5 Tips for Making School Assemblies Fun


You can make elementary school assemblies and beyond even more fun if you follow these principles. With these 5 tips to make school assemblies even more fun, you’ll be able to rock the house and finally win over the naysayers among the staff, faculty, and students!


Set The Tone Early With School Assemblies And Get The Teachers Involved


how to make school assemblies fun


You’ll want to set the tone right from the start with school assemblies, and you want the teachers involved.


Get the teachers to get the kids to quiet down right as they’re getting rowdy, which means they have lots of energy. If there’s a particular school command for quiet, use it to get them to settle down. However, you need to make it clear that you aren’t there for discipline.


Your school assemblies are supposed to be fun! That’s what you’re there for!


They have lots of pent-up energy. If instead of trying to manage it, you redirect it into the presentation, then the students are going to have a whole lot more fun.


Be Fun But Respectful With Students And Staff In Your School Assemblies


You want to be on good terms with the students as well as the faculty, staff and otherwise during school assemblies. A little light banter, a smile, but with a respectful acknowledgment that you’re in their territory is going to go a long way.


It might also be the difference between being hired for next year’s school assemblies and not!


Whether it’s primary or high school assemblies that you specialize in – or if you’re an administrator that plans them internally – making sure that people feel included and well-treated will go a long way toward ensuring a successful assembly.


Get The Students Interacting Early


how to make school assemblies fun


Right off the bat, you want the students interacting with any school assemblies.


If you have elementary school students, a song is a great way to get them involved.


If you have older kids, ask them about some sort of congenial but well-worn trope and then ask them to raise their hand if they agree. “Who thinks homework shouldn’t be given on weekends?” or something like that.


The whole idea is that you want to get them invested in you early and often. If they feel included, they will be that much more apt to be engaged throughout. After all, people tend to participate more if they feel like they’re a part of whatever is going on.



School Assemblies Shouldn’t Have Too Much Space



One of the other things that will help you have successful school assemblies is that you need to get as close as you can…within reason.


If you have 55 kids that you’re presenting to in a 200-seat auditorium, you want them all upfront. The furthermore people are away, the less they’ll actually get out of it. You want everyone brought in as close as possible.


If giving elementary school assemblies, it helps to have the kids sit on the floor…though you don’t necessarily want the preK section upfront!


That includes the teachers, too! After all, you’re providing the programming during the school assemblies but they are the ones who run the school in the day-to-day. You need them close by to manage the students, but you also don’t want them wandering off too far as you might need to engage them as well.


Top tip? Have chairs for the teachers. They may not want to stand or sit on the floor for 45 minutes, even if their kiddoes have no problem with it.


Start And End School Assemblies On Time


One of the other big tips for fun school assemblies? Stop and start them on time. You have a time that you’re scheduled to start at, so stick to it. Prepare thoroughly and be ready to go before you’re scheduled to begin.


Also, keep an eye on the clock while you’re giving your presentation during your school assembly. You’ll want to end on time, or even a little bit early if possible…though maybe not too early. If you’re known as someone who is collected, professional and keeps to your schedule, you’ll be appreciated…if not invited back.


Since many consultants make a living with school assemblies, getting repeat business is how you’re going to stay in your career year over year. Therefore, you need to make sure that your assemblies are well-liked by the kids as well as everyone else.

This is where some people have difficulty. You have a captive audience but, how do you keep them having a good time? They already spend the day listening to someone talk, so there should be activities for sure. Let’s go over some of the Academic Entertainment programs that have fun things to do in assembly.


Diversity of Dance


No one will be sitting down bored with this active program. Focusing on cultural awareness and arts-in-education, the dance team uses several kinds of dance and the history of hip hop in dance to teach diversity to students. A fun thing to do in assembly is always to dance.


Ultimate Human Board Game


The students have been inside all day and with this program, they can get some fun in the sun while being in an assembly. 16-squares of team-building exercises make for a great lesson without boring the audience. With games like the Silly Dance and Lip Sync Challenge, few things are more fun to do in assembly than laugh through a lesson. 

There are tons of things to do in assembly besides give a lecture. If you do have something important to say to the students and it’s going to take a bit, why not combine it with a school assembly program? Kids are more likely to listen and retain information that is fun. Now that is a thing to do in assembly. 

Stick to the 5 tips above and the suggestions mentioned for things to do in assembly and you’ll be sure to have engaged the students as well as everyone having a blast.