THE SIGNATURE PROJECT is a multifaceted assembly that explores the human spirit through art, music and technology. At its core is a huge 76 ft x 36 ft mural layered with hidden secrets. A live performance brings the mural to life, with Irish artist Patrick Dunning ingeniously weaving stories and images in the great tradition of Irish artists. 

A unique, exhilarating tapestry blending art and technology, the live performance of The Signature Project also offers the opportunity for the audience to join over 300,000 people whose signatures already comprise the fabric of this monumental art work.


Latest Reviews

The students and staff loved the performance and stated it was the best performance they have ever seen here. They would love to see him come back.
Tammy Russell - MS Principal
Salmon River Central School
Fort Covington, NY

He is superb, creative and awesome. Everyone loved Patrick's Signature Project!
Kathy Gorski - Counselor
Branchburg CMS
Branchburg, NJ


Patrick put on an entertaining and educational performance. All the students loved the show as well as the staff. His signature project is amazing!
Dave Allen - Assistant Principal
Richmond ES
Portland, OR

Mr. Dunning presented a well organized, multi-sensory program that kept all of the students (ages 4-10) attentive, engaged, and entertained.  So many children came over to me after the program to thank me for bringing Mr. Dunning to our school.
Barbara Haney - Head of Lower School
Grace Church School
New York, NY

The presentation was excellent, unlike anything that I have seen at a school assembly.  The combination of art, music, technology, social studies, science and character building was so expertly weaved into the program that a day later many are still processing all that we saw and heard.  The presenter was very easy to work with, set up efficiently and interacted with our K-4 students in a way that held all students attention.  I would highly recommend this program to any school, not only will the students learn from it and enjoy it, but the staff will as well.
Becky Janda - Principal
Spaulding Memorial School
Townsend, MA

Your show was amazing. It inspired me when you showed the glowing hand!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

I thought it was incredible!  I was so impressed how all the signatures came together to make a beautiful artwork.  I thought it was very interesting to see!  My favorite part was the part when the number 43 had music!!!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

I just want to let you know Patrick is by far the best assembly we have had in over 5 years.  I am so amazed by his presentation I am willing to travel and pay so that my family can enjoy this presentation as much as I have.  Over 575 students, 50 staff and I are still in complete awe.  Thank you so much for suggesting Patrick Dunning.
Irma Castillo, School Operations Officer
MLK Elementary School
Hanford, CA

I thought the show was amazing, and especially your Signature Project. And I think you should be in a band with those guitar skills!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

Words are inadequate in describing how fabulous Patrick Dunning and The Signature Project is.  Professional, personable, prepared and genuinely interested in our community, Patrick brought passion, immense talent in so many areas (visual arts, music, storytelling, photography, history, technology), all with a sense of purpose, humor, and intent on helping us think bigger about the magnificence of LIFE.  Never have I had so many students and faculty approach me days later, still talking about this program.  Emails from parents stating that their children came home talking all about the program, sharing that it was the best assembly EVER!  We can only thank Patrick Dunning, a true renaissance man, for sharing himself with us and enlightening us as a result.  All the best to him.
Kathryn Kravec -Chair Creative Arts Department
New Canaan Country School
New Canaan, CT


One of the most mind-blowing experiences that I've ever had. The presentation is interesting and engaging. I'd recommend it to anyone.
Matthew Strippoli - Teacher
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ 

Where do I start?  Well it was definitely everyone's favorite assembly.  One of our senior teachers who has been at Woodside for over 22 years and is retiring this year stated it was her favorite.  The kids and students both enjoyed it so very much. I would like to bring Patrick back to our Middle School!  I just received a stack of thank you letters from several students, here are some quotes:
"My favorite assembly because it symbolized freedom and being yourself, it inspired me"
"Patrick showed us how wonderful life could be"
"Patrick Dunning was mind blowing"
"The artist has been working on the Signature Project for 17 years and hasn't quit, I think that is inspiring"

Geralynn Della Pesca
Woodside ES and Roberge ES
River Vale, NJ

It was awesome and one of the best shows I've ever seen! Patrick duning you have talent!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

Thank you for a truly amazing, unique, educational, motivating and inspirational show! The children, from grades kindergarten through 5th were mesmerized the entire show.  The teachers were actually in tears with emotion and thanked me for finding such a fabulous assembly.  The presenter touched on such sensitive topics such as Newtown and 9-11 in such a gentle way.   I would highly recommend this show to any age group or grade level.  Fantastic!!
Lisa Schilling - PTA Cultural Arts Chairperson
Bellerose Avenue ES
East Northport, NY

The Signature Project was absolutely an incredible hit. Patrick was professional, enthusiastic, entertaining and just an absolute pleasure to have at MPE today. Some teachers were in tears and students were raving, not wanting to leave the show! Some teachers even came back to speak to Patrick about his incredible performance and art. This show would really be a Broadway hit !!! Thanks so much for helping to bring this incredible and unique art form to Livingston, NJ! 
Ruthelyn Elkin - Assembly Coordinator
Mount Pleasant ES
Livingston, NJ

Today was magical! Patrick's expertise, creativity  and presentation captivated our students and teachers alike. We left in awe of his skill as an artist and his ability to weave so many creative elements  into his presentation. As my kids say, "best day ever!"  Thank you for the opportunity to host, I will pass this along to my colleagues. I would love to have Patrick visit CES again in a few years and see where the Signature Project has evolved.
Please pass along my deepest thanks to Patrick for his excellent work!

