Dare to Draw School Assembly Workshop
Dare to Draw! is like a workshop with 100% hands-on participation by every student that attends.

In addition to our line-up of outstanding school assemblies, some of our fantastic presenters also provide workshops too! We have music production workshops, orchestra workshops, hands on science and physics workshops, dance workshops, leadership training days, and even poetry and Shakespeare workshops.

Did you know? Several of our programs could also be considered as 100% hands-on workshops because every student participates! These programs include:

  • Dare to Draw! – every student comes to the program prepared with pencil and paper and is guided on an extraordinary imagination adventure learning how to draw in 3D and make their life dreams come true!
  • Unique Game Show – lots of participation with exciting activities, friendly competition, and curriculum enforcement through trivia questions and answers.
  • Ultimate Human Board Game – based on a foundation of teamwork, sportsmanship and total participation. This team building assembly will have everyone involved!

Many of our most popular school assemblies provide specialized workshops to extend the learning and provide multiple opportunities for extra hands-on engagement in a smaller classroom-size setting. Some begin the day with an all-school assembly and then break into groups of 30-60 students for workshops. Here’s a list of potential workshop ideas for your school:

Music Technology Workshop
Music Technology Workshop
  • Music TechnologyMusic production workshop introduces students to audio recording, sound design, composition and mixing.
  • Violin Rocks!School orchestra workshop shows students sound equipment, discusses techniques and practice strategies for improvised or electric music on string instruments.
  • Physics Experience – Customized options available upon request to engage K-12 students in hands-on physics workshops
  • Crystal Clear ScienceDIY Science Day. Choose from eight themes. Starts with an all-school assembly followed by classroom visits to exploration stations. A large variety and number of different demos and experiments keep things fast-paced and fun during these hands-on science workshops.
  • The Sonnet Man – Students learn about Shakespeare, what is a sonnet, metaphors and similes, what is a couplet, what is an alliteration, a 15-minute writing session and group discussion.
Crystal Clear DIY Science Day Hands on Workshop
Crystal Clear Science DIY Science Day

Don’t see something you want listed? Many of our school assembly presenters are open to considering creating something custom for your school! It never hurts to ask to see what the possibilities are. And, a lot of our presenters only started offering workshops because YOU, our customers, requested it!

For more details including prices and date availability for school assembly workshops, call 800-883-9883, email info@academicentertainment.com, or fill-out and submit our request information form.