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The Joy of Music is more critical than ever for children.

Kids need a break from the worry and monotony of school work. With more than 36 years of experience in music education, Band For Today is more committed now than ever to help your students and parents through this challenging time through the life-changing art of music and providing for students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) with invaluable peer interaction.

Fine Arts enhances a student’s education.

Band for Today is your Outsource Solution for Music Education.

Live and interactive Virtual/Online Band and Piano Lessons including optional instrument rentals. Start at any time! Virtual Group Band Lessons and Online Group Piano Classes are very easy to start and implement and will enhance your school’s fine arts curriculum.BFT lessons

Virtual/Online Instrumental music programs taught by professional, caring, dedicated teachers. Certified and Degreed teachers have instructed more than 25,000 students in fine arts, and have taught more than 2,000 virtual music lessons.

Fund with a fee-based system to parents, or fund within the school budget.

Virtual/Online Lessons

Why Virtual?

To keep students safe and programming seamless, Band for Today is offering LIVE, INTERACTIVE ONLINE GROUP MUSIC LESSONS! Remote classes are the only way to ONE HUNDRED PERCENT guarantee students' and families' safety. With details changing daily for school guidance from the CDC, state and county governments, and school administration, Band For Today takes the worry away from parents and schools and makes music classes a guaranteed safe and secure space for student growth and learning.

Band For Today provides virtual and online group piano and band lessons. instruments

A dedicated, degreed teacher, assigned specifically to your students for weekly online music lessons. The virtual group band lessons are for grades four and older.

Instrument Rentals

Schools/Parents may rent band instruments online from Band for Today. It’s a convenient and easy way for parents to acquire an instrument for their child. Delivery, repairs, and a rent-to-own policy are included! (let’s also remove the existing images on this tab).

Virtual Piano Lessons keys

Parents love to see their children take piano lessons, and the virtual group piano program is a positive and fun approach to the first steps of learning to play piano. Band for Today offers a self-contained online piano course for K-3 students. All keyboards are provided to the school at no cost.

It’s a great compliment to the virtual band lessons program.

Taking Piano lessons gets students into music earlier, learning rhythms, pitches, note reading, and music theory. It can also help get students used to the idea of the online band lessons program if they decide to continue their music education as they get older.

For Parents

Band for Today teachers create a positive, update, and creative online learning environment for students. Parents are provided with reports and the Band for Today e-newsletter will keep them up to date on everything happening the music program.

Parents often remark Music Education overall improves their students’ grades, helps them make friends and gives them a lifelong appreciation for learning and music. Students are able to take responsibility for their own improvement as musicians and as members of society.


High-Quality Live Instruction

Band for Today knows your child needs FUN and FRIENDS now more than ever. We are ready to help your child find that joy in their online group lessons through the life changing art of music.

What's New and Improved?

Last Spring, Band For Today teachers shifted to an all-online learning model to continue engagement and growth for band and piano students in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak. Since then, teachers recorded and taught over 2,000 remote music lessons. This summer, Band For Today planned and created content that builds on the foundation from last year and provides significant improvements as well. There’s more teacher interaction, a focus on YOUR student’s instrument, weekly check-ins and playing music

  • PLAYING TOGETHER LIVE!!! The best part of being a musician is playing with and for others
  • Online Music Lessons specific to each instrument and level to maximize each students' personal growth and musical development
  • Instant feedback from expert teachers, LIVE and in REAL-TIME!
  • Continued connection with other young musicians in a fun and engaging remote learning environment.
  • Options available for a variety of schedules, all in-person, all online, or a hybrid.

We’re keeping it Virtual with Safe and Convenient Online Learning.

To keep students safe and programming seamless, Band for Today is committed to providing your students with interactive, high-quality online music lessons. Students can enjoy live group band and piano lessons with their peers no matter where they are.

Safe and Seamless Virtual Learning

Band For Today’s team of teachers partners with schools to build positive and passionate students through the life changing art of music. Band for Today’s band and piano programs offer high quality music education that aims to meet the needs of your school.

If you choose to teach students in-school, Band For Today requests:

  • An adult moderator to be present in the classroom to help guide the students while the music teacher teaches online
  • Good internet connection and a screen large enough for all students to view
  • A camera/webcam so the Band For Today Teacher can see and instruct the students


"Professionalism, quality teaching, and caring people best describe the program at our school. It is very well-organized from the president to the teaching staff. The students learn well, have fun and learn the same values we teach at our school. I would highly recommend this program to any school wanting a quality band program for its students.”
Heather Chron, Principal, John W. Garvy School CPS

"Inspire Learning Academy is a private school that serves both typical and students on the Autism Spectrum. We were looking for a music program to offer our dynamic students an elective. Band for Today provided a complete program! Our students went from honking and squeaking to reading music in less than a year. We’re excited to see what Band for Today has to offer us this school year!"
Stacie Gause Director, Inspire Learning Academy

"Thank you for doing the live event! Clementine and her little sister (2nd grade) really enjoyed it. They need this interaction more than ever right now. So it's very appreciated!"
Michelle R.

"Thank you for giving our children this important opportunity. So much uncertainty and this gives them an opportunity to feel still connected to their teacher and their friends."
Mike J.

"I really appreciate your help and I am so proud of myself!!! Thank you for all the help you have given me, beginner all the way to advanced!!! "
Robb M.


There are different options to fund your program:

Fee-Based to Parents: This option allows your program to be totally free to your school budget for as long as you like (excluding demonstration assembly). Parents pay a reasonable monthly lesson fee and pay for monthly instrument rentals if needed.

School-Funded: Schools can choose to provide any portion of funding for which they feel comfortable. These options can include the school budget, grants, PTO’s, etc.

Band For Today has the flexibility to structure the right program for your school, and can customize your music education program to fit your needs. To learn more and to receive a complete package of information, click here.   

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Click Here to Request More Information about Band for Today!