Dwayne Young – Principal
Centreville Elementary School
Centreville, VA

Thank you for letting us visit your presentation about the signature project. it was an amazing thing and I hope to see it some day!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

Patrick presented the most phenomenal assembly I have ever witnessed.  The kids and staff at the school were engaged from the minute he began and they didn't want it to end.  He is a genius and I am proud to have brought this assembly to our school.
Gail O'Reilly - Cultural Arts
Shore Road ES
Bellmore, NY

I enjoyed Patrick's creativity and his idea. I also think his guitar playing is pretty awesome. Thanks for showing this to us!
Red Bank Charter School
Red Bank, NJ

Thank you so much for coming to our school (ICS in Kirkland, WA). Your presentation was amazing and inspiring. All the work you have done and are continuing to do just shows how much the world and life is connected and how much we need to appreciate the great gift of life. I feel very honored that you chose our school and even myself to be a part of this fantastic project! Good luck and thank you once more!
Sonia Jaidka
International Community School
Kirkland, WA 

Very entertaining, many many teachers complimented, stating this was their favorite.
Michele Hayes - PTO
Sarah Starkweather ES
West Chester, PA

I have been working with the school for the last two years to book their assemblies and this was by far the most well received by teachers, students, and parents. The experience that Patrick gave the students was invaluable. I am still hearing raves about it.
Kendra Griffin
Washington ES
Park Ridge, IL

P.S. 205Q has never seen a show like it, our Principal said "in all her years as a Principal she has never seen a show that would match Mr. Dunning's The Signature Project." I have received feedback from the entire faculty and the staff enjoyed the show immensely. All of the children from PreK to 5th Grade are in awe of the Signature Project and Mr. Dunning's talent as an artist. I also watched the show.... it will be a very tough act to follow!
Sally Mills - PTA Co-President
PS 205Q
Oakland Gardens, NY


Patrick Dunning's creative project is nothing less than inspired. With his music, imagery, ideas, interactivity, and choreography of personal and shared experience, he offered a glimpse of "life" to our student body and faculty alike. With unexpected connectivity between multiple screens, canvases, light, color, and sound, he transformed our school gym into a rocket ship of emotion: laughing, clapping, swaying, and crying. His message is simple and profound at the same time: that there is more than meets the eye and that what we don't see is what surrounds us, what holds us together. With color-coded signatures from people of all walks of life, Patrick Dunning is making a tapestry of life in The Signature Project. Without a doubt, this show is a miracle. All will be awed by it!
Kathryn Ambrose - Enrichment
Holy Name ES
Birmingham, MI


The assembly today was unbelievable!!!!!  He is a such a brilliant artist and the performance was captivating, inspiring and mesmerizing!!! The students all absolutely LOVED it and the teachers said it was the best assembly they have ever seen!  Kudos to you Michelle for finding such a high quality and amazing show! Thank you!!!!!
Dana Chimento-Assistant Principal
Chatterton School
Merrick, NY

This assembly was one of the best assemblies we've had at our school. It's a presentation that kept our students, staff and parents focused and amazed throughout the entire show. The kids are still talking about it! Thank you, Patrick for sharing this amazing artistic project with us.
Frosty Lay
Grandhaven Elementary
McMinnville, OR

I really appreciate you recommending The Signature Project for our school assembly. It was everything you promised it would be. I had many teachers comment that it was the best ever. 
Michelle Hayes - PTO
Sarah Starkweather ES
West Chester, PA

It was quite possibly the best assembly our school has ever seen.  Patrick Dunning had the children of all ages and interests entertained, focused and mesmerized.   I was overwhelmed with all the positive feedback I received from teachers and students alike.  The man is positively impressive!  I would be proud to be a reference anytime for Mr. Dunning.  Wow, what a show and what a talent!  Absolutely, a show like no other that I've seen. Thanks for sharing him!
Marcia Hortik-Sheehan
Eagle View Elementary
Fairfax, VA

Best assembly our kids and teachers have ever experienced.
Sonya Harvey - Principal's Secretary
Atkinson ES
Portland, OR

Seeing this amazing project as a teacher and mother was an incredible experience.  My daughter and son, who attend the same school in which I teach, we're enthralled with the assembly as well!  So many aspects of the show made an impact on all of us.  Appreciating and accepting others for their unique qualities expressed through art is a wonderful.  When my son said, "No matter what you do...people will love you",  I realized the positive affect this project represents.  I'm so happy to be a part of it!
Kate Luster
Acacia Elementary
Thousand Oaks, CA

After reading so many great reviews about Patrick Dunning's show, I was still hesitant as I couldn't get a clear idea of what this show is about and whether our K through 5th graders would appreciate it. I am  grateful that I took a chance and welcomed Patrick into our school - the students and faculty loved his show.  It is performance art that incorporates many subjects, that captures the attention of both student and adult.  No matter what your age, you will be inspired by Patrick Dunning's vision, creation and storytelling. My final words -  Patrick's show is not be described, it is to be experienced.
M. Troy
Glenwood Elementary
Media, PA

This performance was the most interesting,entertaining performance we've ever had!
Amy Balewicz - Enrichment Coordinator
Florence Sawyer ES
Bolton, MA

Patrick Dunning and The Signature Project was the BEST assembly that we have experienced.  His unique talent of weaving art, music, history, science and technology into a piece of artwork that expresses life and the human spirit is genius.  It is a multisensory, multilayered, living, breathing, project that inspired each teacher and student in the school.  It took our breath away...words cannot adequately describe this assembly!  Thank you!
Lisa Loeb
Absecon Public School
Absecon, NJ

5 out of 5! Fascinating!!!!
Stacy Bachelder - Principal
Broad Street School
Nashua, NH

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