When school budgets shrink, in-school music programs are usually the first to go. Yet, your student’s parents still desire that the school provides the lifelong benefits of a music education program. And, as an educator, you recognize the benefits of fine arts for your students.  Working with Band For Today as an outsource service will enable your school to have fine arts and music programs that you may have been missing.

Band for Today is a turn-key music education program.  Your school enjoys the benefits of having a certified, degreed music teacher instructing band and piano lessons for your students during school hours, without paying for the real benefits and salary of a full-time district employee.  Band for Today’s Band and Piano music lessons programs also include annual recitals and concerts and optional instrument rentals. It’s a very easy program to start and implement.

In most cases, Band for Today also comes with no cost to your school.  Schools may choose to provide any portion of funding for which they feel comfortable. Or, to ensure the program is totally free to your school budget, Band for Today may also be funded in a fee-based-to-parents model.  Parents pay a reasonable monthly lesson fee, and pay for monthly instrument rentals if needed.

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Band for Today provides professional, certified and degreed music teachers that are caring and dedicated to instructing students in a high-quality fine arts experience. The music teachers create a positive, upbeat and creative environment for students that include awards programs, certificates, and prizes, along with the latest curriculum.  Every teacher is pre-screened and passes a background check.

Your school’s Band for Today music teacher may also have extra credentials and professional experience in addition to and outside of teaching. Many music educators are working professionals in the music industry and other fields, bringing with them unique insights and experiences enhancing their ability to educate students.

Outsourcing Music Lessons for students is more than just finding a music teacher.  Band for Today brings a full and complete package that handles every detail in one service.

With great care and professionalism, Band for Today handles every aspect of your school’s music program. Not just hiring the teacher, but also scheduling and fulfillment, teacher evaluations, student progress reports, recitals, communications with parents, instrument rentals, and collecting all the fees.  

All your school has to provide is the in-school time and the space.

In a normal classroom rotation schedule, your students are already used to Gym Class, and Art Class, so including co-curricular Piano Lessons and Band Lessons during the day would be no different. This will increase student involvement in fine arts.  

Band for Today’s group piano and group band lessons can accommodate approximately eight students per half hour.  Instructors are flexible and can adapt to virtually any size room or space.

Stop searching for a way to find a part-time music teacher when Band for Today can help you supplement your fine arts program all inclusively. Call 800-883-9883, read more about Band for Today, or fill out and submit the Band for Today request information form to receive a complete package of printed information.