaining, and educational. The scholars and staff were truly interested in what Brent shared and the smoothness of the virtual yet interactive(!) program was outstanding. Scholars got to participate and Brent's interaction with them was spot-on. Due to the overhead views, vocabulary shared, and student input, each part of the assembly was intentionally geared towards student understanding and it worked! It isn't every day that students say they are going to "try creating some music on my Chromebook" or now they "want to add music to their presentations because it will be more exciting" based on an assembly. The best impactful story, however, was one young, typically shy scholar who gave a vocal bite had previously been nervous to singing in front of others. They left school with the biggest smiling eyes I've seen in awhile! I couldn't see the actual smile because we are wearing masks, but I'm sure will last a long time.

    It was an excellent experience, exceptionally well done and educational in the best way possible - the kids were so engaged and intrigued with what Brent was doing they didn't even realize all the lessons he was giving them.. As the principal, I did appreciate how he ended each session saying how important education is and was in his development, but even more so the enthusiasm with which the scholars left the building about learning something new.

    Thank you for working with us to make this experience a reality - definitely a much needed highlight for this 2020-21 school year!
    Michele Stanton - Principal
    Bragg ES
    Chester, NJ 

  • We loved Brent Daniels. His energy is contagious and the kids couldn't wait to contribute and make music with him and learn how to advance their career options with music and technology. 
    Catherine Stockton - Teacher
    Lansingburg Central Schools
    Troy, NY

  • This is our second time with Brent. He was wonderful. The children enjoyed and learned so much. It was great having him at our school. When I logged into Zoom he was already to go. Can't wait to have him back next year. It is always something new and innovative.
    Caroline Schozer - Assistant Principal
    Seaford School District 
    Seaford, NY

  • What a GREAT show. Brent was the best. 
    Michael Elliott - 21st CCLC Program Manager
    Woodsfield ES
    Woodsfield, OH


  • THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I have been looking for an avenue to help the kids understand the opportunities in music, that are outside the music teaching field.  Many students think that teaching is the only thing to do in music, and do not understand that there are many facets.  I, as a non-traditional teacher, continuously look for ways to show them the many facets of music that they can endure up above, and beyond the traditional avenues.  

    I really enjoyed your program today, as a fellow musician, and composer, and conductor, and creator, and performer I wanted to reach out and say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! For inspiring my students, and inspiring me to keep trying with my composition and creation as well.  

    I just had a class of the 3rd and 4th graders that were on your program and all we talked about was your program!!  Again props and kudos!!  Thanks so much!!!
    Lucas Brown - Music Educator
    Pine Grove School
    Rowley, MA

  • The virtual show was a huge hit today! Thank you so much!
    Linnea Tangorra – PTO
    Immaculate Conception School
    Newburyport, MA


  • The virtual assembly was great. My daughters and all the kids loved it. The principal told me the students loved it and it was the best assembly ever!
    Allyson Forrer - PTA
    Lee Road School
    Wantagh, NY

  • Thank you! The presentation was great!
    Dawn Robson - Library Media Specialist
    Seneca MS
    Holbrook, NY

  • Please tell Brent his assembly tonight was AMAZING!!  We’ve already had rave reviews from parents & kids.  Not sure what happened to some of the kids who signed up but I’m sure they will regret not attending. The song he made with the kids is still running through my head—so much fun! My son is already planning on getting the garage band app  Thanks again.  PTA money well spent!
    Laura May - PTA
    Jackson, MS 
    Villa Park, IL

  • The show was well organized and engaging for students. Students enjoyed interacting with Brent and seeing his knowledge and talent in action.
    Chris Petrie - Teacher
    Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah SD
    Elkhart Lake, WI

  • Brent made the experience dynamic through his interaction with the students and ability to really show and explain what he was doing while doing it live!
    Layla Lyons - Technology Integration Specialist
    Arcola Intermediate School
    Eagleville, PA

  • Brent was engaging, interactive, and fun. Several teachers and students commented that this was the best assembly ever. 
    Gwynne Cosh - Principal
    Queensbury UFSD
    Queensbury, NY

