Science School Assemblies That Excite Through Demonstration

These kinds of elementary school assembly programs play down characters and theater in order to show why science is exciting through a straightforward application. The presentation centers around why students are learning these facts and engaging the imagination in order to show the possibilities within science.

Take, for example, the Crystal Clear Science Show, they have 5 elementary school assembly programs that focus on specific topics in science. One program is the Climate Change Game where students are taught about climate change and its causes by seeing effects of combustion and watching experiments with new kinds of energy. Another program is Sounds Like Fun, teaching students about the science of sound and how we interpret it biologically.  It isn’t sitting back and be talked to but being talked with while experiencing what is being discussed. The senses are engaged and the mind alert, soaking in the lessons behind the demonstrations These science assembly topics are often challenging to impart in the classroom, but in this manner, students aren’t be lectured to and instead are entertained with science. 

Three other examples of science assemblies for elementary schools that demonstrates what is being learned rather than dressed up are The Physics Experience and the Crystal Clear Science Show. The Physics Experience encourages students to study how the world works through Newton’s Laws, Magnetism, and Motion through demonstrations like the Hovercraft experiment and laser painting and the Crystal Clear Science show extends science instruction beyond the classroom with real life demonstrations of electricity, aerodynamics, and more.

This kind of science assembly topics choose to show students what science can do bluntly rather than make a show of it; science is the show! They want students to get excited about learning the theories and methods of science with the image of what is possible still in their minds. Not so much focused on passing a test but learning and creating. Inspiring the next innovators and scientists. 


Science School Assemblies That Inspire Through Theater

These types of elementary school assembly programs take the drama of theater and meld it with learning science. They’re great science assembly topics for those who need a little more of costumed entertainment and typical of science assembles for elementary schools. 

A great example of elementary school assembly programs is The Wacky Science Show. With the charismatic Dr. Science and the help of twelve students, this show teaches the Scientific Method in a dressed-up and simple way. These science assembly topics are delivered in comedic hands-on experiments and kooky tricks as well as learning how everyday household items can be used in experiments. The science lesson has been transformed into educational magic tricks that will keep the staff entertained with comedy and the students learning without even knowing it.

In this elementary school assembly program, the everyday is further transformed in Supermarket Science. Using grocery store-bought items, science is taught in goofy antics and stunts meant to dazzle the students while teaching them air pressure, chemical reactions, potential and kinetic energy. It’s a great way to take science out of the classroom and get students thinking about it in the everyday. Rather than memorizing facts they don’t care about, they can get excited about how to implement what they’re learning in their everyday lives.

Science Assemblies for Elementary Schools Are Fun!

No matter which of the elementary school assembly programs you choose to get kids excited about science again, you’ll know they’re having their interest renewed in an educational and fun way. Science assemblies for elementary schools don’t have to be a drawn-out lecture on the importance of learning but can be a way for students to see the result of their learning. Why math and physics are important if a kid loves robots or how chemistry places a big part in the cooking they love at home. Science assemblies for elementary schools can be an integral part of your year and are always filled with great elementary school assembly programs.
See you at the show!