Science has always been a matter of interest and a major stream of learning. The students who love science are aware of how amazing science can be! However, do you truly understand what wonders can be performed with science? Well, we do! And we are here to reveal the magic of science for you! Academic Entertainment has always strived to do good for the people of this world to make this world a better place, with rich, innovative ideas lurking in every corner. We plan to encourage every young mind of this blue sphere and transform them into wizards who can do all sorts of wonders with their magic of science.

Now, having said that, how do we plan on achieving our goal of world domination? Of course, it would be with science. However, the first step is our magical essence in school assemblies. At Academic Entertainment, we organize programs and lure kids to our exciting science show. The aim is to show students that the magic of science is something to behold. School assembly programs are the best way to spread the love for science. With demonstrations in our live virtual school assembly sessions, we tend to make the kids fall in love with science.

Teaching the importance of science in School Assembly

With our years of experience, we have come to understand that science can be a little harsh on some students. They do not understand the topics or do not see the practicality and send to sway away from the subject. Whenever we hold a science school assembly, our focus is to show the students the importance of science. We tend to demonstrate what the students learn in class. Our method to bring interest is to highlight the topics that the students have learned in their classes and show them in a practical light. We understand that theoretical knowledge is all well and good, but the real desire to learn comes when that theory comes to practical use. Science school assemblies are one of the most effective ways to enhance the glory of science. Schools also benefit from our science assemblies as they can show the students that studying can be fun.

Interactive and Interesting way of exploring science

Have you ever wondered what makes science so fascinating? Everything. From learning about the functioning of the universe to how you move your body, science has the answers to every question. Despite this, many students refrain from getting to know science.

Wacky Science

Academic Entertainment – The Wacky Science Show

Academic Entertainment will show you how interesting science can be. With our science school assemblies, we make the start of your day at school interactive and interesting. Our science assemblies focus on interacting with the kids, raising their interest in the subject, and focusing on bringing out the hidden scientist in them.

Morning assemblies mark the start of your day in school. It is an important part of the schedule. Morning assembly sessions focus on delivering news, positive thoughts, and important declarations. However, a science assembly program is all about making this short session interesting. We forge young scientists every day with our science assemblies. If the start of the day is amazing, the rest of the day is bound to deliver a seamless learning experience. Our interactive way of exploring the kids is quite interesting. Rest assured, the students will view the subject from a completely different point of view once they have experienced the magic of a science show by Academic Entertainment.

Science for a change in live school assemblies

School assemblies are meant to be informative and essential for spiritual growth. They deliver a message of uniformity and harmony among the students. They keep the audience engaged up to date with what is happening around the world. Morning assemblies focus on filling the students with positive energy so that they can be energized and refreshed all day long. However, the one thing that schools do not take into account is that school assemblies are monotonous, and monotonous tends to get boring.

Having said that, what can be done to make morning assemblies more interactive and interesting? We suggest science for a change. Science is one fascinating subject that can drive young minds to reach new heights, give rise to curiosity, and make the students shift to innovation. 

If you are looking for a change in your school assembly programs, reach out to us. Academic Entertainment hosts excellent science shows for kids in virtual school assembly programs and introduces them to science in a new light. We demonstrate what they learn, making learning fun and easier to understand. At the same time, science school assemblies impart a lot of knowledge to the kids.

Engaging the students in experimental learning

Kids Science

Have you ever wondered about where to use all the scientific knowledge that you have gained in school? If so, have you found your answer yet? Academic Entertainment will show you how to make studying a lot more fun. We will demonstrate what you have learned. Demonstrative learning can be more fun, as well as easy to understand than traditional learning. Making studies fun does not only engage the students but also gives rise to cooperative learning and collaboration between the young minds. 

From the simplest experiments like blowing out a candle when covered with glass to complex matters like the functioning of gravity, Academic Entertainment is all about experiential learning. With our science assemblies, we will make sure that everything that you have learned brings you practical knowledge. The question “Where do I use this?” needs to go away, and our science school assembly is the best way to do it.

Every school must understand that imparting knowledge and imparting knowledge with demonstrations are different. Demonstrations and experiential-based learning can make quite a difference in the teaching and learning process. Studies were never more fun. Experiment with science and learn about the opportunities that you can have.

Show the students the opportunity with science.

If you think that what you learn about science in school or high school is the limit, you are in for a surprise. There are tons and tons of places where you can preach science and different forms of it. There’s botany, zoology, physics, chemistry, data science, computer science, scientific management, and a whole lot of opportunities for you if you love science. What you learn in school and high school is merely the basics.

If you are planning to associate yourself with any of the scientific fields, you should decide with the information that is made available to you in high school. Science has a vast array of opportunities. All you need to do is become Columbus and go on an exploration voyage. Opportunities come in bulk, and you can choose from the never-ending options and go forward with your decision.

Academic Entertainment holds morning science assemblies in schools to expose students to the magical world of science. There is never a time when you have learned too much. The more you explore, the deeper you go. This is an abyss that gets more and more intense the deeper you dive in.

The best remote virtual school assemblies

We know that traditional school assemblies can bore you out of your mind. The same daily activities in a school assembly tend to become monotonous, and monotonous is always boring. Once you have reached the peak, morning assemblies will start doing the reverse of what they are supposed to do. Instead of giving out a positive vibe, traditional assemblies will start giving off vibes or boredom, which is not at all healthy for starting your day. 

Having said that, Academic Entertainment hosts science assemblies that can change the flow of things. Our science shows are the most beneficial for kids who have gone off-track and have started ignoring the positivity of a morning assembly.

With our science assemblies, we tend to engage the students in various activities that involve what the theory is all about. There are unimaginable ways in which our virtual science assemblies can help you:

  • They make remembering scientific terms and definitions easy.
  • The use of demonstrative and experiential learning makes it fun to understand the subject.
  • Students are encouraged to explore science and the latest technology.
  • Various topics related to every field of science are displayed with practicality.

 A ‘NO’ Day for boring school assemblies

Have you been trying to make morning assemblies fun and interactive but cannot see positive results? We can help. Academic Entertainment excels at delivering interesting science assemblies. We demonstrate the subject in such a thorough way that even the students who do not take any interest in science develop a keen interest in the subject. Our science school assemblies focus on things that the students have learned out in school theoretically. They often wonder where to use the knowledge. We will show them where and how to use that knowledge.

Academic Entertainment is all about saying ‘NO’ to boring traditional school assemblies and switching it to the fun side. Morning assemblies have never been so much fun, and we make sure that the boredom is gone for good.