  • The show was amazing and Brent did an outstanding job. Many of our students commented on how informative and entertaining it was. Thank you for suggesting it for our career day!
    Mark Mueller - School Counselor
    Arcola Intermediate School
    Eagleville, PA

  • Brent is wonderful. He's on his 3rd class for the day and is as energetic as he was this morning! 
    Alrye Osborne - Assistant Principal 
    City College Academy of the Arts
    New York, NY

    The session was amazing! I highly recommend!
    Lucerny Guzman - Teacher
    City College Academy of the Arts
    New York, NY

    Here are 2 students reviews: 
    Hi Brent . I love the way you make music and how passionate you are about it. I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you gave me an opportunity to “Drop that beat!” - Helaryn 9th grade
    Hey Brent. I really liked the beats you made today and how interesting it was that you inspired me to look into this more. I appreciate it and keep up the great work! - Krismeily 9th grade

    Jeff Haley - Music Teacher
    City College Academy of the Arts
    New York, NY

  • Fantastic show!
    Janine Rossi - Principal
    Dutch Lane ES
    Hicksville, NY

  • The teachers and students loved it! I will look to book another one of Brent's shows next school year.
    Christina Roche - PTA
    Bardonia ES
    Bardonia, NY

  • WOW!!!  I am being flooded with such positive responses from students, parents, and faculty/staff!  Brent was so engaging and we had students (and teachers) from K-8 grade who are were dancing, singing, laughing and having pure FUN with his presentation.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes to watch the excitement from students who’ve missed out on music this year.  My own son just showed me the “riff” he just created on garage band – what an inspiration!

    Thank you to Brent for his genuine way of inviting students to tap into their creativity and for motivating them in new ways.   We appreciate how he tied in the importance of academia and how it builds skill sets important in life, including musical production.

    I have people asking already when we can book him again next year.  A million thank you’s from St Paul the Apostle!
    Kasi Beaney - Parent
    St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Great Virtual Assembly today! Thank you!
    Kelli Cozza - Cultural Arts
    Schaefer ES
    Tappan, NY

  • Wonderful, engaging production!
    Laura Kimball - Principal
    EJ Bosti School
    Bohemia, NY

  • Brent always puts on a fun and innovative show. The kids love him and his music. They especially love volunteering their sounds, vocals, and noises to create a custom song at the end of the show. He is a fan favorite every year! Thank you. 
    Matthew Younghans - Principal
    Little Tor ES
    New City, NY 

  • This assembly was just what the kids needed! Even with it being virtual, Brent Daniels is able to reach and connect with the students. In a year filled with ups and downs, this has truly been a highlight for everyone. Thank you!
    Kimberly Serafini - PTA
    Nerge ES
    Roselle, IL

  • I've watched a lot of school programs and that was the best one I have ever seen. The students were all engaged and the content was perfectly presented for the grade levels. LOVED it!
    Ashley Leffel - Librarian
    Griffin MS
    Frisco, TX

  • This was the most professional, well done assembly I could have imagined! It has gotten incredible feedback. Brent was so engaging and organized. The camera angles were so cool. I have received fantastic feedback from students, parents and staff (including my own kids). According to the kids, "this was the best assembly ever!". 
    Michelle Monell - PTA 
    Eastlake ES
    Parsippany, NJ

  • Totally Awesome! The kids were fully engaged and won't stop talking about it a week later! I can't recommend it enough to others. 
    Chelsea Farrell - Teacher
    Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary
    Liberty Township, OH

    I thought that this was a wonderful experience for the kids. They loved every minute of learning about music and they loved dancing to it, as well as, being able to participate. I think that Brent Daniels did a fabulous job! 
    Danielle Brinkmann - Teacher
    Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary
    Liberty Township, OH

    He was amazing with the kids and they truly had a blast learning and dancing with him!
    Alexandra Rohrig - Teacher
    Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary
    Liberty Township, OH

    This was OUTSTANDING on every level! Asking teachers to change their Zoom names to reflect the class, and then allowing classes to participate was brilliant! My class ate this up!! Kudos to Brent for his professionalism and for giving props to the importance of school at the end. Could not recommend more (and I am not a music person, generally!)
    Dacia Daniels - Teacher
    Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary
    Liberty Township, OH

