School assemblies are a great way to teach life lessons, educate on social topics, improve confidence, and learn discipline. Students learn things they wouldn’t otherwise try to understand. Young people assemble to do collective worship, and there is no better start to a day at school. However, all this is possible when the students are engaged and enjoying the assembly. You need to host an assembly with an interesting theme to hold everyone’s attention.

Decorations for the theme, guest speakers, and games are all simple to implement, but coming up with a theme is challenging. To all the teachers who are too busy juggling home, school, and checking assignments, here are some fun assembly themes for secondary schools that you can try.

Secondary School Assembly Ideas

Here are some ideas for busy teachers to try in their next school assembly. Pick any assembly idea you like, and we are sure your students would like them.


School assembly is the only place where all the students gather simultaneously. There is no better moment to relay the consequences of bullying someone. Help them learn to empathize with others and support the weak instead of bullying them. While dealing with sensitive topics like bullying, you could also cover topics specific to their age, like peer pressure.

Talking directly or showing statistics in a Powerpoint presentation won’t work for these topics. Use other communication means like dramas, movies, group activities, and more.

Explore History

Diving into history is fun. Kids love it too, but they may not like reading long chapters. School events are your chance to make them fall in love with history. Make sure your history themes have some variety. There are many countries and cultures around the globe. Introduce them to the past of these different cultures using different activities like a dance performance or a theatrical show. You can also ask different sections to pick their choice of culture and perform on it.

Remembrance Day

A remembrance day should be more than just the 2-minute silence. It is a good occasion to remember great people’s great deeds and their lives. It is also an excellent chance to educate your students on the actual consequences of war.

International Day of Peace

On 21st September, the International day of peace is celebrated, and multiple events are held worldwide to spread the messages of world peace. You can host a special event in your school assembly encouraging peace over violence.

World Food Day

For October assemblies, there is nothing better than celebrating food day. It is celebrated every year on 16th October around the world. Young people tend to throw away food. It is an excellent opportunity to help them understand the importance of food. Talk to them about malnutrition, and show them documentaries about how people survive one meal a day in some parts of the world.

You can do a campaign to get the most out of this event. Ask your students to bring some food items from home. Cook something out of it with the help of all the students and pack it in boxes. Take them to nearby areas and ask them to distribute the boxes to those who need them.

Get Friendly With Science

Science is so much fun out of the textbook. If you can, invite a scientist and ask them to conduct a few experiments in front of the students. These experiments should be fun and engaging. Invite some volunteers from the audience to conduct the experiments. Scientists should also explain the ‘Science’ behind every step they take.

Mental and Sexual Health Awareness

We cannot ignore the lack of mental health issues and sexual education at the school level. You can invite a guest to help students understand these complex topics easily. You may also invite the parents of the kids to be a part of this assembly because, as much as kids, parents must also be made aware of mental health among children.

Team Building

No one is born to be a team player. Everyone has attitudes and experiences that either make them a good team player or a bad one. Learning to be a part of a team is essential, and the sooner you start with it, the better.

You can have fun team activities during an assembly to help students learn teamwork and leadership skills.

Save The Environment

Another campaign idea would be something related to the environment. You could educate your students while helping them clean the beach or river or planting trees. It would be a fun event and inculcate the habit of caring for the environment.

Wrapping up

Finding ideas for an assembly is the most challenging part of the planning process.

You cannot use the same formula over and over. The students like surprises, so surprise them with fun and new themes. I hope these ideas help you plan a better assembly for your students.