Virtual Trailer Music

Welcome to Hollywood! Bring your school into a working composer’s studio for an unforgettable online educational experience!

A Virtual/Online program with a unique blend of audience participation, cinematic music, information and humor, Virtual Trailer Music leads students through the process and tools used to create music and unique sound design for big-budget Hollywood movie, TV and video game trailers. Your students and teachers will be enthralled and inspired to create themselves!

Virtual/Online for Schools and Summer Camps!

Age Range: Grades 4-12

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Virtual Trailer Music Workshops

Virtual/Online Only

Award-winning music producer Brent Daniels uses the latest technology to sculpt sound and create music for many of the movie and TV trailers your students see everyday, including Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time and Star Wars: The Bad Batch. His online Virtual Trailer Music workshops show K-12 students how their everyday devices are used by professionals to create the music and sounds they love, and how they can do it too. How many of your students could graduate to creative careers? Brent’s workshops illuminate the possibilities, more numerous than ever before.

Brent’s Virtual Trailer Music workshops are customized for classroom-sized group of students, grades 4 -12. Utilizing the same interactive online format as his Virtual Music Technology online assembly, and using the same tools he uses to make music for studios like Marvel, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Activision, Brent shows students more advanced concepts in sound design and music production that will appeal to:

  • motivated music, media and content-creating students
  • STEM/STEAM-themed events
  • after-school programs
  • student career-day events
  • classrooms looking to take a captivating, deeper dive into the creative use of everyday technology after having enjoyed Brent’s Virtual Music Technology program.

These workshops are highly configurable based on the student age and skill level, and include opportunities to:

  • watch trailers (age-appropriate) that use Brent’s music,
  • learn how Brent created the sound design and music featured in those trailers
  • enjoy a close-up up view of the process of the tools and techniques used
  • participate in crafting custom sound design elements
  • help create a short example of a trailer-style music cue
  • ask Brent questions about careers in content creation and the entertainment industry, tools students can use and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use platforms other than Zoom or Meet for Brent’s programs? 

Brent’s studio technology, performance and interaction with his student audiences has been streamlined and fully stress-tested with hundreds of schools using Zoom and Meet, as that has comprised the vast majority of platform requests from schools. Unfortunately, with the number of variables other platform might introduce and the volume of programs he hosts alongside his production schedule, Brent is unable to test and offer other platforms at this time.

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