The benefits of these types of labs are numerous. They enable students to practice social distancing, reduce overall costs, and there isn’t any clean up necessary. There are many different types of virtual science labs that students can do, and these labs may actually allow your students to gain experience in different areas they might not have had access to previously. One good example of this is the typical frog dissection lab. Many students would avoid actually completing this lab in person; however, when it is done virtually, the students have no issue performing it. When the virtual labs are combined with display technology, this allows each student in the class to interact and work together with one another during virtual labs. This is certainly a great way to use technology to your advantage since it would be quite difficult, if not impossible, to get the entire class to work together at the same time in a real lab. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of the best virtual lab activities. 

All About Physics

Physics is definitely an exciting subject, and it is all about figuring out how the natural world works. In the Physics Experience school assembly, the way that objects pull and push on one another will be examined as well as how energy is exchanged and how various objects move. The great thing about this assembly is that it is very engaging and fast paced that has lots of demonstrations which will allow all students to gain a greater understanding of how the world works while having fun. Some specific topics that will be covered include electricity, Newton’s laws, magnetism, energy, light, heat, Lenz’s laws and more. 

This assembly will also dive into the 6 main parts of classical science. These include magnetism, heat, sound, motion, light and sound. 

The Physics Experience

Crystal Clear Science

In this particular assembly, students will learn about real science as oppose to gimmicks. It is designed to truly stimulate students and improve their middle school and elementary science knowledge. This assembly is focused on interaction with lots of opportunities for students to actually take part in demonstrations. The topics are particularly tailored for students in elementary school up to grades K-8. There are also 5 different themes for the Crystal Clear Science show that you can choose from. These include Steam Powered Science, May The Force Be With You, Climate Change Game, Wonderful Water, and Sounds Like Fun. 

Crystal Clear Science

The Wacky Science Show

The virtual Wacky Science show is all about making science fun with theatrics as well as Supermarket Science. This show focuses on making science easy to understand and fun by using objects and items you use or come across every day. It aims to make the scientific method easy to understand and use by using everyday items such as applesauce, boiled eggs and more. Students will easily learn that science is present just about everywhere, even in the supermarket! Some of the things they will learn include kinetic energy, inertia, air pressure, potential, how chemical reactions work and much more. 

The Wacky Science Show

Side By Side Science

This is a completely new and hands on show that was created just for children. 

Kids are able to learn about interesting scientific principles from the safety of their computer screens. They would be able to engage in the most exciting labs from the Supermarket Science and Wacky Science assemblies. Our scientist, Doug Sheer, would give these students a completely virtual hands on and personal experience that they won’t easily forget. 

Side by Side Science

Final Thoughts

We have just covered four of the most popular and informative virtual science lab assemblies that most students are sure to enjoy. They’ll have so much fun while learning a great deal about science that  it will certainly provide a solid foundation for further studies in their later years. By making science fun it will go a long way in encouraging students to delve into this amazing field and ensure that more students succeed.