    This was an amazing program!
    Elizabeth Carroll - Teacher
    Mother Theresa Catholic Elementary
    Liberty Township, OH

  • Wonderful virtual assembly. The best we have had! Brent was engaging from start to finish. Our students were up and dancing. Just the right amount of humor and education to fit the needs of our students and teachers alike! The hour flew by! Thank you. 
    Jessica Espinoza - Principal
    Villano School
    Emerson, NJ

  • Dear Mrs. Matthew, Please accept my sincere thanks for arranging the virtual music assemblies today with Brent Daniels. I watched as the students were actively engaged, entertained, and instructed throughout this assembly. In addition, the inclusivity among the in-person and remote students was a pleasure to witness. The entire student body enjoyed the show and were invigorated by its energy. On a personal note, I understand that you invested a great amount of time and effort with researching and previewing this assembly to ensure its value and quality. Thank you for your hard work and for providing our students with this experience. Also, thank you for helping Brooklyn Avenue School to be such a special place for our students, their families, and staff.
    Scott Comis - Principal
    Brooklyn Avenue School
    Valley Stream, NY

  • You were right.  Brent’s assembly was GREAT!  I’ve had multiple teachers email me to tell me how much the kids enjoyed it.  It was definitely a great way to end the year!
    Tara Garcia - Teacher
    Graden ES
    Parkville, MO

  • Brent Daniels did a fantastic job showing the students how he makes music and made it clear that using the tools they already have available they, too, can learn to create their own music. He knew how to keep the audience interested and entertained and did an excellent job keeping things understandable. The students were very pleased and excited by this presentation.
    Christopher Stiffler - Teacher
    Fulton Science Academy
    Alpharetta, GA

    Awesome presentation! Our kids loved it!
    Uichae Jeon - Music Teacher
    Fulton Science Academy
    Alpharetta, GA

  • It was absolutely incredible. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. I received a picture from a parent who's son was trying to make music on his iPad. It was so engaging and educational. 
    Yasmin Ruiz - Principal
    Little Lake City SD
    Norwalk, CA

    The Virtual Show was absolutely fantastic! I loved how interactive the show was with the students and how easy it was for Brent to maintain the students attention! Can't wait to book another Assembly with Brent!
    Ruby Estrada - PTA President
    Studebaker ES
    Norwalk, CA

  • The students really enjoyed the program. I would like to do another one with older grade students as well!
    Richard Nasto - Music Director
    Chatterton ES
    Merrick, NY

  • Thank you Brent for a phenomenal show! JCS Pines Hills Academy was so impressed with how both our on campus students and virtual students were incorporated into this assembly! Brent's attention to detail and inclusion of educational importance made it perfect for our Kinder-8th grade school. This Virtual Music Technology assembly was the perfect way for us to end this unprecedented school year!
    Penny Alksnis - Secretary
    PIne Hills Academy
    Temecula, CA

  • I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Brent Daniels and to you all for putting this program together and connecting with our audience at Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts. This morning's Virtual Music Technology was absolutely fantastic--we were all smiling and dancing the entire time! 

    Teachers are already giving us great feedback, but I thought this quote was especially nice: "That was the best thing that happened to my students since Covid.  Thank you so much." - Tom Santone, Camden's Promise Charter School

    It has been such a tough year for everyone, especially students and teachers. It was such a joy to be able to brighten their morning with something so engaging and fun. What a way to wrap up our virtual performance series for the school year at Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts! 

    Thank you all so much again; We will certainly be in touch next year!

