Nothing Wrong if they Are

Plenty of school assemblies mix in learning with a fun show or game, nothing wrong with keeping them educational. Though, if you find yourself wondering if the kids need a break, then have a noneducational one. It’s ok for the students to get some time off while at school.

If you want to strike a balance between the two, then look for school assemblies that secretly mix in learning. We have plenty of programs that do just that. Using games or music to impart some lessons, whether it is a social one or something tied to their class studies. 

Do school assemblies have to be educational? No, they don’t have to be. If you prefer that they are, that is fine as well. It’s entirely up to you and what you think your students would most benefit from.

Everyone Needs a Break

If you see a slump in classroom productivity, students become easily distracted and clearly losing interest then perhaps look into a noneducational assembly. Something fun and active. Students sit in class all day listening and reading so, give them a break from that.

Think of it as a kids’ place of work, going to school. Compare it to when you go to work. You get coffee breaks, longer lunches, you’re not face down in a book working the entire time. Kids don’t have that kind of freedom and at a certain age, recess is taken off the table. A noneducational assembly can remind students that all work and no play is not the best way to live. If you’re thinking that they get that at home, remember that they have homework, chores, and probably some other classes to learn things like music or dance.

Don’t be afraid to give the students a fun break. You’ll probably get better results in class. 

Reinvigorate Going to School

Remember when you were a kid and how it was rarely easy to look forward to going to school. Keep that in mind when asking yourself do school assemblies have to be educational. If you announce to your students that there will be a school assembly the next day and describe all the fun they’re going to have, you would have just given them a reason to want to go. That’s the first step in having a newly energized classroom.

After they get that reprieve, they’ll still be excited about the energy. They’re more likely to invest time in preparing for school because they have the fun assembly association. Don’t be afraid to have a few fun programs a few times a year. One that doesn’t have them sit still and listen. Shake them out of their growing complacency with a good show.

Do School Assemblies have to be Educational? No.

All work and no play, you know the adage. That’s the point behind having a noneducational assembly. It doesn’t have to be a big distraction or a crazy production. It just needs to be different from the classroom and a break from learning. Who knows, they could learn on accident. Seeing a show setup or a comedian perform, that may inspire them to learn wordplay or set production. 

Kids are like sponges, they’re always learning and everyone’s brain needs a break. Just because they aren’t knee-deep in a lesson plan doesn’t mean they aren’t still learning. Take a look throughout school assembly programs, see for yourself. There are tons of age-appropriate or grade-specific shows we have that fit the bill for noneducational assemblies. 

You know the best part out of all this, besides having students ready to reengage their studies? You get a break as well and a chance to have some fun. It’s always good for students to see that their teachers enjoy a laugh as well. This gives the opportunity to show that you’re a person to. Not something every student believes about their teachers.