Readily Available Existing Classroom Technology

Through the wonders of technology your school already has available, students will enjoy the experience of a live, virtual Dare to Draw! assembly. During Mark Kistler’s Webcast, students will feel like they are in his studio with him!

100% Hands-on

Students join the Live Zoom or school-hosted Google Meet in their classrooms equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board while Mark expertly guides them through an extraordinary imagination adventure!

Live and Personalized

The lesson is live and personalized. Mark will answer questions from students, and talk to them while he teaches them how to draw with his award-winning, zany technique. It’s SO cool!

NEW Virtual Drawing Assembly Themes!

Your school may now choose which theme you would like for your live webcast assemblies from Mark’s list of absolutely awesome art inspirations. Students can choose where they want to travel with their imaginations! Will you have Mr. Mark webcasting live from his Antarctic Penguin Research Station, “The Land of Dinosaurs”, OR the surface of the moon?!

• Draw! Draw! Draw!
• How to Draw Winter Holidays (Snowman, Santa, Rudolph, Christmas Tree, Pile of Presents, Abominable Snowman)
• How to Draw Ocean Friends! (Mermaids, Octopus, Sharks, Fish)
• How to Draw Penguin Pals (Penguins w/ Parachutes!)
• How to Draw Dinosaurs (T-rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops)
• How to Draw Space Adventures (Spaceship, Martians, Alien Robots)
• How to Draw Halloween – Cool Scary Stuff! (Ghosts, Frankenstein, Vampires, Bats, Haunted House)

With this many options, your can have your students return to Mark’s Virtual Studio year after year.

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