    Miranda J. Powell - Arts Education & Community Arts Program Assistant
    Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts
    Camden, NJ 


  • The show was interactive and fun! The students really enjoyed the show and learned in the process.
    Bibi Bracy - Program Coordinator
    Downey, CA

  • Just wanted to thank you and Brent for an amazing assembly! Everyone had an amazing time.
    Ariej Dawood - PTO
    Desmares School
    Flemington, NJ


  • We enjoyed the assembly. The students loved getting picked by Brent and hearing their voices used in the music. 
    Nancy Fatheree - Principal
    Fisher ES
    Frisco, TX

  • Please let Brent Daniels know that we really appreciated him doing our virtual assembly today.  It was amazing, so well organized – the students and teachers loved it!!!  Thank you again!
    Mike Schanze - Principal
    Withrow ES
    Lake Elsinore, CA

  • Due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to have any in-person assemblies. We were very pleased to find out Brent's performance was virtual. The in-person kids connected from their classroom and our remote students connected from home. The kids loved the upbeat program and Brent kept them all engaged. They were all ears and dancing and participating throughout the whole program. My experience, from the highly organized and courteous staff who booked the event to the actual presentation today couldn't be better. I highly recommend this event.
    Dr. Sherry Soleymani - PTO
    Johnson ES
    Nahant, MA

    Wonderful show. Brent is a charismatic guy who connects with everyone. Everybody let their guard down and had a blast, while learning about digital audio technology!
    Charles Lockwood - IT Coordinator
    Johnson ES
    Nahant, MA

  • The show was awesome, the kids and teachers truly enjoyed it. I had one teacher text me right after the show to say that was Amazing!!!!
    Cristine Pergola  - PTA
    New Hyde Park Road School
    New Hyde Park, NY

  • It was very engaging! Students loved participating and staff all told me how they enjoyed the assembly even with it being on zoom!
    Natalie Lytle - Principal
    Fleetwood Area MS
    Fleetwood, PA

  • This was by far the best program we have had all year! The entire school community was so impressed with Brent and his amazing program. Thank you for opening the students mind to the virtual musical technology program and getting them excited about music and the arts!
    Lindsey Anderson - Curriculum and Instructional Coordinator
    Norwood Ave ES
    Northport, NY

  • What a fun assembly and learning experience! The kids LOVED it! They really enjoyed the interactive parts! Thank you!!!
    Christine Torres - Teacher
    Lester ES
    Downers Grove, IL

  • Please let Brent know how amazing the program was! We loved it! The students, teachers and staff could not stop talking about it. We hope to have him back again next year. 
    Lindsey Anderson - Instructional Coordinator
    Norwood Ave ES
    Northport, NY

  • I have had so many positive comments from both teachers and students!!  My principal stopped me in the hallway to tell me how much the students loved it.  One parent has already contacted me to tell me her son could not stop talking about it!!  The most exciting thing I heard was from a 2nd grade teacher who told me that one of her students downloaded garage band on his tablet and he said he wrote a song on the way to school today!  Thank you!!!
    Betty Hall - Music Teacher
    Gouverneur ES
    Gouverneur, NY

  • This was by far the best virtual field trip all year. He was cool, high energy, relatable and really caught the kids attention. So out of the box from what students are used to seeing, yet very important to highlight different career paths within the arts. Awesome presentation. You could tell he really loves and enjoys what he does. 
    Gioia Scharf - Teacher
    River ES
    Patchogue, NY 

    Our students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and are excited to have a part 2 the same week. As teachers, we appreciate the fact it is showing them a possible future career. 
    Alexandra Mallon - Teacher
    River ES
    Patchogue, NY

  • The presenter was very engaging and kept the students involved. He had a strong working knowledge of the content he was presenting. I personally danced in and around my chair with all the music. 
    Helen Kahl - Teacher
    Davidsonville ES
    Davidsonville, MD

  • This was one of the best assemblies I have seen. All of the feedback from teachers and students was phenomenal. Not only did we have students and teachers dancing, WE HAD PARENTS DANCING AS WELL! Absolutely fantastic. 
    KeriLynn Lowenstein - Teacher
    Grove Street School
    Lyndhurst, NJ


  • Thank you so much for visiting with us!
    I like how we put together sounds and WHOOP we made a song.-Bella
    Thank you for teaching me about the sampler because I didn’t know that. Have you ever grabbed a microphone and if you turn it upwards so where the music comes out is upwards. If you put something on top of the part that music comes out of and turn the music on, it will bounce like it’s dancing.-Gabriel
    I liked how you made different words into sounds.-Mateo
    Thank you for showing us your talent for music. I think you are great at it.-Oliver
    I liked that you used all the different sounds to create cool music.-Paul
    I liked the beats that you used.-Chloe
    I like the guitar in a rock song. In a normal song I like the beat.-Aydin
    I like that you can copy sounds and change them.-Phillane
    We love learning from you!

