A Whole New Summer Camp

While the fresh air and socializing will be missed, much of summer camp are the workshops and activities. You can compare it to an online classroom in that it’ll be video-based and remote. The online summer camp has moved to its essence, a community of kids and counselors working to learn new skills, and improve themselves in a fun way. That doesn’t change with virtual summer camps.

There are several pros and cons, like with any way of doing things. Since COVID-19 restrictions are likely to be in place till summer camp time is over, this is also a great way to explore how much can be done online. Whether it’s a single online workshop, virtual summer camp, or just being able to do something productive when the outdoors aren’t an option. 

Pros and Cons to Virtual Summer Camps


More workshop variety: For many summer camps, the only workshops available are those that can be taught by professionals in the area. Since virtual summer camps aren’t based in one location, they can offer workshops hosted by people around the country…perhaps the world. Many more options for kids coming to an online summer camp. 

Still getting summer fun: With the shuttering-in and quarantine everyone has been living in, an online summer camp can offer a great distraction from not being able to do all the usual summer things. Keeps idle hands busy and away from playing video games all day. 

Accessibility: Summer camp is accessible to those who are differently-abled but, not without a struggle still being present. One of the best things about a virtual summer camp is that it is completely accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter the condition, all platforms are equipped to work with every kid. 

Safety: It’s the safest version of summer camp available right now. Because of the pandemic, everyone has to rethink the summer fun once had. It may not be the same but,  the virtual summer camp is safe and still a lot of fun.


More screen time: One of the best things about summer camp is getting back into the world and away from the screen. Bet it’s a reassurance to parents as well. This is one of the downsides of online summer camps, it’s more screen time. 

Tech issues: Everyone knows how platforms and tech go haywire when being used by a new user, so it goes with online summer camps. If signing up for one, become familiar with the platform they’re using. Not all tech issues are on the other person’s computer. 

Programs and Workshops for Online Summer Camps

Academic Entertainment may not host a virtual summer camp but, the workshops are easily integrated into them. 

For example, the Music Technology program features award-winning composer Brent Daniels. His workshop demonstrates the relationship between technology and music they see in videos, movies, games, and ends with everyone making an original song. 

If you’re wanting the kids to learn more about the environment and how to keep the Earth healthy, try the Dumpster Doug program. He uses magic, audience participation, and comedy to teach Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Read techniques, as well as examples of small efforts producing big changes. 

Sometimes too much learning sucks the fun out of summer, so why not combine the two? For those who send their kids to an art leaning summer camp, the Diversity of Dance is a great workshop addition to a virtual summer camp. The interactive dance group demonstrates the impact of globalization and teaches embracing cultural diversity through dance. 

Virtually Summer Camp Online

This year has reshaped everyone’s lives and we all have to do what is best while making healthy choices. Virtual summer camps accomplish that. Your kids can still enjoy meeting and talking with their summer camp friends, still have positive experiences, and still learn while having a great time outside of school.

Summer hasn’t been canceled, it’s just shifted online.