Want an amazing educational opportunity at YOUR school, but aren’t sure how to get it funded? Searching for school assembly funding sources? Looking for school assembly grants or free school assemblies? We’ve assembled a guide to help you search for resources to get your school assembly show sponsored. Check out The Ultimate List of School Assembly Funding Sources!

Before you begin….

Know the price/all the costs associated before requesting funding. Nothing is worse than underestimating the budget and not being able to move forward due to lack of resources. Ask for a price quote and ask additional questions to ensure all potential costs are accounted for. Will additional materials be needed? Travel? Hotel?

In most instances, your school assembly will already have a predetermined venue that is of no-cost. If your intended assembly location requires any outfitting, set-up, tear-down or other preparation in anticipation of the school assembly show, find out if there will be staffing or rental costs for the use of your space.

Speaking of staffing concerns, will your school assembly require any additional volunteers? Perhaps for set-up or tear-down? Team captains? Staff team captains? Teacher volunteers? Sometimes all the costs associated with funding a school assembly aren’t just in the price you pay the presenter!

Okay, now you’re ready…

Search for Funding. Now that you’ve determined all the costs, you may start the search for school assembly funding sources.


Check to ensure your school doesn’t already have a school assembly budget, motivational speakers fund, or another source of departmental funding. Health and PE offices may have access to special programs for Health/Fitness school assemblies, or Red Ribbon or Character-Education school assembly programs. Your school may already have a designed fund for back-to-school nights, family nights, and field-days.


Cast out a further net beyond school grounds and search within your district for funding opportunities within district-wide curriculum initiatives. Some districts might encourage partnering up with additional schools to take advantage of opportunities to maximize overall operational costs. Double Bonus: when schools partner up and form block bookings, single show pricing may be available on many programs in many locations.

Parent Group

Is your school supported by a parent organization, booster club, home and school association, PTO, PTA or another Parent Teacher club? Is there a council of parent clubs, or some type of parent support at a district level? Many parent organizations budget funding for Cultural Arts, Enrichment, Arts in Education, and additional types of programming. These budgets may be used toward school assemblies!

School assemblies are a great way for a large number of students to benefit from something tangible at a very low cost per student overall.

Local Community Organization

Does your community have a local Kiwanis club, Rotary, Lions club, hospital auxiliary, or Eagles Lodge, Moose Lodge, or Elks Lodge? Many community organizations have special funding available dedicated toward youth causes in the community. School assemblies are a great way for a large number of students to benefit from something tangible at a very low cost per student overall. Many members would love the invitation to attend your school assembly that their club’s monies paid for!

Additional types of local community organizations

  • United Way
  • City/County Police/Fire
  • Health: Mental Health, Medical Clinic
  • Violence Prevention
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Faith-based, churches

Local Business

Banks, Insurance Companies, Technology companies, local utilities, and many businesses of all sizes and types have some type of charitable giving or community fund. Reach out to someone you know at that company to see if there are any opportunities available for school assembly funding sources. Sometimes companies may not be able to match the entire price of your program but could at least fund it in part.

The Ultimate List of [Potential] School Assembly Funding Sources

If you’ve exhausted the list of school assembly funding sources from above, you might need to expand your search. Over the last several years, we’ve compiled a list of potential resources that you may consider seeking out and finding more information about to get your school show sponsored.

Please note, this list DOES NOT guarantee any award or assistance. Contact each potential entity directly to be clear about opportunities, requirements, and deadlines. Anything listed or described below is not a guarantee of award. We highly recommend you conduct your own due diligence, including contacting the agency directly for specific opportunities, eligibility, and deadlines.

We hope this can be a useful resource to get you started in your school assembly funding search.

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New Jersey | New York

New Jersey

New York

Pennsylvania | Delaware



Maryland | DC | Virginia | West Virginia


Washington, D.C.


West Virginia

Maine | New Hampshire | Vermont


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Massachusetts | Rhode Island | Connecticut


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Kentucky | Tennessee



North Carolina | South Carolina

North Carolina

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Mississippi | Alabama



Georgia | Florida



Michigan | Illinois



Ohio | Indiana



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Don’t see your state listed? Check under nationwide/regional to start your search. We’ll work on finishing the list for the entire country!

Again, this list was complied over several years. Some organizations may no longer exist or may no longer provide funding as did previously. Again, the preceding list does not imply a guarantee of award. Conduct your own due diligence, including contacting the organization directly, to find out opportunities and eligibility before applying.

If you do intend to apply for a funding resource and use it toward one of our programs, please contact us to let us know which program you’re thinking of and what dates you’re hoping for!

We have a variety of fantastic materials that can assist you in soliciting and recognizing potential donors and funders. For more information, please contact: whitney@academicentertainment.com, or 800-883-9883.