There are a number important reasons it’s a good idea to start planning for and scheduling your school assemblies for the upcoming school year, NOW, (BEFORE the end of this current school year)!  Here are just a few:

  1. Early Birds get their top picks for programs and their first choice for dates, too!

Do you want Brent Daniels’ Music Technology School Assembly at your school’s field day?  Have you been trying to book it the last several years, but he’s always already scheduled somewhere else?  Congratulations to Sherry Cowburn, Principal at Ashkar ES in Hughesville, PA!  Sherry’s already planned her school field day for THIS school year, AND next school year 2019!  (It’s NOT too late for your school to do the same!)  

Ultimate Human Board Game is our MOST POPULAR End-of-The-Year program. Even bringing on additional presenters (to be in THREE Locations at once) on a single day, we still end up selling out specific dates every year.  The most popular dates are Fridays in June. If your school KNOWS the date of your field day for 2019, Get it on the Books TODAY. 

Back to School is another popular time of year, where many schools have a specific presentation in mind for a specific date. Congratulations to Rhonda Loeffelholz at Cuba City ES/MS in Cuba City, WI!  Rhonda’s bringing our Zonda Kids Dance to her students for a relevant, fun, upbeat, back to school assembly.  


Zonda Kids Dance School Assembly


  1. Early Birds also make the best of their budgets!

Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars?  Scheduling your school assembly programs well in advance allows you to lock-in the price, protecting you from any potential increases over the rest of the school year.  Schedule NOW to get “Last Year’s Prices” before they may go up! 

Another way to save money on school assemblies is to work with another school and partner up on splitting the cost by sharing a day.  Many of our programs are available at half the price of their full-day rate per site when two schools book together. 

We’re working with a group of schools in Kansas City, MO to bring Corey The Dribbler’s Anti-Bullying School Assembly in April 2019.  By partnering up and sharing adjacent days, each school will qualify for reduced pricing.

Two schools in Indian Land, SC are bringing Bully Shmully to their school in October 2019 at the same rate it would cost them if they were local to the presenter in the state of Washington in sharing two adjacent days toward the end of an existing tour on the East Coast.


Corey The Dribbler School Assembly



  1. Early Birds catch the worm, so they don’t have to work the rest of the day!


You’ll enjoy your summer more knowing you’ve already done your work for the 2018/19 school year. Program’s set, Budget’s set, Date’s set. It’s done!    Plus, coordinating things over the summer is so much tougher when all your committee members are taking various summer vacations.  Getting timely responses on emails is hard enough, let alone finding a time to meet in person!

Additionally, if there is paperwork to file or funding to apply for, it’s always good to get the information in as early as possible, so you’re not scrambling the week of the program to get approval on a budget. Take care of planning the details of your school assemblies, including the financial pieces now, so you don’t have to worry about them later.


  1. Special programs, such as workshops and residencies, might take even more time to plan and budget for!

Many school districts and parent organizations require preapproval of budgets and school calendars.  Planning extra special programs such as workshops and residences that are full-day or multiple-days in length, and are often at a higher price point, often takes even more time to plan and budget than just a traditional 45-minute school assembly program.  We’re working with groups of schools on the East Coast and in the Midwest to plan for Music Technology Movie Trailer Workshops to occur in the Spring of 2019 and beyond. One principal just has to get approval from his Parent Group. The other is already planning on approaching their parent group in the fall.



 Music Technology Workshop



As John Truster’s proverb amplifies – “there’s no time like the present, a thousand unforeseen circumstances may interrupt you at a future time.”  

For a full line-up of our programs and prices for the 2018/19 school year: fill out and submit our request information form, send us an email to, or give us a call at 800-883-9883.