    Mrs. Reist’s Fully Remote 2nd Grade Class
    Milton ES
    Rye, NY

  • Our students and staff said it was the best cultural arts program they had ever seen!
    Christine Iupia-Fugere - Media Specialist
    Troy Hills ES
    Parsippany, NJ

    The assembly was interactive which helped to keep the students' attention. Gr. 3-5 understood the concepts, K-2 was engaged and enjoyed the beats with the music. They were up dancing throughout the assembly. 
    Jeffrey Martens - Principal
    Troy Hills ES
    Parsippany, NJ

  • Brent Daniels provided an engaging and education couple of assemblies for our students in grades UPK-4. His presentations were age appropriate, very interesting, inspiring, and engaged the audiences that were in-person in classrooms and remote students. We would highly recommend his presentations to other schools. Thank you!
    Carrie French - School Counselor
    Norwood-Norfolk ES
    Norwood, NY

  • Brent was AWESOME!!!!!
    Pina Ruperto - PTA
    Bowling Green ES
    Westbury, NY

  • Excellent program. Very fun, engaging, entertaining, and educational. As a staff member I was a little jealous that I couldn't Great job!!!!
    Courtney Simon - Office Assistant
    North ES
    Brentwood, NY

  • The students absolutely loved Brent. His shows are wonderful. The students danced, laughed and clapped. So glad we booked it. Thanks, Brent!
    Donna Renieris - Teacher
    Harding Avenue ES
    Lindenhurst, NY

  • Please thank Mr. Daniels for the Virtual Music Technology shows yesterday! Teachers and students loved them. It was great to see music presented in such a new way. It was an enticing way to keep kids motivated. It was fantastic! The kids enjoyed it. It also opened many students to new career options that they’ve never thought of. 
    Shelby DeMitry - Teacher
    Dundee Central School
    Dundee, NY

  • This was a wonderful event for the students, they loved it! The feedback from the teachers has been very positive, from the younger 1st grades to the graduating 6th grade classes. Brent's enthusiasm is contagious, and his skills are impressive. We loved how he connected music creation to classroom academics. Highly recommended and we would consider having him back next year! Thanks again for a great show!
    Beth Pantaleo - Administrative Assistant
    Oceanside School 4
    Oceanside, N

  • This show was amazing! The students loved hearing themselves put into the music technology mix. Brent was very patient and informative. After the show the students said it was fun and exciting. 
    Dina Allen - Teacher
    Schenectady City Schools
    Schenectady, NY 

  • Thank you for the amazing program today!  One of the groups that was not on camera (listed as Teens Department) was a group from Easter Seals.  They extended their visit for the chance to watch the program, and while you could not see their faces—the impact on them was HUGE.  A staff member in that department reported to me: “Brent was super nice and patient with the students, who were a little shy.  Brent used samples from ARC students Evangeline and Viviana and they and their friends were *thrilled* to hear the song he made including their input.”
    I know that sometimes over Zoom it is hard to tell how special the moments are…but this was a big one.  Thank you!

    Mara Honeywell - Youth Services Manager
    Allen County Public Library
    Fort Wayne, IN

  • The students loved the show and I noticed as they were leaving they were all looking up Garage Band on their phones! Brent was so easy to work with and very laid back and comfortable with the kids. Thank you for this experience! It was even better virtually than in-person!
    Anissa Arnold - Director of Fine and Performing Arts
    Herricks UFSD
    New Hyde Park, NY

  • Everyone raved about it, from grades 1-5. A few telling comments:
    "That was the coolest thing ever... I want a synthesizer for Christmas!"
    "My daughter has been talking about the session all weekend"
    From a teacher - "Every teacher has described the show as "amazing" and "one of the best enrichment programs". I spoke with students who also said they loved it as well.. Several said they were going home to see if they could create a song on their devices."

    Jenn Bender
    Cleveland ES
    Norwood, MA

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