Looking for a field day assembly, family night assembly or something to kick-off the new school year? Want something with very little learning and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN? Check out our JUST FUN! School Assemblies and camp shows.

If you’re following our blog, you’ve noticed we’ve recently added FOUR new programs to our already outstanding lineup of K-12 School Assembly Programs and Summer Camp Shows. And, with those additions, we ALSO created a NEW category of school assemblies on our website! Which means, a completely new selection of school assemblies for your school to choose from!

LF main.jpg

Check out our Just for FUN! School Shows and Summer Assembly Programs. The first to consider: Laugh Factory – the show that created a new category of Just FUN School Assemblies! Laugh Factory is a comedy magic show where your students are the stars of the show! This is a great program for family nights, back to school, and summer reading rewards incentives. It’s the world’s funniest comedy magic show school assembly!

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Looking for even more “just plain fun!” school assemblies? Check out the Ultimate Human Board Game, it’s a life size board game show with a giant game board made of up squares, each representing a different engaging activity. Your entire assembly is divided up into three teams. One team rolls the dice and the board game assembly show begins as all the teams compete in the activity represented on the space. The team that reaches the end of the board wins, but really EVERYONE is a winner because EVERY student participates in the life size board game assembly.

Unique Game Show School Assembly

If you liked Human Board Game, check out their “partner program” – Unique Game Show! Disclaimer – this program DOES include Academic Learning with a whole LOT of fun! But, you may customize the program content to focus on less curriculum content. Math, Science, English, Reading, Social Studies and History, Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Character Education are only a few subjects to which we can tailor the show. This program uses trivia questions and answers, buzzers, and screens for projection of questions and answers. Enhanced by visual and audio sound effects, it’s like your students are playing their own version of a TV Game Show!


Don’t forget, health and Fitness can be fun too! Especially with The bFit Show, which uses magic, comedy, juggling, and more, your students will get excited about eating healthy and exercising. With the perfect blend of entertainment and a little bit of educational content, The bFit Show will keep your school laughing and having fun, as well as up, moving, and participating. Imagine how much fun your students (and teachers!) will have as they battle it out for The “Best Scarf Juggler”.

Funny Magic Show Main 1.jpg

Comic Magician Brian Richards also has a fantastic, award-winning and hilarious school assembly – the Funny Magic Show! Your students will enjoy the audience interaction, juggling, puppetry, comedy and magic tricks. It’s great for all ages and a lot of fun for field days, family nights, rewards incentives and any time you’re looking for a program that’s just for Fun and all around entertaining!

Zonda Kids Dance main.jpg

Nothing’s more fun and fulfilling than dancing! That’s why your school can’t miss Chris Zondaflex Tyler, he’s the real deal! Zonda Kids Dance encourages students to have fun while they are learning dance moves and strategies to focus on their success. Zonda Kids Dance is a Super FUN School Assembly for Field Days, family Nights, or any time you need to get kids up and moving, motivated and inspired.

Find out more about bringing these Fresh and FUN assembly programs to your school! Call 800-883-9883, email whitney@academicentertainment.com; or fill out and submit our request information form!