Our second annual fall virtual showcase will be a free LIVE online preview of the BEST virtual and in-person school assemblies available nationwide.

There will be no need to find daycare, get ready, travel, show up and walk table to table or stage to stage. You will be able to watch LIVE K-12 virtual school assembly demonstrations from all of our online and in-person assembly artist presenters from the comfort of your own home (or from your in-school or socially distanced workspace. 

The date, time and format will be announced at a later date for this free and online live event.

There will be a registration link to sign up and join this unique opportunity to preview the most outstanding virtual and in-person assemblies for schools and camps, live and “in-person”.

The lineup of presenters will be selective, only featuring the best and most in-demand entertainers available. Each presenter will have about 10 minutes. There will not be a planned break or intermission. Plan to join with a hydrating beverage, perhaps something to take notes, and get ready to watch!  You will be entertained, engaged, inspired, and hopefully, you will share a few laughs with us. 

Principals, Teachers, School Counselors, Parent Organization representatives, and others, will ALL be welcome!  And your kids can watch too if they wish. Each presenter will have about 10 minutes to show you what their virtual and/or in-person assembly show is all about. 

There will be no other place and no other time online where ANYONE across the USA can see and experience live, virtual demonstrations of a variety of program types, and the highest caliber and quality of assembly shows, virtual and in-person, that are available nationwide (or to ANY English-Speaking Community around the world).  

Our virtual and in-person K-12 Assembly programs range in topic from Music and Arts, Dance and Movement, to STEM, Literature, Character Education, Motivation, and much more! And will be absolutely FREE for you to attend. 

At Academic Entertainment, our mission is to promote education through quality entertainment.  We make online and in-person learning fun, engaging, and exciting. Our presenters would love to perform for your school or summer camp! 

Connect with us at the event to get your questions answered, and ask about pricing and availability. We’re available 6am-5pm Pacific = 8am-7pm Central = 9am-8pm Eastern. Call 800-883-9883, email whitney@academicentertainment.com, or fill out and submit our request information form

Thank you in advance! We look forward to working with you!