How to Conduct a School Assembly

In-depth checklist to make to make sure everything is set and ready for your school assembly or camp show


  • Did you get your invoice?  Check your junk/spam folder.  If you didn’t get it, contact us! 
  • Make sure your invoice is correct.  Double check your contact information, especially your email/phone and the school/location.  Look and see the date/time/price is accurate, and make sure the correct program has been scheduled!  
  • Return your service agreement and reservation fee within 30 days of receipt of your invoice. 
  • Prepare the remaining balance of your payment to be ready for the presenter to pick up, or to be mailed on or before, the day of the show. Not sure if you should mail it or give it to the presenter?  Contact us! Or, just mail it!  We’ll make sure the presenter is paid upon receipt of your payment. 


  • Did you set the final time(s) for your presentation(s)?  Make sure you decide the final time(s) for your program(s) before the week of the show.  Contact us to let us know and we’ll communicate with the presenter. Or, at the very least, let the presenter know directly when they contact you prior to the show.
  • Is everyone aware of the presentation time(s)?  If you haven’t already, ensure that all parties involved are aware of the presentation schedule.  Communication between the presenter, booking agency, principal, assembly liaison, building supervisor, teachers/staff, and other parties as needed is key to hosting a successful program for your students.  
  • Allow timing of your schedule for transitions.  Most of our programs last approximately 45-50 minutes.  You may want to allow a full hour for your assemblies to accommodate for the audience transitioning in and out of the performance space, introductions/closings/questions, etc.  This is especially important if you have two back-to-back assemblies.

Space Requirements

  • If you haven’t already, check the program’s Specification Sheet.  All of our programs have, on each of their web pages, detailed specifications for space requirements, set-up/arrival, tear-down, timing, etc. Most of our programs are adaptable to a variety of venues.  Some require darkening of the space.  Some require large spaces. 
  • Make sure you’re aware of the venue where the assembly will be presented.  Will the space be an auditorium?  A gym?  Will chairs be set up?  Bleachers?  Is the space indoors or outdoors?  Get in contact with the person responsible for accessing the venue so you are aware of the particulars of your space and can communicate what the assembly requires.  Most assemblies need access to an electrical outlet at the very minimum.
  • Ensure you have access to the space, or connect the presenter with the person who does.  All of our programs require at least 15 minutes of set up time, most 30 minutes, some longer. Tear down is usually a little shorter than set-up, but also needs to be considered.  If your assembly will be presented in a shared space such as a cafeteria or multipurpose room, consider timing for set-up and tear-down in addition to time for the assembly itself.

Sound System

  • What’s the scoop on the sound system?  Some of our presenters travel with sound equipment.  Some presenters need access to yours.  Some require only the ability to play a CD or hook into a computer or iPod. 
  • First, check the program specification sheet to understand the presenter’s specific sound system requirements.
  • Next, contact the person with access to the system and with knowledge of how to use it.  You may need to put the presenter in contact with that person directly to explain the particulars of your school’s system.  That person may also need to be accessible and available before/during/after the assembly to help the presenter with sound. 


  • If appropriate for your school, reach out to local media to alert them about the outstanding educational opportunity that you’ve invested in for your students. 
  • We have materials available for you to use to contact local media, including news releases, photos, videos, social media prompts, posters, banners, etc.  Just contact us and let us know what you need and we’ll send it right along!
  • If you’ve alerted local media and are expecting a visit, please alert us and let the presenter know!  We’d love to be able to share the links of the coverage. 

Presenter Contact

  • The presenter will be in touch with you a week prior to the show to go over your questions and accommodate for any details.  Check your junk/spam folders for an email from the presenter. 
  • We will also email you an Assembly Reminder the week prior to your show reminding you of your upcoming presentation.
  • If you haven’t heard from the presenter when you get the assembly reminder, or within a week prior to your show, Contact us!


  •  If your assembly is scheduled for outdoors, have an indoor backup plan!  Most of our assemblies that are scheduled for outdoors have an indoor alternative that is just as great as the outdoor program in the case of inclement weather.
  • If there is a school closure due to weather, please notify US and the presenter IMMEDIATELY.  We will make every effort to reschedule for another date when the weather clears or within the school year.  


  • Please provide convenient and cost-free parking for the presenter.
  • The presenter will need easy access to the performance space from their vehicle to unload their equipment. 
  • They will also need a place to keep their vehicle before/during/after the show. As well as easy access to their vehicle following the show to pack up their equipment.


  • Depending on how far they are traveling and how long they need to set-up, most presenters will arrive well before show time to check-in, begin set up and attend to any last minute items.
  • Please be available to greet the presenter upon their arrival to your school.  If you’re not available, appoint someone who can be, and communicate with AE and the presenter about the onsite contact. Communicate also with your onsite contact about the above/below topics and details.
  • If able, please provide 3-4 student or staff volunteers to help the presenter unload and carry-in their equipment.  Many hands make light work! 
  • A bottle of water for the presenter is greatly appreciated.

Set up/Tear-down

  • Most presenters need approximately 30 minutes in the venue to set-up prior the show.  Some need less time, some need more time.  Please check the program specification sheet and ensure you have ample time for the presenter to set up before the show.   Again, tear-down may take less time, but will also need to be considered following the program for scheduling and carry-out of equipment.
  • Check with the school principal or office to find out who will be introducing the program and notifying the audience when it’s time to begin.  That person may also be “closing” the assembly or providing directions back to class.


  • Most of our presenters don’t mind, and actually, encourage! photos/short videos during their presentation.   Please check the presenter’s program specification sheet first to see if they have addressed this topic.  Most request sharing if you do take photos/recordings.  Most don’t allow their ENTIRE program to be filmed. 
  • Always notify the presenter of your intention for photos/recordings.  Please notify us if possible!
  • And of course, please share your images/films with us! And the presenter too!  

Social Media

  • We have an active social media presence and encourage you to interact with us!  Please follow us!   Here are the links to our sites:
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  • Please reach out to us and to your area schools before your show!  Spread the word about your excitement for bringing the assembly to your school.  Encourage others to bring the show to their school too!
  • Please share your photos/videos with us taken during your program, or even before or after your program with the presenter and your students/teachers!   

Enjoy the Show!

  •  You’ve done all the work to prepare for this moment!  So, sit back and enjoy the show!   Not only will students be engaged and entertained, but staff, faculty, and parents equally enjoy our programs as much as the youth!

Submit your Review

  • Tell us how we did!  It takes moments to fill out our Feedback/Talent Report.    We share all feedback directly with our presenters and they love hearing from you!  Your feedback is very valuable to us and we appreciate your comments more than words could ever express. 

Schedule your next assembly!

  • It’s never too early to start planning for your next success!    Give us a call (800-883-9883) or contact us ( to let us know what outstanding school assembly you’d like to bring to your students next!