How is this possible?  It’s possible when you Partner and Save

If you have a sister school or a partner site and can share a day or an adjacent day scheduling at least two assemblies together, you could save $50 to HALF OFF what would be the cost of scheduling a full day on your own.  Request more information and we’ll send you a price list of all our outstanding K-12 school assembly programs and summer camp shows.   Because of all of our artists and programs are independent, pricing and availability will vary by location.

Local Rate

As an example, programs available to your school at a “Local Rate” are eligible for at least $50 off the listed cost per site when two sites schedule together.  In most cases, dates must be shared, or adjacent. But in some cases, the $50 off discount may be available, just by scheduling together, even if not booking on the same or adjoining days. Scheduling two programs back to back?  In some cases, the available discount could be $100 off two shows back-to-back. Ask for more information about how you can partner and save!

Fly-in Rate

As another example, programs available to your school at a “Fly-in Rate” are eligible to grab a partner school and split the AM/PM full day price.  This is how your school can save up to HALF OFF the cost of your school assemblies.   Ask for a price list to see which programs are eligible for you to grab a Partner and Save by splitting your cost in HALF!

Block Booking

Better yet, build a block booking!  You could actually save MORE than HALF OFF!   Per Site Pricing on many of our school assembly programs in ANY location across the USA can be as low as our local rate for a single show when four to six area schools join together and form a block booking.  So, a single program at the fly-in rate would actually be available at a local rate, a savings of MORE THAN 60 percent!  (Request a price list and we’ll walk you through the math of ALL the ways you can save on EACH of our programs!)

Even if your partner schools are outside of your school district, but are still within a reasonable daily travel radius, we’ll accept it as a part of the block when you schedule all together.  So, if you have a friend at a private school in a neighboring county, don’t rule them out as a potential to Partner and Save! 

Call 800-883-9883, email or fill out and submit our request information to get more details about ways you can partner and save money on school assemblies.