If you want to save money on school assemblies, keep reading! We have several recommendations that can help your school. Even an extra $50 to $100 off per program can go a long way. Especially if you’re scheduling multiple assemblies throughout the year, those savings here and there can add up!  Here are just seven ways to save a little bit on assembly shows.

  1. Find a partner school. Does your friend work with the school down the street? If you have a contact at another school, reach out to them to see if they are interested in sharing a program or a day with you. We offer $50 off your school and a partner school when you share a day. 
  2. Generate a block booking. Do you have a few sister schools you can work with to put together a block booking?  Sometimes, a block of three to four schools over two to three days is required just to get certain programs to your specific area.  Other times, you can drop what would be fly-in pricing for one school down to local pricing for multiple schools over several days.
  3. Keep your date flexible and shop discount dates. Sometimes, if a program is already near your area, there may be an ability to drop the price for your school to fill-in the morning or afternoon adjacent.  Sometimes, programs from out of state are travelling to your area for only a few specific discount dates because they’re already scheduled near you. Take advantage of those programs with discount dates you may not otherwise be able to have for full-price!
  4. Ask about any current specials. You never know!  Sometimes returning customer discounts, early bird specials, and email promotional offers might be available.
  5. Schedule multiple programs with the same company/presenter. Every company and every presenter is different. Some are able to offer discounts when you book multiple programs, some are not. Again, it never hurts to ask.
  6. Check capacity. Can you do it in just one showing instead of two? But be careful!  Sometimes it’s not beneficial to cram too many students and too many age ranges into one program. Especially when programs tailor content based on age range.  Some programs cannot handle more than 300 students. But, a lot can.  If you can fit all students into one program instead of two, then you could save money to bring in a few other programs. Instead of two morning shows of Wacky Science, do an afternoon show and then add on Uncle Sam’s Comedy Jam for the next month! 
  7. Pick another program. Put the more expensive program in your budget for next year.  Some of the most renowned and sought-after programs come with a higher price tag. If the money isn’t in your budget for this year, choose a less expensive program and allocate more money in your budget for the following year. We’re happy to hold dates into 2018/19 for you! 

Now that you’ve had a chance to find out some ways to save, the next question is:  How much savings are we talking about?  Request more information and we will send you our full line-up including prices and discount dates.  Give us a call at 800-883-9883 or send us an email to info@academicentertainment.com and ask more about more ways to Save Money on School Assemblies.  We look forward to helping your school!